Longmire: Season 6

Netflix (2012)
Drama, Western, Crime
USA | English | Color | 10h 18min

Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Widowed only a year, he is a man in psychic repair but buries his pain behind his brave face, unassuming grin and dry wit.

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Graham Greene Malachi Strand
Robert Taylor Sheriff Walt Longmire
Katee Sackhoff Victoria 'Vic' Moretti
Lou Diamond Phillips Henry Standing Bear
Zahn McClarnon Officer Mathias
John Bishop Bob Barnes
Bailey Chase Branch Connally
A Martinez Jacob Nighthorse
Cassidy Freeman Cady Longmire
Louanne Stephens Ruby
Adam Bartley The Ferg

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Writer Hunt Baldwin, Craig Johnson, John Coveny, Sheri Holman, Boo Killebrew
Producer Patrick McKee, Michael M. Robin, Greer Shephard, Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny, Brad Davis, Bryan J. Raber
Photography Todd Dos Reis, James M. Muro, David Shephard
Musician David Shephard

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1 The Eagle and the Osprey 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

A bank robbery ends in a shooting, giving Sawyer more leverage against Walt. When Henry goes missing, Cady tells Walt about a disturbing vision.

2 Fever 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

While Henry recuperates, Walt investigates the murder of a man whose land is popular with treasure hunters.

3 Thank You, Victoria 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

Chance Gilbert's plea appearance takes a dramatic turn that pulls Walt away from his own case and sets him and Vic on the path to a showdown.

4 A Thing I'll Never Understand 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

An emotional Vic re-examines her life choices. Henry and Jacob join forces to pursue Malachi. Ferg helps Meg's mother avoid the tribal police.

5 Burned Up My Tears 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

As the civil trial begins, things don't look good for Walt -- especially after a murder puts him and Vic under suspicion.

6 No Greater Character Endorsement 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

The bizarre death of a drug dealer points to a violent new Hector. Cady tries to help a sick child whose parents don’t trust Western medicine.

7 Opiates and Antibiotics 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

Walt wonders if a presumed-dead member of the Irish mob is alive. Mathias questions Cady about Catori. A mobile clinic raises Henry's suspicions.

8 Cowboy Bill 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

While Ferg secretly works the Cowboy Bill case, Walt and Vic try to find Shane Muldoon. Cady's office is trashed.

9 Running Eagle Challenge 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

Vic gets a surprise visit from her father. An FBI agent helps Walt pin down the mole working with Malachi. A tough race enables Vic to move forward.

10 Goodbye Is Always Implied 60 min | Nov 17, 2017

Jacob's troubles escalate at the casino. Walt gets an unexpected visitor. An inevitable confrontation leads to changed lives.


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