First Man

DreamWorks (2018)
Drama, Science Fiction, History, Biography
USA | English | Color | 2h 13min

A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

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Ryan Gosling Neil Armstrong
Claire Foy Janet Armstrong
Jason Clarke Ed White
Kyle Chandler Deke Slayton
Corey Stoll Buzz Aldrin
Patrick Fugit Elliot See
Christopher Abbott Dave Scott
Ciarán Hinds Bob Gilruth
Olivia Hamilton Pat White
Pablo Schreiber James Lovell
Shea Whigham Gus Grissom
Lukas Haas Mike Collins
Ethan Embry Pete Conrad
Brian d'Arcy James Joe Walker
Cory Michael Smith Roger Chaffee
Kris Swanberg Marilyn See
Gavin Warren Young Rick Armstrong
Luke Winters Older Rick Armstrong
Connor Blodgett Mark Armstrong
Lucy Stafford Karen Armstrong
J.D. Evermore Chris Kraft
Leon Bridges Gil Scott-Heron
Steve Coulter Guenter Wendt
Skyler Bible Richard Gordon
William Gregory Lee Gordon Cooper

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Director Damien Chazelle
Writer Josh Singer, James R. Hansen
Producer Steven Spielberg, Wyck Godfrey, Adam Merims, Marty Bowen, Josh Singer, Jeffrey Harlacker, Damien Chazelle, Isaac Klausner, James R. Hansen, Kevin Elam
Photography Linus Sandgren
Musician Justin Hurwitz


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191329041536 Blu-ray 1, A Jan 22, 2019 Blu-ray + DVD+ Digital HD
5053083173821 Blu-ray B Feb 18, 2019 1 Disc Blu-ray+Digital Download
9317731146169 Blu-ray A, B, C
5053083175740 Blu-ray A, B, C
191329042328 Blu-ray
9317731146589 Blu-ray
5053083163716 Blu-ray
5053083177614 Blu-ray
5053083177157 Blu-ray
5601887633463 Blu-ray
5053083173814 DVD 2 Feb 18, 2019
9317731146152 DVD 4 Jan 23, 2019
191329041529 DVD
191329042311 DVD
5053083175733 DVD
6009709165571 DVD
5053083180034 4K UHD 2 Mar 14, 2019
9317731150609 4K UHD Free Jan 23, 2018 JB Hi-Fi Exclusive Edition
191329094426 4K UHD A Jan 22, 2019 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital
5053083173869 4K UHD
191329094440 4K UHD
5053083175955 4K UHD
5053083177867 4K UHD
5053083180614 4K UHD
4891670347962 4K UHD
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5053083182182 4K UHD
5053083178352 4K UHD
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8809549668311 4K UHD