Lover Come Back

Universal Studios (1961)
Comedy, Thriller, Romance
USA | English | Color | 1h 44min

Rock Hudson and Doris Day are together again! Jerry Webster (Hudson) and Carol Templeton (Day) are rival Madison Avenue advertising executives who each dislike each other’s methods. After he steals a client out from under her cute little nose, revenge prompts her to infiltrate his secret "VIP" campaign in order to persuade the mystery product’s scientist to switch to her firm.

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Jack Albertson Fred
Jack Kruschen Doctor Linus Tyler
Tony Randall Peter Ramsey
Rock Hudson Jerry Webster
Doris Day Carol Templeton
Russ Bender Gates
Edie Adams Rebel Davis
Charles Watts Charlie
Joe Flynn Hadley
Richard Deacon Dr. Melnick
Donna Douglas Deborah
Ted Bessell Elevator Operator
Ann B. Davis Millie
Jack Oakie J. Paxton Miller
Ray Daley Martin
Nicky Blair Pianist
Howard St. John Mr. John Brackett
William Benedict Musician in Elevator
Karen Norris Kelly
Fred Aldrich Peter Ramsey's Chauffeur
Fletcher Allen Fur Truck Driver
Barbara Clark Dancer
Barbara Frederick Party Girl
Al Hodge Bass Player
Joan Kelly Alice

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Director Delbert Mann
Writer Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning
Producer Stanley Shapiro, Robert Arthur, Martin Melcher
Photography Arthur E. Arling
Musician Frank De Vol


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