JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012): Season 2

Viz Entertainment (2012)
Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Anime, Fantasy, Suspense, Action
USA | English | Color | 9h 36min

Late 19th century. Young, handsome and wealthy English nobleman Jonathan Joestar seems to have everything people crave for. His lowly-born adopted brother Dio Brando, brought into the family by Jonathan's father George, is particularly jealous of Jonathan. When Jonathan found out Dio's horrible secret, he tried to use an stone mask that looks like a torture instrument to kill Jonathan, who's into archaeology and might make the death looks like an accident. However, the stone mask is anything but a simple instrument.

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Unsho Ishizuka Joseph Joestar
Matthew Mercer Jotaro Kujo
Daisuke Ono Jotaro Kujo
Fuminori Komatsu Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Daisuke Hirakawa Noriaki Kakyoin
Richard Epcar Joseph Joestar
Kyle Hebert Noriaki Kakyoin
Kenta Miyake Muhammad Avdol
Doug Erholtz Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Chris Tergliafera Muhammad Avdol
Takehito Koyasu Dio Brando
Misato Fukuen Iggy
Toru Ohkawa Narrator
Patrick Seitz Dio
Shô Hayami Vanilla Ice
Hidenobu Kiuchi Hol Horse
Junichi Suwabe Butler
Rie Kugimiya Anne
Tara Jayne Baby / Death 13
Reiko Suzuki Enya
Reiko Takagi Holly Kujo
Ryan Bartley Anne
Bill Rogers Waiter / Adult A
Barbara Goodson Enyaba
Julie Ann Taylor Holly Kujo

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Director Kenichi Suzuki
Jiro Fujimoto
Mitsuhiro Yoneda
Toshiyuki Kato
Satoshi Ôsedo
Hirokazu Yamada
Hirofumi Ogura
Naokatsu Tsuda
Yuta Takamura
Yasufumi Soejima
Hitomi Ezoe
Jin Tamamura
Shunsuke Machitani
Writer Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, Hirohiko Araki, Yasuko Kobayashi, Shinichi Inotsume, Shogo Yasukawa, Naokatsu Tsuda, Josh Grelle, Jalen K. Cassell
Musician Yûgo Kanno

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1 A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit 25 min | Dec 08, 2012

Four years later in 1987, in Japan, a boy named Jotaro Kujo has willingly turned himself into jail, refusing to leave as he believes he is possessed by an evil spirit. He proves this by mysteriously taking a police officer's gun and firing a bullet at his own head, only for it to be stopped in midair by a spectral hand. Noticing the hand herself when others cannot, Jotaro's mother, Holly, calls her father and Jotaro's grandfather, Joseph Joestar, who travels to Japan alongside an acquaintance from Egypt, Mohammed Avdol. After Jotaro refuses his grandfather's demands to leave the cell, Joseph leaves the task to Avdol, who summons an "evil spirit" of his own, an anthropomorphic bird engulfed in flames, which he refers to as Magician's Red. As Magician's Red uses force against Jotaro, whose own spirit tries to protect him, Joseph explains these "spirits" are actually manifestations of the user's own life force, which have come to be known as "Stands". Jotaro is eventually pushed into fighting back with his Stand, breaking apart the prison bars, at which point Avdol withdraws from the fight, having achieved his goal of getting Jotaro out of his cell. Later, Joseph reveals to Jotaro and Holly that the Speedwagon Foundation has been investigating the disappearance of a shipwreck salvage crew and the discovery of an empty coffin. It was in this coffin that a man of pure evil known as Dio has been in slumber, until he was brought back to the surface. Joseph then uses a Stand of his own, resembling purple brambles, to smash an expensive instant camera, from which a photograph appears. After explaining how people from the Joestar bloodline have star-shaped birthmarks on the back of their necks, Joseph reveals the photograph to be a picture of Dio possessing the same birthmark, showing that he had stolen the body of his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, as his own. He goes on to state that Dio's revival has caused the emergence of Stands in both himself and Jotaro, though Holly claims nothing has happened to her, whilst Avdol states he has had his Stand since birth. As the group decides to rest before tracking down Dio, Jotaro tries to take all this information in, as well as knowing Joseph and Avdol will be living with them for some time. Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, Dio senses that he is being watched by the Joestars and resolves to kill them.

2 Who Will Be the Judge!? 25 min | Dec 15, 2012

Jotaro heads out to school, but not after a goodbye kiss from his mother, to which he lets out an exasperated "Good grief" (やれやれだぜ Yare yare daze), and is soon mobbed by a group of female admirers. As he heads down a staircase, a mysterious student in a green uniform paints a red stroke on a painting of Jotaro. This leads to a cut suddenly appearing on Jotaro's leg, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs, only managing to save himself by using his Stand to grab onto nearby tree branches and divert his fall. Managing to land safely, Jotaro receives a handkerchief from the student, who introduces himself as a new transfer named Noriaki Kakyoin, unaware that he is the one responsible. Later, as Jotaro heads to the nurse's office to have his wound treated, he discovers the handkerchief he received from Kakyoin contains a death threat, stating he will kill him using his Stand. At that moment, the school nurse starts acting strangely, stabbing one of the other students with a pen before going after Jotaro with inhuman strength. Kakyoin appears and reveals he has used his personal Stand Heirophant Green to possess the nurse's body from the inside. Jotaro uses his Stand to pull Hierophant Green out of the nurse's body, only to be attacked by its Emerald Splash attack, whilst the nurse receives harsh internal injuries as a result of Jotaro's extraction attempt. Despite seemingly being fatally injured by Heirophant Green's attack, Jotaro, deciding he will be the one to judge standing against evil Stand users, shrugs off Kakyoin's next attack and uses his Stand to pummel Heirophant Green, chanting "Ora Ora" (オラオラ) with each punch, until Kakyoin falls unconscious. After leaving the nurse to the school faculty, Jotaro brings Kakyoin back home to Joseph and Avdol. Joseph explains that Kakyoin had been forced to become Dio's pawn and will likely die in a few days, revealing the cause to be something implanted in Kakyoin's forehead.

