Hamilton - I Nationens Intresse

International Traders (2012)
Drama, Thriller, Action, Foreign
Sweden | Swedish | Color | 1h 49min

Carl Hamilton manages to infiltrate an international gang that has stolen advanced Swedish GPS-guided missiles. But the league is subjected to a sudden deadly attack by a well drilled group of mercenaries of unknown clients. Hamilton escapes the massacre, but the rockets have disappeared without a trace.

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Mikael Persbrandt Carl Hamilton
Seba Mubarak Mouna Al Fathar
Pernilla August Sara Landhag
Jason Flemyng Rob Hart
Lennart Hjulström DG
Aleksandr Nosik Krutov
Ray Fearon Benjamin Lee
Peter Andersson Staffan Wärnman
Gustaf Hammarsten Martin Lagerbäck
Dan Ekborg Claes Olofsson

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Director Kathrine Windfeld
Writer Jan Guillou, Stefan Thunberg
Producer Johan Mardell, Mattias Johansson


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
8717418344368 Blu-ray Disc 1
8717418344375 Blu-ray Disc 1, B
8717418344382 Blu-ray Disc Free
8717418344344 Blu-ray Disc B May 09, 2012
7613059402584 Blu-ray Disc
9339065008074 Blu-ray Disc
8717418344405 Blu-ray Disc
815047019331 DVD 1 Mar 28, 2017
5425019006181 DVD
8717418344153 DVD
8717418344177 DVD
7613059802582 DVD
9339065008067 DVD
8717418344160 DVD
8717418344184 DVD