God Knows Where I Am

Drama, Documentary, Mystery, History
English | 1h 37min

Well-educated, New Hampshire mother, Linda Bishop, was determined to stay free of the mental health system after her early release from a 3 year commitment to New Hampshire State Hospital. Instead, she became a prisoner of her own mind, a fate which she documents in one of the most evocative and chilling accounts of mental illness and of our systemic failure to protect those suffering from it.

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Kevin Carbone Himself - Prospective Home Buyer
Matthew Nelson Himself - Police Officer
Wayne DiGeronimo Himself - Assistant Deputy Medical Examiner
Brian Smith Himself - Home Owner
Lora Goss Herself - Home Owner
Jennie Duval Herself - Chief Medical Examiner
Joan Bishop Herself - Linda's Sister
Linda Bishop Herself
Doug Bixby Himself - Friend
Kathy White Herself - Friend
Caitlin Murtagh Herself - Daughter
Thomas Scarlato Himself - Ground Zero Site Volunteer
Stephanie Savard Herself - Clinical Social Worker
James E. Duggan Himself - New Hampshire Supreme Court
Judith E. Kolada Herself - Occupational Therapist
E. Fuller Torrey Himself - Psychiatrist
Paul Appelbaum Himself - Professor of Psychiatry
Lori Singer Linda Bishop

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Director Jedd Wider
Todd Wider
Producer Jedd Wider, Joseph Edelman, Brian Ariotti, Todd Wider, Joseph Bachor, Lori Singer, Rachel Aviv
Photography Gerardo Puglia
Musician Ivor Guest, Paul Cantelon, Robert Logan


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
760137165491 DVD 1 Oct 23, 2018