3 Dio's Curse 25 min | Dec 22, 2012

Joseph reveals that the object on Kakyoin's forehead is a "flesh bud" that has a tendril going straight into his brain, making him swear loyalty to Dio simply by charisma. Avdol reveals that he was once approached by Dio in this manner, and only barely escaped unharmed. Determined to save Kakyoin, Jotaro uses the precise nature of his Stand to steadily remove the bud from Kakyoin's brain. Despite the bud's attempts to invade Jotaro's body in self-defense, Jotaro remains calm until the bud is safely extracted, where it is destroyed by Joseph using the Hamon. The next day, as Kakyoin is recovering from his injuries, Jotaro heads for school, but realizes Holly has not tried to give him a kiss goodbye. Avdol finds Holly collapsed in the kitchen and discovers that she herself has been cursed with a Stand resembling rose vines. Furthermore, as Holly does not have the willpower to control it, the Stand is slowly killing her, a fact that Jotaro and Joseph fear to be her fate. Jotaro asks what can be done, and Joseph states that the only way to save Holly is to kill Dio and lift the curse. Joseph and Avdol are unsuccessful in determining Dio's location, until Jotaro uses his Stand to analyze the photos Joseph has taken, managing to identify a fly in one of the photos and draw it in detail. After doing some research, Avdol determines the fly to be a particular species found only in the Aswan region of Egypt, where they believe Dio to be hiding. Kakyoin, who had previously learned from Avdol that Holly has only fifty days to live, confirms their theory, mentioning how he met Dio while on a family vacation to Egypt, and decides to join the group in their search for Dio because of a fondness he feels for women like Holly. After Joseph calls on the the Speedwagon Foundation to take care of Holly, Avdol uses a deck of Tarot cards to name Jotaro's Stand, naming it Star Platinum after The Star card. As the group takes off on a flight towards Egypt, Dio, using a Stand power similar to Joseph's Stand, Hermit Purple, takes a photograph showing him their location. On the plane, Joseph senses Dio's presence, becoming cautious that there may be a Stand user somewhere on the plane, as an insect flies about.

4 Tower of Grey 25 min | Jan 05, 2013

Dio receives word from his advisor, an old woman, that their assassin is on the plane where the Joestar group is. As the plane reaches the airspace over Taiwan, Jotaro and the others are awoken from their slumber by the sound of a flying stag beetle, which Avdol identifies as an evil Stand known as Tower of Gray, which is responsible for causing mass murders that look like tragic accidents. As Jotaro struggles against Tower of Gray, finding its speed to outmatch even Star Platinum's, it suddenly kills a row of passengers, using their bloody tongues to spell out the word "Massacre!", shocking an elderly passenger who seems to have escaped the attack unscathed, until Kakyoin knocks him out. Avdol becomes angered, but Kakyoin convinces him to calm down, stating that the plane could explode if he or Jotaro used their Stands recklessly, deciding to face Tower of Gray himself using Heirophant Green. Although Heirophant Green's Emerald Splash attack seems to have no effect against Tower of Gray's speed, it all turns out to be a trap laid out by Kakyoin, who uses Emerald Splash to pin down Tower of Gray's movements so that Heirophant Green can impale it using spikes laid out in the seating. With Tower of Gray immobilized, its user Gray Fly, the elderly man from before, is also fatally wounded as a result. They soon discover he has no flesh bud in his brain, and is working for Dio under his own greed and desire to murder. Upon noticing that the plane is not flying properly, Joseph discovers that the pilots have already been killed, with Gray Fly taunting in his last breath that even if they survive the crash, they are still over 10,000 kilometers (6,200 mi) away from Egypt. Despite having two plane crashes under his belt and only experience in flying propeller planes, Joseph manages to safely land the plane off the coast of Hong Kong, where the group realizes that they must find an alternate way of reaching Egypt that does not put innocent lives at risk. As the group goes to a restaurant and discuss travelling to Egypt by sea, they are joined by a French tourist who soon reveals himself to be one of Dio's Stand using assassins sent to kill them. After attacking Avdol first, who combats his Stand, Silver Chariot, with Magician's Red, the swordsman fashions a flaming clock out of an upturned table and Magician's Red's flames and proclaims that he will kill Avdol before the clock strikes twelve.

5 Silver Chariot 25 min | Jan 12, 2013

The swordsman, who introduces himself as Jean Pierre Polnareff, decides to take their fight outside to give Avdol a chance to use his powers to his full extent. He leads the group to the Tiger Balm Garden, predicting he will defeat Avdol with his own Stand's abilities. As Polnareff shows off his skills by carving a nearby statue to resemble Magician's Red, Avdol attacks Polnareff with his special technique, Crossfire Hurricane, launching an ankh-shaped flame at Polnareff, but Polnareff rebounds it back at Magician's Red, seemingly burning Avdol. However, this turns out to be the statue that Polnareff himself carved earlier, and both he and Silver Chariot are engulfed in flames. Before the group can celebrate victory, Polnareff has Silver Chariot shed off its armor, which had protected him from Avdol's attacks, allowing it to move even faster and produce after images to confuse Avdol and attack him from multiple angles. However, Avdol overcomes this with his Cross Fire Hurricane Special, using multiple flames to distract the decoys, before attacking Polnareff directly from underground with a larger flame. With Polnareff defeated and burning alive, Avdol throws him a knife to end his own life before the flames do, but Polnareff refuses, admitting his defeat and residing himself to be killed by the flames. Realizing the man's chivalry, even in the face of death, Avdol releases him from the flames, and discovers that Polnareff has also been under Dio's control by means of a flesh bud, which Jotaro soon extracts. As the group heads for their boat the Speedwagon Foundation has hired for them, Polnareff appears before them, asking to see Joseph's gloved hand to confirm something. He reveals that his true goal is to find and kill a Stand user with two right hands, who was responsible for the rape and murder of his younger sister, Cherie, becoming swayed by Dio when he suggested he could help him find the culprit. Learning that the culprit is likely someone in Dio's employ, Polnareff decides to join the Joestar group on their journey to Egypt, believing that their search for Dio will lead him to his sister's murderer.

