Knight Rider: Season 1

Universal Studios (1982)

USA / English / 1163 mins
IMDb 6.9

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William Daniels K.I.T.T.
David Hasselhoff Michael Knight
Patricia McPherson Bonnie Barstow
Edward Mulhare Devon Miles
Theodore Bickel Graham Deauville
Connie Chasen Angel Tompkins
Tony Dow Julian Groves
Gail Edwards Flannery Roe
Robert Ginty Elliot Stevens
Sandy Helberg Irving Farber
George McDaniel Peter Stark
Laurie O'Brien Linda Groves
Lynne Toppin Charlene Hanover

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Sidney Hayers
Paul Stanley
Daniel Haller
Bruce Seth Green
Robert Foster
Winrich Kolbe
Virgil W. Vogel
Harvey S. Laidman
Writer Steven E. de Souza, Deborah Davis, David Braff, Catherine Bacos, Tom Greene, Glen A. Larson, Robert Foster, Robert W. Gilmer
Producer Robert W. Gilmer, Gian R. Grimaldi
Photography Robert Foxter



The adventures of Michael Knight and his incredible super-car K.I.T.T., Knight Industries 2000. Selected by a dying billionaire Wilton Knight, Michael now works for the Foundation of Law and Government with the job of routing out evil that is above the law, with only his trusty car!


Episode 1: Knight of the Phoenix (2)

60 min
Bonus material from Season 01

Episode 2: Knight of the Phoenix (1)

60 min Sep 26, 1982
Pilot feature length episode. When a young detective is ambushed in a failed police stakeout, he is believed to have been killed. In reality, he survives and learns that his face has been altered and his identity has been changed to Michael Knight. The man responsible for this is Wilton Knight, a dying billionaire who, convinced that one man can make a difference, has selected Michael for the role as a crime-fighter.
Director: Daniel Haller
Writer: Glen A. Larson
Guest starring: Bill McKinney, Dennis Fimple, Sam Scarber, John Quade, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Charles Napier, Richard Anderson, Larry Anderson, Bert Rosario, Shawn Southwick, Lance LeGault, Pamela Susan Shoop, Phyllis Davis, Michael D. Roberts, Noel Conlon, Bert Rosario, Victoria Harned, Tyler Murray, Ed Hooks, Alma Beltran, Robert Phillips, Barret Oliver, Brian Cutler, Ed Gilbert

Episode 3: Knight of the Phoenix (2)

60 min Oct 01, 1982
Michael stops to offer a stranded Army Lieutenant a lift, only to learn when they arrive at her base that her father has died under mysterious circumstances. With the events surrounding the death highly suspicious, Michael decides to investigate.
Director: Paul Stanley, Daniel Haller
Writer: Glen A. Larson, William Schmidt, Bob Shayne
Guest starring: Danil Torppe, James Lough, Peter Harrell, Judy Johns, Jeff Silverman, Greg Norberg, Charles Bazaldua, Dennis Kerwin, Thomas Gilleran, Andre Harvey, Devon Ericson, Alan Oppenheimer, Allen Williams, Ron Kuhlman

Episode 4: Deadly Maneuvers

60 min Oct 08, 1982
Michael and K.I.T.T. head to the quiet backwater town of White Rock for Michael to take a well deserved vacation and do a little rock climbing, but the trip isn't quite the quiet break expected, when they find that the town is being terrorised by a rowdy motorcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club of bikers...
Director: Paul Stanley, Daniel Haller
Writer: Deborah Davis, William Schmidt, Bob Shayne
Guest starring: Keith Coogan, Anne Lockhart, Michael Champion, Don Stroud, James Callahan, Robert Dryer, Gregory Clemens, Alex Daniels, George Fisher, Kyle Oliver

Episode 5: Good Day at White Rock

60 min Oct 22, 1982
Michael joins an auto-daredevil show whose owners unwittingly took out a second mortgage from a crook who arranges ""accidents"" so he can take over the business.
Director: Daniel Haller, Bruce Bilson
Writer: John Alan Schwartz, Deborah Davis, Deborah Dean Davis, E. Paul Edwards
Guest starring: Susan Kase, Lin McCarthy, Eddie Firestone, Jimmy Weldon, Adam Postil, Marc Alaimo, Phil Cocciolatte

