Jack Taylor: Season 3

Acorn Media (2010)

Drama, Thriller, Crime
Ireland / English / 270 mins
IMDb 7.1

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Iain Glen Jack Taylor
Paraic Breathnach Father Malachy
Siobhán O'Kelly Kate
Nora Jane Noone Kate Noonan
Killian Scott Cody Farraher
Jack Monaghan Darragh


Stuart Orme
Writer Marteinn Thorisson
Producer Clodagh Freeman
Photography Unknown
Musician Colin Towns


Jack is an Irish ex-cop, on the wrong side of forty who has become a finder with a sharp tongue and a soft heart. He takes on the cases The Guards won´t touch, no matter how hopeless. He´s pig stubborn. He defends the lost and the broken. He´s good because he looks where no one else looks, talks to the people no one else talks to. Moreover, he knows every back street in his hometown, Galway, knows the seed and breed of everyone in it. But small towns have big memories, and like Jack they are quick to anger and slow to forgive. This series of feature length crime dramas follows Jack´s odyssey through the mean streets of Galway.

Based on novels by Ken Bruen.


Episode 1: Blood Cross

90 min Nov 17, 2016
When a man is found crucified, Jack’s investigations reveal that the dead man’s brother was responsible for the death of Nora Mitchell- and the surviving members of the Mitchell family are in town, seeking revenge.
Director: Stuart Orme
Writer: Marteinn Thorisson

Episode 2: Nemesis

90 min Nov 24, 2016
Jack is asked to locate a former nemesis of his who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom, while also supporting Kate as she prepares for a major operation of her own.
Director: Stuart Orme
Writer: Marteinn Thorisson

Episode 3: In Purgatory

90 min Dec 01, 2016
Jack and Darragh are hired by the head of a large software company to find out who has stolen valuable games data from the company. Jack takes an liking to the main suspect, but when she is killed, Jack suspects his employer and vows to bring him down.
Director: Stuart Orme
Writer: Marteinn Thorisson


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
054961241194 1 2017-03-28
5036193033063 2 2016-12-05