6 Dark Blue Moon 25 min | Jan 19, 2013

Upon beginning their journey towards Singapore, which will take them three days by sea, the Joestar group discovers a stowaway on board. The small child claims that "he" wants to reunite with "his" father, but when met with resistance from the other crew, the stowaway attempts to swim away in the ocean. The crew is worried because the water is infested with sharks, but the stowaway is rescued by Jotaro, who discovers that the child is actually a girl, Anne. When they see one of the sharks has been sliced in half, they soon find themselves approached by a seafaring Stand, narrowly escaping its clutches with Kakyoin's help. The group initially suspect Anne of being the Stand's user, but soon deduce from her attempt at acting tough that this is not the case. When the ship's Captain Tennille[d] appears, harassing both Anne and Jotaro, who was trying to have a smoke, Jotaro accuses him of being the Stand user, using a bluff involving the cigarette he was just smoking to make him reveal himself. His identity as an imposter revealed, the fake Captain Tennille has his Stand Dark Blue Moon take Anne hostage, challenging Jotaro to fight against him in the ocean, where he would have the advantage. Star Platinum manages to beat Dark Blue Moon before its reaches the ocean, knocking its owner into the sea. However, acorn barnacles appear on Star Platinum and spread around him, draining its strength and causing Jotaro to fall into the ocean, where Dark Blue Moon and the fake Captain Tennille await. Dark Blue Moon creates an underwater whirlpool and spreads its razor sharp scales into it, preventing the others from coming to Jotaro's aid. Jotaro overcomes this situation by keeping himself and Star Platinum limp, allowing it to concentrate its strength in its fingers, and waits for the right moment to attack with his Star Finger, defeating Dark Blue Moon and sending its user to his death. Just then, several bombs laid out by the impostor explode, forcing the group and crewmates to escape on emergency lifeboats, where they soon come across a large freighter.

7 Strength 25 min | Jan 26, 2013

As Dio contemplates in his hideout over how he fears the Joestar bloodline, as he feels they cannot be underestimated, his advisor, Enya the hag,[e] assures him they still have many Stand-using assassins to stop the Joestars and their comrades from finding him. Elsewhere, the Joestar group boards the freighter, unable to find a single soul on board save for a lone caged orangutan, named Forever, even though everything appears to be functioning properly. Suddenly, one of the ship's cranes' hooks moves by itself and kills one of the crew members, despite nobody operating the machinery. While Kakyoin uses Heirophant Green to search for other life on the ship, which proves unsuccessful, Anne checks on Forever again, becoming concerned when he produces a freshly cut apple and begins reading a dirty magazine while smoking. Later, as Anne decides to take a shower, Forever escapes from his cage, kills the remaining sailors, and corners Anne in the shower. Jotaro arrives just in time save Anne and fights against Forever, but finds himself attacked by various parts of the ship and is shocked when Forever disappears into the ship's hull. Jotaro then comes to the realization that not only is Forever one of Dio's assassins, but the ship itself is an extremely powerful Stand, which ensares Jotaro and starts crushing the others. After emerging from the hull of the ship wearing captain's regalia, Forever, who uses a dictionary to show off his Stand's name, Strength, taunts Jotaro by showing how he has complete control over the ship and everything on it. As the orangutan once again sets his sights on Anne, Jotaro throws a button from his school jacket at him, taunting that the ape has no control over it. Forever flies into a blind rage and lunges at Jotaro, who uses the opportunity to have Star Platinum launch his jacket button into Forever's skull with a Star Finger, leaving the ape frightened and vulnerable for Jotaro to easily finish off. With Forever defeated, Strength loses its form, forcing Jotaro and the others to escape to the lifeboats as the ship reverts to a tiny boat. Upon hearing of Forever's defeat, Enya, who is revealed to have two right hands, assures Dio that there are still six other Stand users left to face the Joestars, her son included. The Joestar group finally arrives in Singapore, already four days into their journey, and they decide to check into a hotel to plan the next leg of their trip, unaware that a mysterious doll sits in one of the rooms waiting for one of them.

8 Devil 25 min | Feb 02, 2013

Wishing to keep Anne safe until she is due to meet with her father, the Joestar group check into a hotel, with Polnareff put into his own room. Upon entering his room, Polnareff realises quickly that one of Dio's assassins, Devo the Cursed,[f] is hiding in his refrigerator. Polnareff seemingly defeats Devo easily, but Devo claims that being attacked was his plan all along, as he must be injured in order for hi Stand Ebony Devil to work, before throwing himself off the hotel balcony and disappearing. Whilst searching for Devo's whereabouts, Polnareff suddenly receives a cut on his leg, but cannot determine where it came from. After informing Avdol and Joseph of the situation and arranging to regroup with them later, Polnareff reaches under his bed for his keys, but is suddenly strapped to the underside of his bed, the culprit revealed to be a doll that Devo had possessed using Ebony Devil. Trapped under the bed and slightly blinded by shampoo, Polnareff struggles to fight against the doll as Silver Chariot cannot accurately attack in areas Polnareff cannot see, also becoming unable to save one of the hotel staff from being killed by the doll. Just as Polnareff manages to free himself from the cords restraining him, the doll soaks the room's carpet with beverages, preparing to kill Polnareff by electrocuting him with a shorted hairdryer. However, Polnareff manages to use reflections of pieces of a mirror he shattered earlier to pinpoint the doll's location and attack it precisely. Unable to learn anymore from his opponent, Polnareff cuts the doll to pieces, which in turn kills Devo, who had been controlling his Stand from a bathroom stall elsewhere in the hotel. Later on, as Polnareff deals with authorities about the incident, receiving help from the Speedwagon Foundation's lawyers, Joseph uses Hermit Purple on his room's television, which rapidly changes channels to reveal a hidden message: "There is a traitor among you. Be wary of Kakyoin, for he is Dio's servant." Soon, the image changes to Dio who taunts Joseph before causing the television to explode. This leads Joseph and Avdol to be cautious about Kakyoin, who Avdol realizes is currently accompanying Jotaro and Anne into town.

9 Yellow Temperance 25 min | Feb 09, 2013

Jotaro and Anne believe something is wrong with Kakyoin after he uncharacteristically beats a pickpocket senseless and is later seen eating a beetle. Upon reaching a cable car station, Kakyoin steals the cherry off of Jotaro's ice cream cone, licking it while repeatedly mumbling "rero rero" (レロレロ), and then he nearly pushes Jotaro off a balcony, playing it off as a joke. Jotaro, believing Kakyoin to be possessed, punches him, nearly removing the man's jaw. But this instead reveals that the man before them is an impostor named Rubber Soul, who has disguised himself using his Stand Yellow Temperance, a Stand that consumes flesh and can take on any form. As the two take their fight onto the cable cars, with Anne informing Joseph and Avdol of the impostor, with the real Kakyoin joining them shortly after. Rubber Soul reveals that a piece of Yellow Temperance's slime has come off onto Jotaro's hand when he punched him and it will slowly consume his flesh. Jotaro escapes the cable car, attempting to first burn it off with his lighter and then freeze it off with the ice pop of a child in another car, only to fall into Rubber Soul's trap. He taunts that his Stand is invincible, when Jotaro decides on a new tactic learned from his grandfather: running away into the ocean below and dragging Rubber Soul with him. This forces Rubber Soul to lower Yellow Temperance's guard to breathe, allowing Jotaro to beat him. Upon being interrogated by Jotaro, Rubber Soul reveals the Stands of Dio's next assassins are Death, the Empress, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man; in addition, he reveals reveals that the Hanged Man's wielder is J. Geil[g] and he is the man with two right hands who killed Polnareff's sister. Rubber Soul, claiming he has used the speech as a distraction, goes for a last ditch counterattack by channeling Yellow Temperance through a nearby drainage pipe, but Jotaro uses the very same pipe to have Star Platinum deliver a high pressure water blast right back at him, unleashing an Ora Rush on the man when he deems him of no further use. Now safely on their way to India, Polnareff muses that Anne's absence makes him feel lonely. Kakyoin, still in awe as to how someone could impersonate him so perfectly, asks Jotaro if he could have a cherry from his dessert, and begins to lick it and repeat "rero rero" in the same manner as Rubber Soul did earlier, disgusting Jotaro. The group remains unaware that Anne is still following them, sleeping in the next train car.