Episode 6: Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular

60 min Oct 29, 1982
Michael becomes the bodyguard for a crusading state senator who has stepped on one too many toes.
Director: Sidney Hayers, Bruce Bilson
Writer: John Alan Schwartz, E. Paul Edwards
Guest starring: Bruce Gray, Carole Cook, Nancy Lee Grahn, Alex Kubik, Robert Sampson, David Haskell, June Christopher, Barry Cutler, London Donfield, Fitzhugh G. Houston, Roger Til, Kenneth Menard, Jeri Gaile, Steve Alterman

Episode 7: Just My Bill

60 min Nov 05, 1982
Devon sends Michael to stop a range war over water rights.
Director: Sidney Hayers, Virgil Vogel
Writer: David Braff, Deborah Dean Davis, Hannah L. Shearer, Catherine Clinch
Guest starring: Sondra Currie, Jason Evers, Harry Carey Jr., David S. Cass Sr., Lynn Hamilton, Joe Burnett, Tom Lester, Lyndel Stuart, Jan Rabson, Cory Yothers

Episode 8: Not a Drop to Drink

60 min Nov 12, 1982
Devon lands in a small-town lockup on a misdemeanor, but his predicament becomes deadly after a fellow prisoner is killed by the cops. Devon's the only one who knew the man was in jail. Town name is Lindhurst Flats.
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Virgil W. Vogel, Virgil Vogel
Writer: Judy Burns, Hannah L. Shearer
Guest starring: Logan Ramsey, Jim Haynie, Ted Markiano, Grainger Hines, Duke Stroud, Paul Harper, Jimmy Murphy, Earl Billings, Robert Carnegie, Louis Elias, Vance Davis, Patrick Puccinelli, Bruce Neckels, Elmarie Wendel, Jay T. Will, Mary-Margaret Humes

Episode 9: No Big Thing

60 min Nov 19, 1982
Michael is assigned to stop KARR, an evil prototype of KITT programmed to survive at all costs--and now on the loose.
Director: Paul Stanley, Bernard L. Kowalski
Writer: Steven E. de Souza, Judy Burns
Guest starring: Gary McMillan, John Brandon, John Hostetter, Ivan E. Roth, Peter Cullen, Michael MacRae, William Sanderson

Episode 10: Trust Doesn't Rust

60 min Nov 26, 1982
Michael takes on the guise of an infamous criminal to infiltrate a highly organized crime ring headed by a retired Colonel, who is planning a major heist...
Director: Paul Stanley, Peter Crane
Writer: Steven E. de Souza
Guest starring: Lawrence Dobkin, Judith Chapman, Erik Stern, Jack Gill, Lee Duncan, Morgan Jones, Michael O'Guinne, Bill Cross, Jim Boeke, Stephen Pershire, Kay Worthington, Talmadge Scott, Greg Finley

Episode 11: Inside Out

60 min Dec 03, 1982
Memorial to: R.A. Cinder--He was the original. A meek accountant can clear a friend of murder if Michael can find him before he's arrested for ""creative"" bookkeeping.
Director: Peter Crane, Bernard Kowalski
Writer: Steven E. de Souza
Guest starring: Marvin Karon, Don Gordon, Ramon Bieri, Penny Peyser, Rick Fitts, Tom Rossovitch, Bob Schott, June Christopher, Cynthia Ream, Michael Masters, Tim Rossovich

Episode 12: The Final Verdict

60 min Dec 10, 1982
Michael becomes a student in a driving school for chauffeur-bodyguards to expose an assassin whose targets are a trio of visiting Third World leaders.
Director: Sidney Hayers, Bernard L. Kowalski, Bernard Kowalski
Writer: John Alan Schwartz, Tom Greene, Gregory S. Dinallo, E. Paul Edwards
Guest starring: William Lucking, Wendy Fulton, M. C. Gainey, Hector Elias, Donald Mantooth, Michael Carven

Episode 13: A Plush Ride

60 min Dec 17, 1982
Michael's only hope of preventing the assassination of a Latin American president is a girl who knows the plan, but has amnesia.
Director: Sidney Hayers, Gil Bettman
Writer: Gregory S. Dinallo
Guest starring: Maria Conchita Alonso, Alejandro Rey, Judy Landers, Michael Lane, Reid Shelton, Victor Millan, Fred Lerner, David Olivier, Katia Christine, Michael Horsley, Michael Lamont, Helen Duffy

