Já, Olga Hepnarová

Black Balance (2016)
Drama, Crime, History, Foreign
Czech Republic | Czech | Black/White | 1h 45min

Olga is a complex young woman desperate to break free from her unfeeling family and social conventions. With her Louise Brooks-like tomboyish looks she drags herself, chain-smoking, from one job to another until she appears to find her niche as a truck driver. Although she has female lovers she does not form a bond with any of them; instead she clashes, time and again, venting herself in wordless emotional outbursts and other behavioural extremes.


Michalina Olszanska
Martin Pechlát
Klára Melíšková
Marika Šoposká
Juraj Nvota


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
712267370528 DVD 1 Jul 25, 2017