10 The Emperor and the Hanged Man, Part 1 25 min | Jun 06, 2014

The Joestar group arrives in Calcutta, India, and after an encounter with the local beggars the group stops at a nearby restaurant to relax. After having an unfortunate meeting with a pig in the restaurant's toilet, Polnareff sees a Stand in the mirror, and realizes that it must be J. Geil's Stand the Hanged Man. He smashes the mirror before the Stand gets too close, and afterwards decides he should hunt down his sister's killer on his own, despite Avdol's warnings that they should remain together. Elsewhere, Hol Horse, another of Dio's assassins, bids farewell to a young woman who wishes to marry him, lying to her that they will see each other, again. He is off to meet J. Geil himself, and the two agree to kill Polnareff first, after J. Geil baited him so well, planning to use their Stands the Emperor and the Hanged Man in combination. The next day, as Joseph and Avdol worry that Polnareff has truly gone off on his own, Polnareff finds a local who has seen J. Geil, and points to the man nearby with Hol Horse. As the rainy sky clears, only Hol Horse remains, shocking both the old man and Polnareff. Hol Horse introduces himself and taunts Polnareff by saying, "The gun is mightier than the sword" (銃は剣よりも強し Jū wa ken yori mo tsuyoshi). Polnareff demands to know if he knows J. Geil, and Hol Horse says he came with him, before saying he will kill Polnareff, who doubts Hol Horse's powers. The two taunt each other more, with Hol Horse revealing that his Emperor is the gun that is mightier than Silver Chariot's sword. Hol Horse fires a round off with the Emperor, and Polnareff has Silver Chariot discard its armor to become faster, only for the bullet to change trajectory around Silver Chariot's sword, revealing that it too is a part of the Emperor. Just as the bullet is about to strike its mark, Polnareff is saved in the nick of time by the arrival of Avdol, who realizes the bullet is arcing back. He summons Magician's Red to stop the bullet, and while Joseph and Jotaro cannot find him, Kakyoin arrives on the scene just as the Hanged Man stabs Avdol from the reflection in a rain puddle behind him and the Emperor's bullet strikes him in the forehead. Hol Horse is pleased, as they felt that Magician's Red would have been too formidable an opponent for himself and J. Geil, and Kakyoin is in shock that Avdol has died so easily. Polnareff seems angry that Avdol interfered as he did, but Kakyoin soon realizes that Polnareff's anger is only a front for his true feelings of sorrow towards their friend's senseless death.

11 The Emperor and the Hanged Man, Part 2 25 min | Jun 13, 2014

Kakyoin tries to convince Polnareff to retreat to safety until they can discover a way to beat the deadly pair, but J. Geil provokes Polnareff into attacking his Hanged Man within a glass window, using the broken shards of glass to pin him down. Just as Hol Horse fires a round off with the Emperor, Kakyoin uses Emerald Splash on Polnareff to get him out of the way, and escapes with him in a car, leaving behind Avdol whose body is eventually found by Jotaro and Joseph. During their escape, as Polnareff realizes the error of his ways following an elbow to the face from Kakyoin, Kakyoin theorizes that there is no such thing as a "mirror world" that the Hanged Man operates in as mirrors only reflect light. However, he is interrupted when they discover that the Hanged Man has followed them on the car's various reflective surfaces, forcing them to crash the vehicle and retreat behind a nearby rock. The sudden battle leads the two to realize that the Hanged Man is actually a Stand of light that jumps between reflective surfaces. They are soon put in a dangerous situation when the Hanged Man jumps into the reflection of the eyes of a young boy, who is unable to look away from the pair out of curiosity. However, Polnareff overcomes this by kicking sand in the child's eyes, forcing the Hanged Man towards his own eye and allowing Polnareff to strike it in its path, leading him and Kakyoin to J. Geil's location and a man with wounds identical to the Hanged Man. However, this man is just a decoy, as the real J. Geil uses a nearby group of beggars to trap Polnareff and Kakyoin between them, using the Hanged Man to jump from eye to eye. Polnareff believes all is lost, but Kakyoin takes out a shiny gold coin and flips it into the air, bringing everyone's gaze, along with the Hanged Man, towards it, allowing Polnareff to cut the Stand down before finally avenging his sister by killing J. Geil. Later, Hol Horse catches up to Polnareff and Kakyoin, but finds that the Emperor no longer has any advantage against them now that J. Geil is dead. As Hol Horse is pushed into a corner by Jotaro and Joseph, who say they have just finished giving Avdol a proper burial, Polnareff prepares to carry out his sentence but is stopped by Hol Horse's lover, allowing Hol Horse to escape. After treating the woman's wounds, Joseph urges the group to continue their journey towards Egypt, unaware that a drop of the woman's blood has caused a mysterious growth to appear on his arm.

