Heartworn Highways

Navarre (1981)
Music, Documentary
USA | English | Color | 1h 32min

This film is about the "outlaw" country music movement of the 70s, when artists rejected the glossy, strings filled Nashville sound and made poignant, gritty music. Guy Clark, David Allen Coe, Charlie Daniels and more are featured. Townes Van Zandt really steals the show, though. Out in his ratty trailer he's shown drinking whiskey and shooting bb guns. He sits down in the kitchen and plays some songs for his girlfriend and his elderly black neighbor, Uncle Seymour Washington (whose interactions with Townes are amazing) and plays some of the most amazing music you'll ever hear. There are also some great scenes of a little local ensemble playing in a bar. This is a must-see film for fans of Real Country Music™.

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Rodney Crowell Himself
Charlie Daniels Band Themselves
Charlie Daniels Himself
John Hiatt Himself
Townes van Zandt Himself
Larry Jon Wilson Himself
Steve Young Himself
Susanna Clark Herself
Peggy Brooks Herself
Wayne 'Barefoot Jerry' Moss Himself
Gamble Rogers Himself
Glenn Stagner Himself
Uncle Seymour Washington Himself
Rex Bell Himself
Jim McGuire Himself
Big Mack McGowan Himself
Richard Dobson Himself
Billy Callery Himself
Guy Clark Himself
David Allan Coe Himself
Steve Earle Himself

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Director James Szalapski
Producer Graham Leader
Photography James Szalapski


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