New Beginning Films (2017)
Drama, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 30min

Henri was raised in a monastery in the Far East and now he lives in America in the deep south where his story begins. As peaceful as he was trained to be, trouble always seems to finds him. Henri's story is filled with love, action, suspense and adventure.

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Eli Jeffree Zen Henri Sharma
Eric Roberts Jenkins Chesney
Robert LaSardo Sheriff Duncan
Burt Reynolds George Duncan
Lori Katz Ashley Colter
Steven D. Mairano Deputy Floyd
Jerry Sommer Larry Chesney
Carl Rimi Jarred Chesney
Roger Byrd Dan Colter
Alex Zuko Hank Chesney
Tina Pfeiffer Maggie Colter
Xavier Luo Leo Fuchs
Stacey Steele Julie the waitress
Steve Daron Ring Announcer
Mitch Price Harry
Lee Marlow Emily Duncan
Brooklyn Murphy Connie Chesney
Diana Noris Maria
Felix Fernandez Louis
Troy D. Williams Tom Williamson
Teo Ciltia James Potts
Karen Ross Judy
Wes Imlay Raymond Trotsky
Greta Berlin Goldstein Dispatcher
Devon Cabral Leo's Girlfriend


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
723952079701 DVD 1 Jan 22, 2019