12 The Empress 25 min | Jun 20, 2014

Sensing J. Geil's death through the connection in her bloodline, Enya prepares to take revenge on his assailants with her minion who uses the Empress Stand. Elsewhere, Jotaro's group travel by bus towards Varanasi, joined by the woman from before, who introduces herself as Nena. Upon arriving in the city, Joseph, growing concerned about what he assumed to be a bug bite on his arm, goes to the local hospital to get it treated, as Nena sticks out her tongue which has a strange wart on it and remains with Polnareff. When the doctor attempts to cut the growth off, he is killed by the "bug bite", which has grown its own face and reveals itself to be the Empress. As Joseph tries to fight off the Stand attached to his arm, he is put into a further pinch when the Empress implicates Joseph for the murder of the doctor, putting the police on alert. Joseph attempts to hide from the police, but the Empress grows arms and manages to keep Joseph in one place, alerting the police towards his location. With the Stand unaffected by his Hamon techniques, since it is a part of his own body, Joseph instead uses Hermit Purple to squeeze and ensnare Empress, allowing him to break free. As Joseph searches for user of the Empress while trying to avoid attacks from the Stand as it grows larger and stronger, he comes across a barrel containing a black substance and sticks his arm inside. Though the Empress is initially undeterred in its attacks on Joseph, stating that it cannot be suffocated as it is not a living organism, the substance suddenly solidifies around it, stopping its movements. Joseph reveals that the barrel contained coal tar that he had sought out with a map created by Hermit Purple and some ashes. Joseph then proceeds to use Hermit Purple to rip the immobilized Empress to shreds, while elsewhere Nena is also torn to shreds, revealing her as the Stand's user and her true form as an obese woman who was using the skin of the younger woman as a disguise. After regrouping with Jotaro and Kakyoin, the group decides to travel by car to Pakistan, unaware that they are being followed by another car.

13 Wheel of Fortune 25 min | Jun 27, 2014

On their way driving to Pakistan, the group finds Anne hitchhiking at the side of the road and they reluctantly take her along with them. Upon continuing their journey, a red car gets in their way and leads them into the path of an oncoming truck, with Jotaro quickly using Star Platinum to avoid a fatal collission. After stopping at a roadside tea house later on, the group, believing the owner of the red car to be a Stand user, spots the car parked nearby and they start pressing the other customers, only for the car to drive off. They chase after the car, following a signpost that the car had switched around in advance, and wind up at a dead end, where the car appears from behind them and pushes them off of a cliff. Kakyoin manages to stop their fall by having Hierophant Green hook a cable to the other car, before Jotaro uses Star Platinum to pull themselves to safety, knocking the other car down the cliff in the process. Just then, a voice comes from their own car's radio, revealing the red car to actually be the Wheel of Fortune Stand, which emerges from the ground and destroys their vehicle, transforming into a stronger form. The Stand starts attacking Jotaro and the others with a seemingly unseen projectile, forcing the group to try and escape. Jotaro prepares to unleash an attack on Wheel of Fortune's underside, only to learn that the purpose of the earlier attacks was to soak them in gasoline. Wheel of Fortune's user, ZZ,[h], uses the sparks on his car to set Jotaro ablaze, seemingly killing him. However, Jotaro manages to avoid the flames by digging underneath the ground and uses Star Platinum to destroy Wheel of Fortune and send ZZ flying out into the open. After chaining ZZ to a rock, the group borrows the car, which had reverted to its original dilapidated form, and they continue their journey. Meanwhile, Enya, frustrated that all of her Stand wielders have been defeated, decides to confront them personally with her own Stand: Justice.

14 Justice, Part 1 25 min | Jul 04, 2014

After explaining Holly's situation to her, Joseph manages to convince Anne to return back to her home in Hong Kong. With heavy fog making it dangerous to continue driving near the cliffs towards Karachi, the group stops by a nearby town to look for a hotel. After failing to get directions from a strangely silent restaurant owner, the group comes across a dead body lying on the street, uncertain of what has caused the man's death. With no one else in the town seeming to acknowledge the corpse's presence, the group becomes wary and suspects a Stand user is involved, with their suspicions growing when they discover the body is riddled with bloodless holes. Feeling they should leave the town, Joseph jumps towards what he believes to be their car, only to narrowly avoid being impaled by a spiked gate. It is then that Enya appears before the group, claiming to be an innocent old woman and she leads them to a nearby hotel. As the group checks into their rooms, Hol Horse shows up at the hotel, having tracked the Joestar group to their location. However, Enya, believing Hol Horse needs to die for abandoning J. Geil, attacks his wrist with some scissors before using Justice, her Stand which takes the form of the fog itself, to make a hole from his wound. Justice then uses the wound to control Hol Horse's arm like a puppet and make him shoot himself with his own Emperor, allowing Enya to set her sights on her next target: Polnareff.

15 Justice, Part 2 25 min | Jul 11, 2014

Enya rushes to hide Hol Horse's corpse from Polnareff to avoid alerting the others, struggling to surpress her rage when Polnareff shows his appreciation of her "hospitality". However, Hol Horse, who is still alive, alerts Polnareff to an attack from Enya, who uses Justice's fog to control the dead civilians of the village like zombies. Retreating to a bathroom to hide from the zombies, Polnareff is hit by a surprise attack from the bathroom door's keyhole, allowing Justice to take control of his tongue. While making Polnareff lick the toilet in humiliation, Enya is approached by Jotaro, who has suspected something was amiss with her and sees through her ploy when she refers to him by his real name, as the group had all used fake names when signing the hotel ledger earlier. Enya manages to inflict a wound on Jotaro's leg, but Jotaro manages to overcome Justice's fog-like form by having Star Platinum inhale it, suffocating Enya until she passes out. With the village revealed to have been a cemetary the entire time, Jotaro suggests to the group that they take Enya with them to learn more about Dio, while Hol Horse makes off with their car, advising the group to kill Enya while they still can.

16 The Lovers, Part 1 25 min | Jul 18, 2014

As the group stop by a kebab shop in Karachi, the store owner turns out to be Steely Dan,[i] wielder of the Lovers Stand, who gloats as Enya is killed by some of Dio's flesh buds that Steely Dan had implanted in her body to keep her from revealing the truth. She dies, still believing in Dio rather than telling Joseph the truth about Dio's Stand. Jotaro has Star Platinum attack Steely Dan, only for Joseph to be simultaneously thrown back. Steely Dan reveals he has used his microscopic Stand the Lovers to enter Joseph's ear, where it causes any pain inflicted on himself to be amplified and sent to Joseph, even paying a child to hit him with a stick to prove he is not lying. He also reveals the Lovers will begin implating a flesh bud which will kill Joseph in 10 minutes. Jotaro, though angry, restrains himself as he caters to Steely Dan's whims to prevent him from hurting his grandfather. Meanwhile, Joseph, Kakyoin, and Polnareff seek out a television so Joseph can use Hermit Purple to make an image of the inside of his brain, allowing Kakyoin and Polnareff to shrink down their Stands to enter his body and locate the Lovers in order to save his life.

