La dama rossa uccide sette volte

Arrow (1972)
Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Foreign
Italy | English | Color | 1h 38min

The film starts out incredibly in a beautiful Gothic castle in Germany. As little girls, Kitty Wildenbrück and her sister Evelyn have been fighting when their grandfather tells them the story behind an incredibly uncanny painting: Legend has it that a fiendish Red Lady is to return to the castle every hundred years and kill seven people. Fourteen years later, Kitty (Barbara Bouchet) has become a successful fashion photographer. Suddenly, people begin to get murdered...

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Barbara Bouchet Kitty Wildenbrück
Ugo Pagliai Martin Hoffmann
Marina Malfatti Franziska Wildenbrück
Marino Mase Police Inspector
Pia Giancaro Rosemary
Sybil Danning Lulu Palm
Nino Korda Herbert Zieler
Fabrizio Moresco Peter
Rudolf Schündler Tobias Wildenbrück
Maria Antonietta Guido
Carla Mancini
Bruno Bertocci Hans
Sisto Brunetti Policeman

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Director Emilio Miraglia
Writer Emilio Miraglia, Fabio Pittorru


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