Hell's Kitchen

Ardustry Home Entertainment (1998)

Drama, Crime, Action
USA / English / 95 mins
IMDb 4.9

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Rosanna Arquette Liz McNeary
William Forsythe Lou Reilly
Angelina Jolie Gloria McNeary
Mekhi Phifer Johnny Miles
Johnny Whitworth Patty
Stephen Payne Boyle
Jade Yorker Ricky
Michael Nicolosi Sean
Ryan Slater Hayden McNeary
Sharif Rashed Stevey Miles
Martin Shakar Warden
Ricky Tyberg Jingo
Al Cayne Sly
Stephon Fuller Spike
Dan Musico Hines
Don Wallace Bulldozer
Larry Weiss Bar Patron
Heidi Coughlin Bar Patron
Thomas Patti BJ
James Haven Boyle's Bartender
Vito Antuofermo Boyle's Thug
Paul Olden Bulldozer Fight Announcer
Kenneth McCabe Bulldozer Referee
Antone Pagan Drug Dealer/Street Hustler/BJ
Golden Brooks Gold
Bob Papa Hines Fight Announcer
Sal Marchiano Hines Fight Announcer
Vinnie Ferguson Hines Referee
Jack Lotz Johnny's Corner Man

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Tony Cinciripini
Writer Tony Cinciripini
Producer Tony Cinciripini, Valerie Bienas, Thomas DiGaetano
Photography Michael Spiller
Musician Joseph Arthur



When a robbery goes awry, the bandits all end up in a puddle of blood and only one lives and goes to jail for five years...


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
783722715024 1 2004-01-13 Koop
014381880823 1 2000-07-11
8714025501962 2 2005-01-02
5014293157858 2 2004-07-05
8714025505854 2
8010312029783 2
807297118995 2
9327031000047 4 2004-01-13
773848640331 2010-09-21
5060051630507 2004-07-19