Gone are the Days

Walt Disney Pictures (1963)
Comedy, Drama, Western
USA | English | Color | 1h 39min

A young, idealistic man returns home to the plantation where he grew up in servitude. With him, he brings his fiance, Lutiebelle, in hopes of convincing the plantation owner that she is really his cousin in order to secure the family inheritance. To aid in the comic complications that follow are his family members Missy and Gitlow, and the plantation owners endearing (but ineffectual) son Charlie.

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Ossie Davis Reverend Purlie Victorious Judson
Ruby Dee Lutiebelle Gussie Mae Jenkins
Godfrey Cambridge Gitlow Judson
Hilda Haynes Missy Judson
Beah Richards Idella Landy
Alan Alda Charlie Cotchipee
Charles Welch Sheriff
Ralph Roberts Deputy
Sorrell Booke Ol' Cap' / Stonewall Jackson Cotchipee

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Director Nicholas Webster
Writer Ossie Davis
Producer Nicholas Webster, Brock Peters
Photography Boris Kaufman
Musician Henry Cowen