Columbia Pictures (1972)
Drama, Horror, Special Interest, Fantasy, Thriller
UK | English | Color | 1h 41min

Schizophrenic housewife, engulfed by terrorizing apparitions, kills off each, unknowing if these demons are merely figments of her hallucinatory imagination or part of reality.

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Susannah York Cathryn
Rene Auberjonois Hugh
Marcel Bozzuffi Rene
Hugh Millais Marcel
Cathryn Harrison Susannah
John Morley Old Man
Barbara Baxley Voice on telephone

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Director Robert Altman
Writer Robert Altman, Susannah York
Producer Tommy Thompson, Al Locatelli
Photography Vilmos Zsigmond
Musician John Williams


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
760137110088 Blu-ray Disc 1 Mar 20, 2018
5027035018782 Blu-ray Disc B FCD1709
027616895332 DVD 1 Sep 16, 2003
9781458422743 DVD 1 Jun 27, 2012
8016207105525 DVD 2
7895233121904 DVD
4260497420736 DVD