Have A Little Faith

Hallmark Entertainment (2011)
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

At age 82, Mitch Albom's former rabbi Albert Lewis wants the famous Detroit sportswriter to give his eulogy when the time comes. Albom makes a visit to his former home town in New Jersey, where Rabbi Lewis has served a congregation for about 50 years. Albom doesn't feel worthy, especially since he is no longer a practicing Jew and, in fact, he has married a Christian (who apparently isn't active either). Nevertheless, Rabbi Lewis says he is the one to do the job, and over the next eight years, Albom makes several visits back home and even attends some Sabbath services, where the good rabbi is determined to continue working and inspiring his flock even as his health declines.


Laurence Fishburne Henry Covington
Mykelti Williamson Donnie
Bradley Whitford Mitch
Martin Landau Rabbi Albert Lewis
Anika Noni Rose Annette

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Director Jon Avnet


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4009750395035 Blu-ray Disc
795902212766 DVD 1 Dec 10, 2011 Hallmark Gold Crown
767685157411 DVD 1 Apr 10, 2018
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