17 The Lovers, Part 2 25 min | Jul 25, 2014

As Jotaro continues to put up with Steely Dan's whims, Kakyoin and Polnareff's Stands arrive in Joseph's brain where the Lovers and the flesh bud is. Although Polnareff acts first, he is hurt when the Lovers uses Joseph's brain cells to disguise himself as Heirophant Green and make several dummies of itself, leaving them unable to determine which one is the real Stand. Elsewhere, Jotaro shines Steely Dan's shoes, and takes a beating from him, all while taking note of everything he is doing for him so he can make Steely Dan pay later. He is enraged when he takes a beating because Steely Dan forced him to steal from a jewelery shop. In Joseph's brain, Kakyoin manages to use Heirophant Green to find and attack the real Stand and force it out of Joseph's body, giving Joseph the opportunity to destroy the flesh bud in his brain with the Hamon. Realizing he has been defeated, Steely Dan tries to divert Jotaro's attention so the Lovers can enter him instead, but he is quickly spotted and caught by Star Platinum. In desperation, Steely Dan tries to have the Lovers enter a young girl's ear, but it is stopped by Heirophant Green's tentacle, which Kakyoin attached before it escaped. This stops Steely Dan's movements completely, allowing Jotaro to finally get his revenge for all Steely Dan put him through.

18 The Sun 25 min | Aug 01, 2014

Upon arriving in the United Arab Emirates, Joseph purchases an expensive car, which he later trades for a group of camels to ride through the Arabian Desert, despite having never ridden one before. After the group eventually manages to get on their way, Jotaro and Kakyoin feel like someone is watching them, but cannot find anyone suspicious. Once they realize that the sun is still in the sky, even at 8 o'clock in the evening, with the temperature rapidly increasing, the group realizes what they thought was the sun is actually the Stand the Sun. Kakyoin attempts to judge the distance of the Stand, but comes under attack from the Sun, which also ruins their water supply. All seems lost, particularly to Joseph when his companions all begin to laugh, which he worries is a heat stroke induced delirium, but Kakyoin clues him in on their discovery. He has found a rock in the middle of the desert identical to another, and when Jotaro throws a rock in its direction, a crack seemingly appears in the sky, and the Sun is defeated, restoring the night sky. The group goes over to the crack to find the Sun's user, Arabia Fats, out cold, having been hiding behind a mirrored duck blind to keep the group from spotting him.

19 Death 13, Part 1 25 min | Aug 08, 2014

Kakyoin has a dream where he is in a deserted amusement park, accompanied only by a dog. Suddenly, the Death tarot card appears, and he is attacked by its image, the Stand Death 13, killing the dog, before Polnareff wakes him up to tell him that they are on the way out of town. Kakyoin becomes concerned when he finds his hand has been cut in his sleep, and moreso when he spots the dog he saw in his dreams, killed in the same manner as he saw in the dream. When the two catch up with the others, Joseph is arguing with a man he had planned to rent a plane from, who has now refused to let him go as they need to get a baby to the hospital. Joseph offers to take the child with them, and a woman with the child agrees. As the group takes off, the woman says she must find the child's mother, admitting that the child, Mannish Boy, is not her own, and she was scared of his fangs. While in flight, both Kakyoin and Polnareff fall asleep and find themselves at the amusement park, again. Kakyoin tries to warn Polnareff that he was attacked in his dreams by a Stand, using the dead dog as proof, but Polnareff does not seem to pay much attention, until Death 13 makes itself known once more, attacking the two of them. They find that in their dreams they cannot summon their Stands to fight back, but before Death 13 lands a mortal blow on Polnareff, Joseph wakes him up to have him change the baby's diaper, leaving Kakyoin on his own. As Death 13 is revealed to be the Stand of Mannish Boy, Kakyoin cuts his own arm, as he thrashes about in his sleep, causing Joseph to crash the plane. As the team sets up camp to prepare for rescue, Kakyoin sees that he has cut the words "Baby Stand" into his arm, leading him to realize that the child they have been taking with them is their attacker. He tries to warn the others, but they do not believe him, as Mannish Boy is pleased that his plans to kill the group are succeeding.

20 Death 13, Part 2 25 min | Aug 15, 2014

Kakyoin's suspicions are confirmed after he witnesses Mannish Boy skillfully killing a scorpion that had crept into his basket, but the baby manages to hide the evidence so that the others do not believe him. After failing to convince everyone with the message on his arm, Kakyoin attempts to attack Mannish Boy, but he is knocked out by Polnareff, who believes he has gone insane. Upon falling asleep, Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff end up in the dream amusement park, which Polnareff remembers, and where they are all subjected to the whims of Death 13. Fortunately for them, Kakyoin, who had summoned Heirophant Green before he was knocked out, is able to bring him into the dream world to fight against Death 13. Mannish Boy attempts to use the dream world to his advantage and slice Heirophant Green in half, but Kakyoin manages to instead send his Stand into Death 13's ear, forcing Mannish Boy to heal his wounds and accept defeat. The next morning, as everyone else forgets what happened in the dream, Kakyoin decides to spare Mannish Boy and leave him in a nearby town, making sure that he does not dare try anything again by mixing the child's feces into his food that Joseph later feeds him. As the group crosses the Red Sea, Joseph makes a detour towards an island to meet someone important.

21 Judgement, Part 1 25 min | Aug 22, 2014

While on an island on the edge of the Red Sea where Mohammed Avdol's father is said to live, Polnareff uncovers a magic lamp and its genie Cameo offers him three wishes, although all is not as it seems.

22 Judgement, Part 2 25 min | Aug 28, 2014

Polnareff must find out a way to escape the attacks of Cameo and his Stand Judgement who has apparently turned his sister Cherie and Avdol into zombies.

23 The High Priestess, Part 1 25 min | Sep 04, 2014

The group begins their underwater journey beneath the Red Sea via submarine. Along the way, Joseph makes a call to his wife Suzi Q, who is unaware about his circumstances, making sure she does not travel to Japan to check up on Holly, whose condition continues to worsen. Just as the group approaches the Egyptian shore, Joseph is suddenly attacked by a Stand, which had been disguising itself as a mug and soon transforms itself to hide in the submarine. Avdol recognises the Stand as that of the High Priestess, wielded from far away by a woman named Midler,[k] which has the ability to transform into any mineral substance. As the submarine is put into chaos from the Stand's attacks, the submarine begins to leak and sink. Jotaro answers another call from Suzi Q, who becomes concerned about what she hears. With the submarine at the bottom of the ocean and running low on oxygen, Jotaro attempts to crush High Priestess with Star Platinum, but it escapes by transforming into a razor. Unable to directly attack High Priestess, the group attempts to escape to the surface while Suzi Q and her butler Roses head to Japan.

