Motion Picture House (2011)

Drama, Thriller
UK / English / 102 mins
IMDb 5.8

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Craig Viveiros
Writer Craig Viveiros
Producer Rupert Bryan, John Joakim, James Friend, Craig Viveiros, Joanne Dixon, Mark Downes, Art Malik, Jessica Malik
Photography James Friend
Musician Simon Williams, Amory Leader



A model prisoner risk his own life and sanity to help a newcomer who has fallen under the spell of a psychotic convict. Do you think you could hack it behind bars? If you’re a Daily Mail columnist you probably dispute the fact that prisons even have bars anymore. They’ve all been replaced you see, with tasty sticks of rock more in keeping with the dangerously liberal, comfortable satellite TV approach to treating filthy criminals. Being locked up is preferable to a five star hotel. Prisons are merely lavishly furnished warehouses for feral beasts that will be released back into the wilds of society unchanged. The fear factor has gone.


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