Girl in the Bunker

Lions Gate (2018)
Canada | English | 1h 28min

Set in 2006 and based on the true story of Elizabeth Shoaf, this powerful film explores the tension-filled ten days Elizabeth was kidnapped and held prisoner by Vinson Filyaw. Imprisoned in a secret underground bunker hidden deep in the woodland, Elizabeth finds herself at the mercy of an erratic and dangerous fantasist who dreams of one day making her his wife...​ While a massive police hunt unfolds above ground, it falls to Elizabeth to somehow outwit her captor if she is to survive...

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Julia Lalonde Elizabeth Shoaf
Henry Thomas Vinson Filyaw
Moira Kelly Madeline Shoaf
Stephen Park Don Shoaf
Jeff Clarke Officer Samuels
Jack Murray Officer Kitson
Neil Napier Sheriff Thompson
Dimitri Komocsi Bobby Shoaf
Nikki Graham Amanda
Tristan Culbert Case Palmerston
Bruce Beaton Callum
Juno Ruddell Kath
Jessica Greco Katherine Heath
Nneka Elliott Journalist
Sharon McFarlane Mathematics teacher
Erica Levene Receptionist


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
031398298496 DVD 1 Jan 08, 2019