The Lion in Winter

Lion In Winter

Flying Freehold Productions (2003)
Drama, War, Romance, History
USA | English | Color | 2h 33min

King Henry II (Patrick Stewart) keeps his wife, Eleanor (Glenn Close) locked away in the towers because of her frequent attempts to overthrow him. With Eleanor out of the way he can have his dalliances with his young mistress (Yuliya Vysotskaya). Needless to say the queen is not pleased, although she still has affection for the king. Working through her sons, she plots the king's demise and the rise of her second and preferred son, Richard (Andrew Howard), to the throne. The youngest son, John (Rafe Spall), an overweight buffoon and the only son holding his father's affection is the king's choice after the death of his first son, young Henry. But John is also overly eager for power and is willing to plot his father's demise with middle brother, Geoffrey (John Light) and the young king of France, Phillip (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Geoffrey, of course sees his younger brother's weakness and sees that route as his path to power. Obviously political and court intrigue ensues

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Glenn Close Eleanor of Aquitaine
Andrew Howard Richard
John Light Geoffrey
Jonathan Rhys-Myers Philip
Patrick Stewart King Henry II
Yuliya Vysotskaya Alais
Antal Konrád Toastmaster
Soma Marko John
Rafe Spall John
Clive Wood William Marshall

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Director Andrei Konchalovsky
Anthony Harvey
Writer James Goldman
Producer Dyson Lovell, Martin Poll, Patrick Stewart, Robert Halmi, Jr., Robert Halmi, Sr., Wendy Neuss-Stewart
Photography Sergei Kozlov
Musician Richard Hartley

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1 Part I 1 min | May 23, 2004
Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
2 Part II 1 min | Dec 26, 2003
Director: Andrei Konchalovsky


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8436022304222 Blu-ray Disc
707729128731 DVD 1 Jul 20, 2004
057373164129 DVD 1 Jul 20, 2004
8711983457454 DVD 2 Apr 11, 2006
3512391311650 DVD 2 Jun 16, 2005
6415018618941 DVD 2 Jul 20, 2004
8016207104320 DVD 2
9316797418470 DVD 4 Apr 20, 2005
5037899018842 DVD
4009750242391 DVD
000000000413 DVD
7046686000388 DVD
7046687000387 DVD
5050582240085 DVD
7506013112110 DVD