Gunsmoke: Season 14

CBS (1968)
Adventure, Western, Action
USA | English | Color | 12h 42min

The show is about a Marshal who doesn't allow guns in Dodge City. He always tries to show people different ways to solve things before getting angry.

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1 Lyle's Kid 60 min | Sep 22, 1968

Grant Lyle, a former lawman with crippled hands, brings his young gunfighter son to Dodge to settle the score with Hoxey, the man just released from prison who is responsible for his hands.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Robert Pine, Charlotte Stewart, Morgan Woodward, Joe De Santis, Sam Melville, Ken Mayer, Lew Palter, Mills Watson, I Stanford Jolley, John Hopper
2 The Hide Cutters 60 min | Sep 29, 1968

Festus is rescued from a rock avalanche by a young hide cutter. His fellow cutters are following a herd of cattle with hopes of stealing them for the hides.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Jack Turly
Guest stars: Michael Burns, Joseph Campanella, Cliff Osmond, Ken Swofford, Conlan Carter, Eddie Firestone, Gregg Palmer, Steve Raines, Mike Howden
3 Zavala 60 min | Oct 06, 1968

Good western. Mostly action, not too much girl stuff. Gunplay by Dillon very very good in this one. Story is about Dillon taking a warrant into Mexico. He finds the culprit and outdraws him. One of the latter's gang members travels back to the US and tells Jim Davis that Dillon killed his brother. Davis responds with violence, then rides into Mexico and faces Dillon. The human interest part of this movie centers about the likeable Mexican kid, ""Paco"". Dillon and him get along so good that I'm wondering about the sexuality of one of the film bosses. About Rico Alaniz... top-notch performance. He's the guy who, in the movie ""Magnificent Seven"", was always saying 'no, don't anger Calvera, give him what he wants"".

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Paul Savage
Guest stars: Miriam Colon, Manuel Padilla, Jr., Rex Holman, Warren Vanders, Jonathan Lippe, Robert Sorrells, Larry D. Mann, Rico Alaniz, Jose Chavez, Bobby Clark, Nacho Galindo, Elizabeth Germaine, David Renard, Jim Davis
4 Uncle Finney 60 min | Oct 13, 1968

A comedic episode. Two hillbillies attempt to turn their 102 year-old relative in for the bounty on him.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Janette Lane Bradbury, Victor French, Anthony James, Burt Mustin, John Dolan, Monte Hale, Steve Raines, Roy Roberts, Margaret Bacon, Pete Kellett
5 Slocum 60 min | Oct 20, 1968

Grizzily mountain man, Slocum tracks the sons of a man who tried to bushwhack his good friend, Matt Dillon.

Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Ron Bishop
Guest stars: Will Geer, Dub Taylor, James Wainwright, Mills Watson, Ross Hagen, Lee J. Lambert, Steve Sandor, Bill Erwin, Lew Brown, Charles Kuenstle
6 O'Quillian 60 min | Oct 27, 1968

Leary O'Quillan kills a card cheat in self defense and is pursued to Dodge by the man's brother, Clay Tynan.

Director: John Rich
Writer: Ron Bishop
Guest stars: John McLiam, Victor French, Anthony James, Vaughn Taylor, Peggy Rea, Steve Raines, Iron Eyes Cody, Lou Antonio, Ken Drake
7 9:12 to Dodge 60 min | Nov 10, 1968

Matt and Doc are escorting outlaw Johnny August by train to trail for murder. Also on board and waiting along the line are his men waiting for a chance to free him.

Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Preston Wood
Guest stars: Joanne Linville, Todd Armstrong, Frank Marth, Robert Emhardt, Johnny Haymer, Harry Lauter, Bobby E. Clark, Fred Coby, Harry Harvey, Sr., Pete Kellett, Link Wyler, Ed Long, Troy Melton, William Murphy, Dan Terranova, Tom Waters, Rush Williams, Lee De Broux
8 Abelia 60 min | Nov 17, 1968

A young woman and her kids and Festus are held hostage from a man Matt is trying to find.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Susan Olsen, Jacqueline Scott, Jack Lambert, Jeremy Slate, Tom Stern, Jack Chaplain, Mike Durkin, Gregg Palmer
9 Railroad! 60 min | Nov 24, 1968

Matt clashes with maverick railroad builder Wes Cameron and his wild men running a railroad line through Dodge.

Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Arthur Rowe
Guest stars: James McCallion, Buck Holland, Roy Jenson, Don Hanmer, Ramon Bieri, Shug Fisher, Jim Davis
10 The Miracle Man 60 min | Dec 01, 1968

Con man, Bob Sullivan tries to trick a widow with three children out of money for a fake cattle herd, but instead ends up falling in love with her and her children.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Sandra Smith, Bruce Watson, Kevin Cooper, William Bramley, Don Chastain, Lisa Gerritsen, Christopher Knight, Joey Walsh, Margie De Meyer, John Crawford
11 Waco 60 min | Dec 08, 1968

While bringing in outlaw, Waco Thompson, Matt has to deal with his outlaw band following them while he has to deliver a baby.

Guest stars: Fred McDougall, Liz Marshall, Joy Fielding, Pat Thompson, Lawrence Mann, Lee De Broux, Mills Watson, Louise Latham, Tom Reese, Victor French, Harry Carey Jr.
12 Lobo 60 min | Dec 15, 1968

Mountain man Luke Brazo joins Matt in a hunt for a vicious wolf terrorizing the area.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Jim Byrnes
Guest stars: David Brian, William Murphy, Eddie Firestone, Fred Coby, Sheldon Allman, Sandy Kenyon, Ken Swofford, Morgan Woodward
13 Johnny Cross 60 min | Dec 22, 1968

Newly intervenes when two bounty hunters try to kill a desperado who claims he's innocent.

