Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape

Comedy Dynamics (2018)
USA | English | Color | 1h 8min

Comedy powerhouse Jim Gaffigan has made a career out of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary with his hilarious yet biting observational style. In his sixth hour comedy special, Gaffigan steers away from the conventional as he is faced with the medical crisis that hit his family this year. Using humor to deal with the unthinkable, Gaffigan proves that indeed, laughter is the best medicine…or is it?


Jim Gaffigan Himself

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Director Jeannie Gaffigan
Writer Jim Gaffigan, Jeannie Gaffigan
Producer Brian Volk-Weiss, Jay Karas, Jim Gaffigan, Deborah Adamson, Cisco Henson, Alex Murray, Michael J. Epstein, Kieran Dotti, Jeannie Gaffigan, Anne Leuck
Photography Tyler James Ribble


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
814838015354 Blu-ray 1 Nov 13, 2018
814838015309 DVD 1 Nov 13, 2018