Flight Of The Navigator

Buena Vista (1986)
Adventure, Family, Science Fiction
USA | English | Color | 1h 30min

This 1986 Disney adventure tells the story of 12-year-old David who lives with his family in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. When he awakens from being accidentally knocked out in the forest near his home, he finds that eight years have passed. His family is overjoyed to have him back, but just as perplexed as he is by the fact that he hasn't aged. When a NASA scientist discovers a UFO nearby, David gets the chance to unravel the mystery and recover the life he lost.

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Joey Cramer David Freeman
Paul Reubens Max
Veronica Cartwright Helen Freeman
Cliff De Young Bill Freeman
Sarah Jessica Parker Carolyn McAdams
Matt Adler Jeff Freeman
Howard Hesseman Dr. Faraday
Robert Small Troy
Albie Whitaker Jeff Freeman
Jonathan Sanger Dr. Carr
Iris Acker Mrs. Howard
Richard Liberty Mr. Howard
Raymond Forchion Detective Banks

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Director Randal Kleiser
Writer Michael Burton, matt macmanus, Mark H. Baker
Producer Mark Damon, Robby Wald, Dimitri Villard, Jonathan Sanger, David Joseph, Malcolm R. Harding, John W. Hyde
Photography James Glennon
Musician Alan Silvestri


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5028836040590 Blu-ray Disc Free Feb 27, 2017 Zavvi Exclusive
5028836040125 Blu-ray Disc A, B, C Dec 18, 2012 Blu-ray
4013549270588 Blu-ray Disc B Mar 25, 2011 1 Disc Blu-ray - Remastered
4013549080552 Blu-ray Disc
11259401611101 Blu-ray Disc
786936233612 DVD 1 Jun 2004 DVD
5014138297848 DVD 2 Sep 15, 2003
8715664016107 DVD 2 Jan 19, 2004
4013549570589 DVD 2 Jul 25, 2008
9398700976598 DVD 4
9398700976550 DVD 4
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4013549870580 DVD Jun 01, 2004 Kaufversion
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012257499032 VHS Mar 18, 1997
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012257499063 LaserDisc