Director: Herschel Daugherty
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Charles S. Thompson, Harry Dean Stanton, John Crawford, Shug Fisher, Kelly Jean Peters, Jeff Pomerantz
14 The Money Store 60 min | Dec 29, 1968

When he is refused a loan by the bank, Ray Jarvis' children find a way to steal the money.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: William Blinn
Guest stars: Virginia Vincent, Eric Shea, Pamelyn Ferdin, William Schallert, Charles Aidman
15 The Twisted Heritage 60 min | Jan 06, 1968

Kitty saves the life of a man during a stage hold-up, taking him back to his ranch she finds his mother a ruthless matron and his daughter alienated from her father.

Director: Bernard McEveety, Jack Turley, Robert Heverly
Guest stars: John Erickson, Virginia Gregg, Lisa Gerritsen, Nora Marlowe, Conlan Carter, Charles Kuenstle, Richard O'Brien, Joshua Bryant, Robert Luster, David McLean, Steve Raines, Robert Karnes
16 Time of the Jackals 60 min | Jan 12, 1969

A former girlfriend of Matt's provides a link with catching a notorious killer.

Director: Vincent McEveety, Richard Fielder
Guest stars: Beverly Garland, Leslie Nielsen, Edmund Hashim, Sid Haig, Robert Knapp, Kip Whitman, Jonathan Lippe, Charles Maxwell, Art Stewart, Ted Jordan
17 Mannon 60 min | Jan 19, 1969

Gunman Will Mannon comes to Dodge, after shooting Festus and taking his mule, to face Matt in a gunfight.

Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Ron Bishop
Guest stars: Steve Forrest, Michelle Breeze, Fred Dale
18 Gold Town 60 min | Jan 26, 1969

Will Mannon, a sharpshooter who rode with Quantrill's Raiders, terrorizes Dodge City as he waits for Matt to return and face him in a showdown.

Director: Gunnar Hellström
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Janette Lane Bradbury, Anthony James, Lou Antonio, Jimmy Bracken, Harry Davis, Chubby Johnson, Pete Kellett, Eve Plumb, Kathryn Minner, Jack Searl, Paul Wexler
19 The Mark of Cain 60 min | Feb 02, 1969

A scholarly man in Dodge is actually a former commandant of a Civil War prison camp.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Ron Bishop
Guest stars: Nehemiah Persoff, Louise Latham, Kevin Coughlin, Stanley Clements, Robert DuQui, Robert Totten, Olan Soule
20 Reprisal 60 min | Feb 09, 1969

Doc is given the choice of saving the life of a man he saw commit a murder and delivering a baby. He choses to save the man first, and the baby dies in childbirth. The baby's father, Tom Butler blames Doc and plans to get even.

Director: Bernard McEveety, Jack Hawn
Guest stars: Joe Don Baker, Eunice Christopher, Jack Lambert, John Pickard, Dennis Cross, I Stanford Jolley
21 The Long Night 60 min | Feb 16, 1969

Three bounty hunters hold hostages in the Long Branch to get Matt to turn over a prisoner to them.

Director: John Rich, Dick Carr
Guest stars: Joe Don Baker, Bruce Dern, Russell Johnson, Susan Silo, Vic Tayback, Rex Holman, Lou Antonio, Robert Brubaker, Matt Emery, Robert Totten
22 The Night Riders 60 min | Feb 23, 1969

Kansas raider Judge Proctor and his men ride into Dodge looking for a man they blame for stealing their land during the war. With Matt out of town, Festus has to try to keep peace and keep the renegades from burning the town.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Jeff Corey, Robert Pine, Robert Random, Norman Alden, Robert Karnes, Warren Vanders, Scott Hale, Ed Bakey
23 The Intruder 60 min | Mar 02, 1969

Festus is escorting wounded prisoner Riley Sharp to Dodge. They are forced to stop at a farmhouse, where Riley's ex-wife and her brutish husband live.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Jim Byrnes
Guest stars: Charles Aidman, Gail Kobe, John Kellogg, Eric Shea, Bob Gravage, Ralph James
24 The Good Samaritans 60 min | Mar 09, 1969

Matt is taking a signed confession paper to a Judge that will hang a man, the man has put a reward on the paper causing two bounty hunters to shoot Matt in an effort to get it. Meanwhile, Matt is taken in by a group of freed slaves heading West, and now being pursued by the hunters.

Director: Bernard McEveety
Writer: Paul Savage
Guest stars: Brock Peters, Rex Ingram, Robert DoQui, Lynn Hamilton, L.Q. Jones, Sam Melville, Davis Roberts, Hazel Medina, Paulene Myers, John Brandon, Pepe Brown, Alycia Gardner, Dan Ferrone
25 The Prisoner 60 min | Mar 16, 1969

Steven Downing is being taken to Mathison County to be hung as a murderer. Kitty believing in his innocence does all she can to stop the bounty hunter Jarvis, and finally Bob Mathison from taking him from Dodge.

Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Jon Voight, Ramon Bieri, Ned Glass, Kenneth Tobey, Paul Bryar, David Fresco, Jan Peters, Cathie Merchant
26 Exodus 21.22 60 min | Mar 23, 1969

A friend of Matt's, a former lawman arrives in Dodge to kill the men responsible for his wife's death.

Director: Herschel Daugherty
Writer: Arthur Rowe
Guest stars: Steve Ihnat, William Bramley, Lane Bradford, Kaz Garas, Brandon Carroll, Sarah Hardy


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