Episode 14: Forget Me Not

60 min Jan 14, 1983
Michael infiltrates a ring of gunrunners selling advanced-design rifles in Central America, ""Corazon de Piedras"".
Director: Gil Bettman, Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Robert Foster, Karen Harris, Deborah Dean Davis, Richard Christian Matheson, Chris Lucky, Thomas Szollosi, Tom Szolossi
Guest starring: Mary McCusker, Sam Vlahos, Jeff Cooper, Rudy Ramos, Arell Blanton, Zitto Kazann, Constance Ball, Connie Downing, Larry Bame

Episode 15: Hearts of Stone

60 min Jan 21, 1983
Someone is sabotaging the cars in an alternative-fuel race, so Michael joins the pack to flush out the saboteur.
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: David Braff, Robert Foster
Guest starring: Robin Deardon, Alan Fudge, Brett Halsey, Kenneth Tigar, Sab Shimono, Richard Young, Adam Ageli, Gary Houston Phillips, Frank Pesce, Robert Balderson, Francine Lembi, Kai Wulff

Episode 16: Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death

60 min Jan 28, 1983
The murder of a men's magazine publisher leads Michael to Las Vegas and an expose the magazine was about to print.
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Alan Myerson
Writer: David Braff, Stephen Katz
Guest starring: Tina Louise, Michael Durrell, Jeanna Michaels, Jack Starrett, Michael Alldredge, John Ericson, George Caldwell, Pendleton Brown, Richard Morse, Joy Hyler, Natalie Carroll, Charles Walker, Herb L. Mitchell, Eve McVeagh, Richardson Morse, Jack Starret, Michael Alderdge

Episode 17: The Topaz Connection

60 min Feb 18, 1983
The trail of a counterfeiter leads to a sleepy little village that not only appears to be harboring the criminal he's after but is also under the eye of the CIA.
Director: Alan Myerson, Gil Betteman
Writer: Stephen Katz, Frank Telford
Guest starring: Luke Askew, John Crawford, Jean Bruce Scott, Norman Burton, Eric Server, Amzie Strickland, Charles Bartlett, Deputy Cole

Episode 18: A Nice, Indecent Little Town

60 min Feb 25, 1983
Michael investigates the mysterious deaths of members of an exclusive club for geniuses, involved in an archaeological dig.
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Gil Bettman, Gil Betteman
Writer: William Schmidt, Frank Telford
Guest starring: Theodore Bickel, George McDaniel, Lynne Toppin, Garnett Smith, Sandy Helberg, Lorinne Dills Vozoff, Theodore Bikel

Episode 19: Chariot of Gold

60 min Mar 04, 1983
Michael tries to prevent a lawyer's assistant from being framed for conspiracy, but there's a complication; she was Michael's fiancee before his identity change.
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Virginia Aldridge, William Schmidt
Guest starring: Catherine Hickland, Don Galloway, Bert Freed

Episode 20: White Bird

60 min Mar 11, 1983
Michael tries to catch hijackers who are knocking off shipments carried by independent truckers.
Director: Winrich Kolbe, Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Virginia Aldridge, William Schmidt, Catherine Hickland
Guest starring: James Whitmore Jr., Kathryn Butterfield, Yvonne McCord, Guy Stockwell, Morgan Woodward, Michael Potter, Lonny Chapman, Taylor Lacher, Burton Gilliam

Episode 21: Knight Moves

60 min Apr 29, 1983
Michael contends with interference from an overzealous private eye while he tries to discover who's stealing computer-software secrets.
Director: Christian I. Nyby II, Harvey Laidman
Writer: David Braff, William Schmidt
Guest starring: Robert Ginty, Tony Dow, Marshall Teague, Jimmy Bridges, Gail Edwards, Angel Tompkins

Episode 22: Nobody Does It Better

60 min May 06, 1983
After Michael unintentionally kills a cycle-gang member, the only witness insists that he recover her kidnapped child before she will help him.
Director: Robert Foster, Harvey S. Laidman, Harvey Laidman
Writer: David Braff, Robert Foster
Guest starring: Robin Curtis, William Smith, Britanny Wilson, Dennis Burkley, Sandy McPeak, Jordan Clarke, Joe Conley, David Hess, Linda L. Rand, Gail Fisher

Episode 23: Short Notice

60 min May 06, 1983
After Michael unintentionally kills a cycle-gang member, the only witness insists that he recover her kidnapped child before she will help him.
Director: Robert Foster
Writer: Robert Foster
Guest starring: Robin Curtis, William Smith, Britanny Wilson, Dennis Burkley, Sandy McPeak, Jordan Clarke, Joe Conley, David Hess, Linda L. Rand, Gail Fisher


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