Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: Season 1

Mill Creek Entertainment (1985)
Animation, Adventure, Action, Children
English | Color

"Thundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds, Jayce searches for his father to unite the magic root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss. Wheeled Warriors explode into battle - Lightning Strikes!" Audric is a scientist working to create a plant which can grow in any environment and which, he hopes, can help provide food and end starvation. During his experiment a radiation flare causes the plants to mutate into Saw Boss and the Monster Minds. The Monster Minds can transform into vehicles and travel via roots between planets. With Saw Boss as leader, they set out to conquer the galaxy. Audric creates a magic root which can stop them but the two halves of the root are separated during a Monster Minds attack. Audric escapes with one half, the other goes with his son, Jayce. Jayce and the other members of the Lightning League set out to

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Len Carlson
Luba Goy
Jean Chalopin Narrator
Dan Hennessey
John Stocker
Gilles Laurent Jayce
Charles Joliffe
René Beriard Gillian
Valerie Politis
Gilles Guillot Herc
Darin Baker
Giulio Kukurugya

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1 Escape from the Garden of Evil 30 min | Sep 15, 1985

When one of Audric's experiments goes wrong, Saw Boss and the Monster Minds are created and set out to conquer the galaxy. Audric creates a magic root which can fight the Monster Minds but it is split into two, one half is taken by Audric, the other by his son, Jayce. The Lightning League seek the help of Herc Stormsailor to escape the planet and locate Audric.

2 The Vase of Xiang 30 min | Sep 16, 1985

Jayce travels to Xiang in search of a secret message left by his father in a vase. Saw Boss realises what Jayce is looking for and orders all vases destroyed and Jayce must locate the vase before the message is lost forever.

3 Steel Against Shadow 30 min | Sep 17, 1985

The Lightning League go in search of the Helmet of Valroth, which could be a powerful weapon against the Monster Minds but the power of the helmet starts to change Jayce.

4 Silver Crusaders 30 min | Sep 18, 1985

The Lightning League discover the Monster Minds about to take over a planet where all plantlife grows to many times its original size. Fearing an army of gigantic Monster Mind drones, they go in search for allies to help the fight, but find the native order of knights very hostile to all foreigners.

5 Ghostship 30 min | Sep 19, 1985

The Lightning League investigate an abandoned ship which is emitting a signal from Audric.

6 Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds 30 min | Sep 22, 1985

While stopping to repair the Pride, Gillian and Flora are captured by Monster Minds.

7 Fire and Ice 30 min | Sep 23, 1985

The Lightning League is trapped on a icy planet about to be destroyed by a gigantic volcano.

8 Space Outlaws 30 min | Sep 24, 1985

Jayce's search for Audric leads him Taber's Belt the home of the Pirate's Guild led by Morgana, an old friend of Herc. When the Pirates, who are working for the Monster Minds, capture the Pride, the League must try to escape and break Morgana free from Saw Boss' influence.

9 Future of the Future 30 min | Sep 25, 1985

Having lost Audric's trail, Gillian takes Jayce to the place where all time meets in order to show him the future and track down Audric. Jayce sees a future where the Monster Minds stand unopposed and only by confronting Saw Boss can he change the future and save his father and the galaxy.

10 Underwater 30 min | Sep 26, 1985

The search for Audric leads to a planet the Monster Minds are draining of water. Jayce agrees to help the inhabitants stop the Monster Minds.

11 Frostworld 30 min | Sep 29, 1985

The Lightning League travel to Auriga, a planet ruled by the tyrant Marduk and famed for its casinos. Jayce helps the people fight Marduk and the Monster Minds.

12 Critical Mass 30 min | Sep 30, 1985

After launching setting up a Monster Mind infested galaxy to collapse into a black hole, the League discovers human lifesigns on an asteroid. Jayce is determined to save him, but has less than 3 hours before it's too late.

13 The Purple Tome 30 min | Oct 01, 1985

The guardians of the Great Library of Hebron contact Jayce for assistance when they come under attack from Monster Minds. The Lightning League must prevent Saw Boss from stealing the Purple Tome, a book which contains the spells used by the ancient Ashvar civilisation.

