Long John Silver

Alpha Video (1954)
Drama, Adventure, Action
Australia | English | Color | 1h 46min

In this sequel to Treasure Island, Long John hopes to rescue his friend Jim from a rival pirate and return for more treasure.

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Robert Newton Robert Louis Stevenson's immortal Long John Silver
Connie Gilchrist Purity Pinker
Lloyd Berrell Capt. Mendoza / 'El Toro'
Grant Taylor Patch
Rod Taylor Israel Hands
Harvey Adams Sir Henry Strong
Muriel Steinbeck Lady Strong
Henry Gilbert Billy Bowlegs
John Brunskill Old Stringley
Eric Reiman Lanky pirate
Harry Hambleton Big Eric
Syd Chambers Ned Shill
George Simpson-Lyttle Capt. Asa MacDougall
Tony Arpino Mendoza pirate
Al Thomas Mendoza pirate
Vladislaus Leonidis
Thora Smith Elizabeth Strong
Billy Kay Ironhand
Hans Stern Reverend Monaster
Owen Weingott
Don McNiven Sgt. Cover
Elwin Daniel Dodd Perch (dying pirate)
Charles McCallum Old naval officer
John Pooley Young naval officer
Frants Folmer Sentry

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Director Byron Haskin
Writer Martin Rackin, Robert Louis Stevenson
Producer Joe Kaufmann, Mark Evans
Photography Carl E. Guthrie
Musician David Buttolph


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089218455093 DVD 1 Oct 26, 2004
018111274999 DVD 1 Jan 20, 2004
889290126474 DVD 1 Mar 10, 2015
889290045379 DVD 1 Nov 26, 2014
827421034083 DVD 1 Nov 13, 2018
5050457627492 DVD 2
5050457403096 DVD 2
827421000231 DVD Oct 25, 2005
886470169443 DVD
5030462081007 DVD
741914023463 DVD Aug 12, 2003
805589912726 DVD
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