Killjoys: Season 1

Universal (2015)
Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
USA | English | Color | 7h 6min

Killjoys follows a fun-loving, hard living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters sworn to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant system on the brink of a bloody, multiplanetary class war.

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Aaron Ashmore John Jaqobis
Hannah John-Kamen Dutch
Luke MacFarlane D'avin Jaqobis
Tamsen McDonough Lucy
Thom Allison Pree
Rob Stewart Khlyen
Sarah Power Pawter Simms
Morgan Kelly Alvis Akari
Nora McLellan Bellus Haardy
Frank Moore Hills Oonan
Patrick Garrow Turin
Mayko Nguyen Delle Seyah Kendry
Sean Baek Fancy Lee
Danka Scepanovic Carleen
Dmitry Chepovetsky Coren Jeers
Khalid Klein Well Dressed Man
Jamillah Ross Delle Seyah's Guard
Jason Gosbee Commander
Ava Laferriere Yalena
Boyd Banks Drunk
Tony Nappo Big Joe
Amanda Tapping Dr. Jaeger
Matthew G. Taylor Behemoth
Ian Tracey Lucas Kotler
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Spider Drakos

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Director Paolo Barzman
Andy Mikita
Michael Nankin
Michael Robison
Ken Girotti
Chris Grismer
Peter Stebbings
Writer Michael Foster, Jeremy Boxen, Michelle Lovretta, Annmarie Morais, Aaron Martin, Adam Barken, Emily Andras, Sam Ruano
Producer Jeremy Boxen, Chris Grismer, Michelle Lovretta, Andrea Boyd, Aaron Martin, Adam Barken, Karen Troubetzkoy, Emily Andras, Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier, Regina Robb
Photography Michael Marshall
Musician Trevor Yuile, Tim Welch

Episodes View details

1 Bangarang 60 min | Jun 18, 2015

Dutch and John are in a race against time, and a competing Killjoy, to save D'avin's life and clear their names.

Director: Chris Grismer
Writer: Michelle Lovretta
Guest stars: Morgan Kelly, Sean Baek, Nora McLellan, Mike Tyrell, Ava Laferriere, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Terrence Balazo, Alkan Emin, Kevin Fox, Patrick Garrow, Adrian G. Griffiths, Jason Jazrawy, Christopher Kelk, Finny Mcconnell, Tamsen McDonough, Moses Nyarko, Emma Pedersen
2 The Sugar Point Run 60 min | Jun 25, 2015

A hostage exchange with a vengeful warlord turns deadly when the Killjoys find themselves stranded in ‘Sugar Point’ – a restricted, bombed-out city on Westerley overrun with dangerous gangs and scavengers.

Director: Chris Grismer
Writer: Jeremy Boxen
Guest stars: Rob Stewart, Thom Allison, Tamsen McDonough, Frank Moore, Maya Lowe
3 The Harvest 60 min | Jul 02, 2015

Dutch and John look for a missing migrant worker on Leith.

Director: Michael Robison
Writer: Aaron Martin
Guest stars: Sarah Power, Tamsen McDonough, Nora McLellan, Thom Allison, Hannah Emily Anderson, Frank Moore, Elena Juatco
4 Vessel 60 min | Jul 09, 2015

The Killjoys protect a group of Surrogates under siege in a badlands fortress.

Director: Andy Mikita
Writer: Emily Andras
Guest stars: Morgan Kelly, Mayko Nguyen, Nora McLellan, Chloe Rose, Dayle McLeod, Allie MacDonald, Tamsen McDonough
5 A Glitch in the System 60 min | Jul 16, 2015

When something takes control of a ship, the Killjoys must confront their own dark secrets.

Director: Chris Grismer
Writer: Adam Barken
Guest stars: Sarah Power, Rob Stewart, Richard Clarkin, Tamsen McDonough, Kyle Mitchell, Christine Horne
6 One Blood 60 min | Jul 23, 2015

Top Killjoys are pitted against each other in a race to find a rogue Killjoy; Khlyen uses Dutch.

Director: Michael Nankin
Writer: Annmarie Morais
Guest stars: Sarah Power, Ian Tracey, Rob Stewart, Sean Baek, Thom Allison, Tamsen McDonough, Frank Moore, Patrick Garrow
7 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye 60 min | Jul 30, 2015

The quest to uncover the mystery behind D'avin's missing memories.

Director: Paolo Barzman
Guest stars: Amanda Tapping
8 Come the Rain 60 min | Aug 06, 2015

A toxic rain storm forces John and Pawter to take shelter with criminals; Dutch and D'avin are trapped on Lucy.

Director: Peter Stebbings
Writer: Jeremy Boxen
Guest stars: Morgan Kelly, Sarah Power, Thom Allison, Nora McLellan, Dewshane Williams, Dru Viergever, Tamsen McDonough
9 Enemy Khlyen 60 min | Aug 13, 2015

Dutch and John turn the tables on Khlyen, and discover the shocking truth behind his presence; Dutch wonders if she was ever free.

Director: Paolo Barzman
Guest stars: Morgan Kelly, Rob Stewart, Thom Allison, Tamsen McDonough, Patrick Garrow
10 Escape Velocity 60 min | Aug 20, 2015

Tensions boil over when the Company arrests a friend; peace in the Quad hangs in the balance; the Killjoys must choose a side.

Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Michelle Lovretta
Guest stars: Sarah Power, Mayko Nguyen, Rob Stewart, Thom Allison, Sean Baek, Nora McLellan, Tamsen McDonough, Frank Moore


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9317731123672 Blu-ray Free Jul 07, 2016 2 Disc Blu-ray - Season One
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