24 The High Priestess, Part 2 25 min | Sep 11, 2014

The group must find a way off of the submarine and away from the attacks of High Priestess.

25 'The Fool' Iggy and 'Geb' N'Doul, Part 1 25 min | Jan 10, 2015

Jotaro's group meet up with a pair of representatives from the Speedwagon Foundation, who have brought with them not only supplies, but also a new member of the group, a Boston terrier named Iggy. Despite his small stature and rude behavior, it is shown that Iggy possesses the Stand "The Fool", which enables him to control sand. Joseph is also informed of Holly's situation, learning that she only has a couple of weeks left. Shortly after resuming their journey, Jotaro's group discover the Speedwagon Foundation's helicopter has crashed. Upon examining one of the representatives, they discover he has somehow drowned while the other has been completely dehydrated. The group attempts to give the man some water from a canister, only for a water-based Stand to emerge from it and kill him. The group attempts to hide from the Stand, only for it to travel through the sand and surprise them, injuring Kakyoin's eyes. The Stand, which is being controlled from afar by a blind man named N'Doul, becomes briefly curious about Iggy when he suspects the dog can sense his attacks, but returns his focus on the rest of the group by dragging the car they are sitting on down into the sand to kill them.

26 'The Fool' Iggy and 'Geb' N'Doul, Part 2 25 min | Jan 17, 2015

Upon realizing that N'Doul is using his sense of hearing to track the group with his Stand, named after the Egyptian god Geb, Avdol attempts to set up a trap, but N'Doul figures it out at the last second, avoiding an attack from Magician's Red and injuring Avdol. Realizing Iggy can detect N'Doul's attack, Jotaro coerces him into summoning The Fool, which he discovers can glide. Jotaro hitches a ride against Iggy's wishes so they can head towards N'Doul to stop him from attacking. As they get closer, both Iggy's stubbornness and N'Doul's cunning puts Jotaro at risk, but Jotaro manages to overcome this by using Star Platinum to grab Iggy and throw him in N'Doul's direction. This forces Iggy to protect himself with his Stand while it also manages to distract N'Doul long enough for Jotaro to get behind him and knock him out. Although Jotaro's attack is not fatal, N'Doul commits suicide through the use of Geb so he cannot be interrogated over Dio's plans. Before his death, N'Doul reveals that his Stand is Geb, after the Egyptian god, and he is only one of nine such Stand users, a fact that shocks Jotaro. After burying N'Doul, Jotaro confronts Iggy, who shows his true colors to Jotaro. Elsewhere, a travelling manga artist asks to see a local boy's comic book titled Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventure and discovers its odd contents, but is scared off by the boy's older brother. The brothers prepare to head off to Aswan to confront Jotaro and the others, but the younger brother reveals what the man had read and they decide to wait for the next bus, as it is soon revealed that the boy's comic book had predicted the artist's death.

27 Khnum's Oingo and Tohth's Boingo 25 min | Jan 24, 2015

As the Joestar group arrives in Aswan to get Kakyoin and Avdol into the hospital, the brothers Oingo,[l] whose Stand Khnum allows him to change his face to appear like anyone else, and Boingo,[m] whose Stand Thoth is a comic book that predicts a person's death, plan on stopping the group for Dio. Boingo reveals to Oingo that Thoth has predicted that Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff will drink poisoned tea, so Oingo disguises himself as a café's waiter to poison the group's tea, but is almost thwarted when Joseph desires a cola and the plans are run completely awry when Iggy causes a commotion. Surprised by the events, Oingo and Boingo consult Thoth, again, after assaulting a man and taking his money, and discover that Thoth has predicted that Jotaro will die from a bomb hidden in an orange. Oingo prepares the trap once more, planting the prophesized bomb in the group's car, but he is caught offguard by the return of Joseph and Polnareff, forcing him to disguise himself as Jotaro. He joins the two in the car, and both he and Boingo soon realize that while he is still disguised as Jotaro, he might be the one Thoth predicted would be affected by the bomb. Oingo manages to escape the car, but the bomb finds its way back to him and he is injured, just as the real Jotaro rejoins his grandfather and Polnareff. Boingo tries to cheer his brother up, but they are assaulted by some thugs the man they had robbed earlier had hired, taking them out of the running to stop the Joestar group.

28 Anubis, Part 1 25 min | Jan 31, 2015

Polnareff battles the Stand Anubis, a sword that possesses its wielder Chaka and can never be defeated by the same move twice.

29 Anubis, Part 2 25 min | Feb 07, 2015

Realising the sword is the Anubis Stand itself, Polnareff tries to defend himself against from Khan, which proves difficult as Anubis has memorized all of Silver Chariot's moves from before. After Polnareff's last-ditch defence fails, Jotaro manages to snap the blade in half using Star Platinum, seemingly stopping Anubis and ending his control of Khan. However, just as Jotaro and Polnareff plan to throw the sword into the Nile, a police officer interferes, causing Polnareff to inadvertedly draw the sword and become possessed by Anubis himself. Jotaro struggles to fight against Anubis, who possesses not only Polnareff's speed and Stand abilities, but also knowledge of every move Star Platinum uses against him. Anubis manages to stab Jotaro's stomach with the sword and proceeds to push it in further, but Jotaro uses this opportunity to pin the sword in place while Star Platinum smashes it to pieces. Anubis manages to possess a young boy with the remaining half of the blade and attempts to throw himself at Polnareff, only for Iggy to trip the boy up, resulting in Anubis ending up at the bottom of the Nile. Elsewhere, a girl in a red hood makes her move.

30 Bastet's Mariah, Part 1 25 min | Feb 14, 2015

Jotaro and the others arrive in Luxor. While heading there, Joseph notices an electrical outlet in a rock. Obviously fascinated by the electrical outlet in the rock, Joseph gets closer, and get gets shocked.

31 Bastet's Mariah, Part 2 25 min | Feb 21, 2015

Due to the powers of an enemy Stand, Joseph's body becomes magnetised. While chasing after the woman that seemed to be the Stand user, Avdol also touches the electrical outlet and becomes magnetised as well.

32 Set's Alessi, Part 1 25 min | Feb 28, 2015

While Joseph and Avdol were fighting with Mariah, Jotaro gets concerned that they haven't shown up yet, and goes to look for them around Luxor. Then, Polnareff senses someone following them and confronts the man.

33 Set's Alessi, Part 2 25 min | Mar 07, 2015

Because of the power of Alessi's Stand, Set, Polnareff is turned back into a child. The one who came to his aid amidst his confusion was a woman named Marena. However, Alessi's evil hands followed Polnareff into her house.

