Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep (VPRO) (2012)
Drama, Foreign
The Netherlands | Dutch | Color | 1h 23min

Divided into chapters, the film first chronicles Hemel's many sexual conquests, but then takes on a different tone as it explores her complicated relationship with her father, Gijs. A dapper auctioneer, Gijs has dated a series of younger women since Hemel's mother's death. But when Gijs starts seeing the charming Sophie, for the first time Hemel feels that her special relationship with her father is threatened...

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Director Sacha Polak
Writer Helena van der Meulen
Producer Stienette Bosklopper


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
851597006643 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jul 24, 2018
889290460578 Blu-ray Disc A Dec 17, 2015
854555004057 DVD Jun 11, 2013
5414939250613 DVD
4250128412551 DVD
5414939854385 DVD