Ruthless Films (2014)
Animation, Comedy, Crime
UK | Color | 1h 36min

Desperate for a real news story, entertainment journalist Mui (Kelly Chen) goes to London to cover an antique auction in order to trace the path of Nine-Tailed Fox (Tony Leung Ka Fai), a famous art thief who has eluded capture for decades. Playful, but clever, the Fox decides to use Mui as his partner for his latest heist, a set of pottery horse from the Tang Dynasty. What the Fox doesn't know is that Mui is secretly working with Cheung Ho (Ekin Cheng), a Hong Kong cop that has been obsessed with catching the Fox since letting him escape years ago. The result is a twist-filled pursuit that takes the trio from London to Prague.


Tony Leung Ka-Fai Nine-tailed Fox
Kelly Chen Ha Mui
Ekin Cheng Cheung Ho

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Director Chi-Ngai Lee


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
760137028499 DVD 1 Aug 08, 2017