5 Points Pictures (2010)
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Action, Foreign
South Korea | Korean | Color | 2h 43min

Hae Gook (Park Hae Il) travels to a reclusive village to attend his father's funeral. He wants to find out the reason behind his father's strange death, but the villagers, in particular village chief Cheon (Jung Jae Young), seem to be watching his every move and eager to see him leave. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Hae Gook enlists the help of prosecutor Park (Yoo Jun Sang) to slowly unravel the village's sinister secrets.

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Jae-yeong Jeong Mayor Cheon
Hae-il Park Hae-gook Yoo
Joon-sang Yoo Min-wook Park
Seon Yu Young-ji Lee
Joon-bae Kim Seong-kyu Ha
Sang-ho Kim Suk-man Jeon
Hae-jin Yoo Duk-cheon Kim


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
8809192648586 Blu-ray
742617122422 DVD 1 Aug 21, 2012
855184007518 DVD 1 Jul 10, 2018
5060001274539 DVD