14 Hook, Line and Sinker 30 min | Oct 02, 1985

The Monster Minds set a trap for Jayce, offering him Audric in exchange for the root. Audric proves to be just an illusion generated by King Phineas after Saw Boss threatened to destroy his planet. The Lightning League and King Phineas must work together to fight the Monster Minds and save his people.

15 Bloodstone 30 min | Oct 03, 1985

Saw Boss lures the Lightning League to Kyros, a planet which is being turned into crystal after the power of the Bloodstone was drained by the Monster Minds. Jayce must restore power to the Bloodstone and use it to save the planet before it is too late.

16 The Slaves of Adelbaren 30 min | Oct 06, 1985

The Monster Minds take two children from the planet Adelbaren hostage and force their older sister to lure the Lightning League into a trap.

17 The Hunt 30 min | Oct 07, 1985

Saw Boss agrees to allow Orion, a hunter who hunts only the most worthy prey, to hunt for Jayce. Orion captures Jayce and takes him to the planet Mortaros to carry out the hunt. Flora undergoes a dangerous procedure to heighten her sensitivity to the root and help the Lightning League find Jayce.

18 Blockade Runners 30 min | Oct 08, 1985

The planet Baz sprays all their plants with pesticide to keep the Monster Minds from invading their planet, but the Monster Minds send vines to cut them off from outside shipments of food. Zena, the princess of the planet, contacts Jayce for help, but when the Lightning League arrives on Baz the pesticides begin to kill Flora, and the Monster Minds prevent them from taking her to safety.

19 The Sleeping Princess 30 min | Oct 09, 1985

In search of a message from Audric, Jayce lands on a planet protected by telepathic plants which keep the planet concealed. Saw Boss makes a deal with a wicket wizard who has put a sleeping spell on the princess who controls the plants. Jayce captures the wizard and Gillian forces him to look into a special mirror that reads people's minds. Gillian gets the spell to wake the princess. Her powers are weakened by the dying plants, but Flora helps her telepathically reach the Tree of Life, the plant source. The tree battles the Monster Minds vines along with Jayce. Saw Boss is routed once again.

20 Deadly Reunion 30 min | Oct 10, 1985

By using a lock of Audric's hair, Saw Boss creates a clone which trick Jayce into a trap. Gillian suspects the truth and convinces Jayce to leave the root behind as a precaution. Jayce is captured and a clone of Jayce is sent back for the root. Flora removes "Audric's" gift of a necklace and is once again able to sense plant life. She warns everyone that Jayce is not Jayce and the real Jayce, by using the magic ring, frees himself and arrives in time to help fight off Monster Minds and make good their escape.

21 Sky Kingdom 30 min | Oct 13, 1985

Computer calculations give Zartan Omega as the probable location of Audric. This planet is covered with blue light from the red dwarf sun and grows only giant flowers. Upon reaching it, though, they discover Monster Minds have set up a satellite to convert the blue light to red light and evil vines are everywhere slowly killing the planet. Jayce discovers Audric has been there but left at Emira's insistence since it was no longer safe. Gillian rigs up a device to emit electric waves to counter Saw Boss' signals. Oon's metal body is used as a transmitter. Gillian then moves the prism lens on Saw Boss' satellite turning it toward the sun. It overloads and explodes. Gillian leaves his invention with the people so that Saw Boss cannot use another satellite to kill the giant flowers.

22 Quest into Shadow 30 min | Oct 14, 1985

An unconquered planet in the midst of Monster Minds intrigues the Lightning League and they go to investigate. Upon crash landing they discover the energy of the Pride and the vehicles and their own energy is being drained. It is an anti-life planet. They meet the Dark Queen who offers them the alternative of the touch of peace. Fearing this touch, they refuse it, but without it their energy will decrease until they cease to exist. Jayce finally figures out that the touch is not death but life. They are all touched and transported to another dimension. Saw Boss and evil forces cannot survive this magic of the Dark Queen; therefore, their planet remains free of Monster Minds. But the people pay a price for their freedom by having to adapt to an anti-life world.

