I, Daniel Blake

Sixteen Films (2016)
UK | English | Color | 1h 40min

A middle aged carpenter, who requires state welfare after injuring himself, is joined by a single mother in a similar scenario.

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Dave Johns Daniel
Hayley Squires Katie
Briana Shann Daisy
Dylan McKiernan Dylan
Kate Rutter Ann
Sharon Percy Sheila
Kema Sikazwe China
Steven Richens Piper
Amanda Payne Employment Support Allowance Assessor
Chris Mcglade At the Sawmill
Shaun Prendergast At the Sawmill
Sammy T. Dobson Specialist Nurse
Mickey Hutton Neighbor with dog
Colin Coombs Postman
David Murray Telephone Benefits Advisor
Stephen Clegg Job Centre Floor Manager
Andy Kidd Job Centre Guard
Dan Li Stan Li
Jane Birch Librarian
Kimberley Blair Smith Student
Junior Atilassi Student
John Sumner CV Instructor
Dave Turner Harry Edwards
Micky McGregor Ivan
Roy McCartney Decision Maker
Neil Stuart Morton Supermarket manager
Stephen Halliday Furniture Dealer
Julie Nicholson Business Woman
Viktoria Kay Woman in House
Malcolm Shields Scotsman
Bryn Jones Police Officer
Helen Dixon Police Officer
Gary Jacques Senior Police Officer
Mick Laffey Welfare Rights Officer

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Director Ken Loach
Writer Paul Laverty
Producer Pascal Caucheteux, Ben Roberts, Christine Langan, Rebecca O'Brien, Michael Wood, Emmanuelle Castro, Vincent Maraval, Joe Oppenheimer, Zoe Brown, Carole Baraton, Philippe Logie, Delphine Tomson, Tania Antonioli, Rosa Attab, Jacqui Barr, Pauline Bénard, Clare Coulter, Will Evans, Emma Kayee, Eimhear McMahon, Fiona Morham, Sofia Neves, Ruth Sanders, Livy Sandler, Grégoire Sorlat, Benjamin Toussaint
Photography Robbie Ryan
Musician George Fenton


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715515208918 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jan 16, 2018
5039036079228 Blu-ray Disc B
5706168998894 Blu-ray Disc B May 22, 2017 Single Disc
5051083116596 Blu-ray Disc
9317731131042 Blu-ray Disc
4009750301029 Blu-ray Disc
5051889585350 Blu-ray Disc
8436564161796 Blu-ray Disc
5051889604099 Blu-ray Disc
715515209014 DVD 1 Jan 16, 2018
4009750230343 DVD 2 Feb 27, 2017
5039036079211 DVD
629159058993 DVD
8436564161789 DVD
5906619095022 DVD
5600320223520 DVD
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