Halloween Night

Spencer Films (1988)
USA | English | Color | 1h 27min

Strange things are happening in Tommy's seemingly perfect town... a bloody pitchfork is found beside a mutilated corpse... dark chanting permeates the night chill... a deranged man warns of murder and madness... graves are robbed... and an ancient evil is about to be unleashed on the most devilish day - and night - of all: Halloween. Enter into a world of black secrets, revenge, and death. Spine-chilling suspense, shocking revelations, and the ultimate terror of all are about to be revealed... when the sun goes down and the wind begins to howl. It is the season of the witch... and the night of the devil. It is the unspeakable fear of HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

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Hy Pyke Grandpa
Gregory Scott Cummins Tommy
Katina Garner Amanda
Carla Baron Vera
Jeff Brown Roger
Michael Potts Bill
Patricia Christie Beth
Larry Coven Brian
Bryson Gerard Young Tommy
Heidi Lepocki Young Vera
Lance Harvey Young Roger
Jeanna Fine Nora
Dave Campbell Sarge
Marya Gant Carrie
Michael Mincinski Bob
Tracy M. Shuttleworth Lou
Susan Hoffman Lou's Girlfriend
Jai Emerick Bob's Girlfriend
Brenda Cedarblade Witch
D.D. Gonzales Witch
Jaqueline Lee Kaagen Witch
Sahida Patel Witch
Diane Trimble Branding Witch / Party Stripper
Andleib Seth Trick-or-Treater
Milan Chawla Trick-or-Treater
Michael Maye Trick-or-Treater
Mark A. Pecaro Trick-or-Treater
Justin Rajendra Trick-or-Treater
Michelle Brooks Kai
D.C. La Croix Dream Band
Wayne Harvey Gangster
Mina Sanjo Geisha
Bill Tucker Party Comedian
Gyan Singh Sword Warrior
Ramesh Pandey Spaceman
Chandra Williams Carribean Girl
Dr. Dalika Gokhley Cat Girl
Regina Starr Snake Dancer

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Director Jag Mundhra
Writer Carla Robinson
Producer Raj Mehrotra, Shiv Seth


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
663390002087 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jan 30, 2018
663390001813 Blu-ray Disc 30th Anniversary Limited Edition