23 Unexpected Trouble 30 min | Oct 15, 1985
24 Bounty Hunters 30 min | Oct 16, 1985
25 Double Deception 30 min | Oct 17, 1985
26 Gate World 30 min | Oct 20, 1985
27 Space Thief 30 min | Oct 21, 1985
28 Moon Magic 30 min | Oct 22, 1985
29 Affair of Honor 30 min | Oct 23, 1985
30 Doom Flower 30 min | Oct 24, 1985

While investigating convoys of slaves and equipment heading for the Black Nebula, the Lightning League hear rumours that the Monster Minds are building Doom Flower, a space station that will carry them to another universe with more suns and nutrients, allowing them to grow powerful and return unstoppable. Furthermore, Audric has been captured and is working as a slave on the project. Jayce sets out to rescue his father and stop the Monster Minds before they can activate Doom Flower.

31 The Stallions of Sandeen 30 min | Oct 28, 1985
32 Brain Trust 30 min | Oct 29, 1985
33 Lightning Strikes Twice 30 min | Oct 30, 1985
34 The Liberty Stone (1) 30 min | Oct 31, 1985
35 The Vines (2) 30 min | Nov 01, 1985
36 The Spacefighter (3) 30 min | Nov 04, 1985
37 Heart of Paxtar (4) 30 min | Nov 05, 1985
38 Appointment at Forever (5) 30 min | Nov 06, 1985
39 What's Going On? 30 min | Nov 07, 1985
40 Dark Singer 30 min | Nov 08, 1985
41 Swamp Witch 30 min | Nov 11, 1985
42 Deadly Reflections 30 min | Nov 12, 1985

The Lightning League install a shield around the planet Eldor to protect its inhabitants from the Monster Minds. As they leave the planet Saw Boss lures them into a trap, a portal to a negative universe. Although they escape the trap another version of the Pride of the Skies containing an evil version of the Lightning League comes through the portal and Saw Boss enlists their help in destroying the real Lightning Leaue and the planet Eldor.

43 Early Warning 30 min | Nov 13, 1985

Saw Boss learns the Vine Stopper, a weapon created by Audric, could be reversed to speed up the vines' growth and sends troops to capture it. When the Lightning League hear of Saw Boss' plans they race to where Audric has hidden the device to secure it before the Monster Minds can but accidentally trigger a self destruct sequence that threatens to destroy the device and the whole planet.

44 A Question of Conscience 30 min | Nov 14, 1985
45 Life Ship 30 min | Nov 15, 1985

The Lightning League try to stop Saw Boss from taking control of the Edro Lifeship, a vessel which has been transporting the Edro civilisation towards a new home for 5000 years. The Edro defence system, Myrmidon, seems oblivious of the Monster Minds presence and refuses to let Jayce speak to the Edro and warn them of the danger they face.

46 The Mirage Makers 30 min | Nov 18, 1985
47 Do Not Disturb 30 min | Nov 19, 1985
48 Dream World 30 min | Nov 20, 1985

The Lightning League travel to Dream World, a planet where (according to legend) people's dreams come true. At first, everything seems to go according to plan - Jayce and Audric are reunited, Gillian and Flora rediscover the Garden and Herc finally gets paid. But things take a sinister turn when the Monster Minds show up and destroy the Roots just as Jayce and Audric are grafting them; shortly afterwards, Audric is apparently killed in a Monster Mind ambush. Determined not to let Saw Boss win, the Lightning League head back to the Pride, but, with all their vehicles destroyed by the climax, will the power of their dreams be enough to save them?

49 The Children of Solarus II 30 min | Nov 21, 1985
50 The Gardener 30 min | Nov 22, 1985
51 Armada 30 min | Nov 25, 1985
52 The Chimes of Sharpis 30 min | Nov 26, 1985
53 Galaxy Gamester 30 min | Nov 27, 1985
54 Circus Planet 30 min | Nov 28, 1985
55 Common Bond 30 min | Nov 29, 1985
56 Mistress of Soul Tree 30 min | Dec 02, 1985
57 The Life Eater 30 min | Dec 03, 1985
58 Wasteland 30 min | Dec 04, 1985
59 The Oracle 30 min | Dec 05, 1985
60 Short Circuit, Long Wait 30 min | Dec 06, 1985
61 Time and Time Again 30 min | Dec 09, 1985
62 The Source 30 min | Dec 10, 1985
63 The Raid 30 min | Dec 11, 1985
64 The Squire Smith 30 min | Dec 12, 1985
65 Final Ride at Journey's End 30 min | Dec 13, 1985


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