34 D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1 25 min | Mar 14, 2015

After a long journey, Jotaro and the others finally reach Cairo. They go to a cafe and ask if anyone knows where Dio's mansion is located by showing the picture around. Then, someone says that they have seen the building before.

35 D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2 25 min | Mar 21, 2015

D'Arby prepares his and Jotaro's game of poker by splitting up Polnareff and Joseph's souls into six poker chips each he will use to bet with, giving Jotaro a set of six to represent his own soul. Jotaro shows off how precise Star Platinum's eyesight is by predicting the deal of the cards, and catches D'Arby as his about to cheat by second dealing, leading Jotaro to pick a boy near the café to deal for them. Jotaro loses three chips in his first hand against D'Arby, and in the second hand D'Arby is dealt four kings, but Jotaro appears to have not once looked at his cards. D'Arby begins to worry, as he knows the boy and everyone else in the café are in his employ, and the boy is sure he has dealt Jotaro a bum hand, but Jotaro raises all of his soul and Avdol's soul on his bet, while using Star Platinum to get himself a cigarette and a drink. D'Arby believes he is bluffing, seeing his bet and raising it, betting the rest of Jotaro's soul and all of Joseph and Polnareff's souls. Jotaro sees his bet with Kakyoin's soul and then raises with the soul of his mother Holly. D'Arby, unsure if Jotaro has managed to use Star Platinum to change out all of his cards to a better hand, mentally folds as he goes catatonic. All of the souls he won in bets are released, allowing Joseph and Polnareff to recover as Avdol looks at Jotaro's cards, realizing that he had been dealt a bad hand. Jotaro admits he never once looked at his cards to keep his cool, but laments that they will not be able to interrogate D'Arby for information on Dio.

36 Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part 1 25 min | Mar 28, 2015

Hol Horse arrives at Cairo in order to pursue Jotaro and the others. He has joined forces with another partner and is after the lives of Jotaro and crew once more. That partner, is none other than Boingo.

37 Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part 2 25 min | Apr 03, 2015

Hol Horse and Boingo followed Jotaro and the others to Cairo and as Boingo's book said, Hol Horse stuck his fingers into Polnareff's nose... but he didn't know what to do from there. Then Jotaro and the others, who were looking for Polnareff, show up, but things seem to be going the opposite way of the premonition.

38 The Guardian of Hell: Pet Shop, Part 1 25 min | Apr 10, 2015

Jojo and the others continue to look for Dio's mansion in Cairo. Following Avdol's advice, they have a beggar look for the mansion and wait. Meanwhile, Iggy, who is wandering the city alone, gets confronted by two large dogs. The dogs are freaked out by Iggy's power, and decide to go after a bird that's at a nearby mansion instead. However, as soon as the dogs go into the mansion, they are impaled by a giant icicle. Iggy is shocked by the occurance, and sees a falcon appear...

39 The Guardian of Hell: Pet Shop, Part 2 25 min | Apr 17, 2015

Iggy ends up in a battle to the death in the sewers against the falcon that guards Dio's mansion, Pet Shop. Pet Shop shows no mercy, and goes after Iggy at a frightening speed. Iggy, despite being injured, runs into the river, making a dome made out of dirt to shield him. However, he underestimates Pet Shop's abilities, and...

40 D'Arby the Player, Part 1 25 min | Apr 24, 2015

Despite Iggy's injuries, Jojo and company finally make it to Dio's mansion. Once they entered, a butler named D'Arby Younger was awaiting their arrival. The younger brother of the defeated D'Arby Elder, he immediately shows off his Stand, Atum's power.

41 D'Arby the Player, Part 2 25 min | May 01, 2015

The battle for souls with D'Arby continues. Kakyoin challenged D'Arby to a race game, but ends up losing and D'Arby steals his soul. Before Joseph really has time to react, Jotaro picks the next game.

42 The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 1 25 min | May 08, 2015

The baseball match with D'Arby continues within Dio's mansion. For some reason, Jotaro starts declaring his pitches to D'Arby. D'Arby finds Jotaro's actions strange, but still believes he has the upperhand because of his Stand's abilities.

43 The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 2 25 min | May 15, 2015

After a long, hard journey, they are faced with a sudden goodbye of a friend. Because it's so sudden, Polnareff can't control his emotions. He starts brandishing his sword toward the unseen enemy with very little success.

44 The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 3 25 min | May 22, 2015

Polnareff is pushed to his limits with Cool Ice's merciless attacks. He finally awaits death, but is saved at the last minute by the dying Iggy. Iggy uses the last bit of his energy, but his Stand is obviously losing power. Polnareff then stabs Cool Ice in the head. Despite showing resilience to the attacks so far, Cool Ice is finally destroyed.

45 Dio's World, Part 1 25 min | May 29, 2015

Polnareff finally comes face to face with Dio. Despite the hostility towards him, Dio tells him that he'd forgive him and will allow him to join him again. Polnareff refuses the offer, but for some reason, cannot get any closer to Dio. He unleashes Silver Chariot to at least try to reveal the identity of Dio's Stand. Right when it was about to clash with Dio's Stand, The World, the wall breaks behind them and the ones who appeared were...

46 Dio's World, Part 2 25 min | Jun 05, 2015

The battle is taking place in the city of Cairo at night. Joseph and Kakyoin are running from Dio as they fight, and Jotaro and Polnareff chase after Dio as they fight. Amidst all of that, Kakyoin says he has a way to figure out what Dio's Stand actually is. Dio, who was chasing after Kakyoin when he falls into Hierophant Green's trap, and then...

47 Dio's World, Part 3 25 min | Jun 12, 2015

Joseph is able to figure out The World's power because of the message Kakyoin left, but is quickly knocked out by a cruel attack by Dio. Jotaro then attacks The World with Star Platinum, but is no match for Dio's power. Dio stopped time and goes in for the final blow, but he sees that Jotaro's fingers are moving in the stopped time, and strengthens his defense. Jotaro telling Dio that their Stands are the same type lingers in his mind...

48 Long Travels, Goodbye My Friend 25 min | Jun 19, 2015

Because of Polnareff's miraculous, life-risking trick, Jotaro is finally able to land a blow onto Dio. The injured Dio tries to escape within the stopped time. Jotaro tries to finish him with a rush attack, but that was the escape route that Dio was looking for. Before Dio lies the shriveled body of Joseph Joestar. Jotaro is enraged by Dio, who has now healed, and wages his final battle with Dio within stopped time!


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
782009245261 Blu-ray A Jul 03, 2018