Lady Bird

Scott Rudin Productions (2017)
Comedy, Drama
USA | English | Color | 1h 33min

A California high school student plans to escape from her family and small town by going to college in New York, much to the disapproval of wildly loving, deeply opinionated and strong-willed mother.

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Lois Smith Sister Sarah Joan
Laurie Metcalf Marion McPherson
Kristen Cloke Ms. Steffans
Monique Edwards Nurse Bryant
Stephen Henderson Father Leviatch
Jake McDorman Mr. Bruno
Tracy Letts Larry McPherson
Laura Marano Diana Greenway
Bayne Gibby Casey Kelly
Lucas Hedges Danny O'Neill
Saoirse Ronan Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson
Timothée Chalamet Kyle Scheible
Andy Buckley Matt
Kathryn Newton Darlene
Odeya Rush Jenna Walton
John Karna Greg Anrue
Jordan Rodrigues Miguel McPherson
Danielle Macdonald Another Young Lady
Janet Song Administrator
Roman Arabia Luis
Ben Konigsberg David
Beanie Feldstein Julie Steffans
Marielle Scott Shelly Yuhan
Georgia Leva Amanda

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Director Greta Gerwig
Writer Greta Gerwig
Producer Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Jason Sack, Evelyn O'Neill
Photography Sam Levy
Musician Jon Brion


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031398277460 Blu-ray Disc 1 Mar 06, 2018
5053083155018 Blu-ray Disc Free Aug 23, 2018 Blu-ray
4690241166793 Blu-ray Disc Free Jun 04, 2018
191329051511 Blu-ray Disc
5053083149819 Blu-ray Disc
9317731142055 Blu-ray Disc
5053083159580 Blu-ray Disc
5053083150563 Blu-ray Disc
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7506005981694 Blu-ray Disc
8414533113915 Blu-ray Disc
5053083155032 Blu-ray Disc
031398286943 Blu-ray Disc
031398277439 DVD 1 Mar 06, 2018
5053083149802 DVD
191329051498 DVD
9317731142048 DVD
031398277446 DVD
5053083150556 DVD
5053083159573 DVD
8414533113908 DVD