Lupin The 3rd: Goodbye Lady Liberty

Tokyo Movie Shinsha (1989)
Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Anime, Action
Japan | Japanese | Color | 1h 40min

Lupin is forced to give up his life of crime when he discovers police computers are able to predict his every move. His retirement is short-lived when his colleague Jigen inherits the secret location of a stolen giant diamond called the "Super Egg", which is hidden in the Statue of Liberty; Lupin helps recover the diamond by stealing the entire Statue. Meanwhile, Goemon becomes bodyguard to a beautiful woman who is on the run from a sinister secret society which is also seeking the Super Egg.

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Mayumi Tanaka Michael
Kenichi Ogata Ed
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Jigen Daisuke
Masane Tsukayama Jimmy Kuntz
Yasuo Yamada Lupin Sansei
Eiko Masuyama Mine Fujiko
Makio Inoue Ishikawa Goemon
Gorou Naya Zenigata Kouichi
Tamio Ooki Rooster
Naoko Kouda Judy
Yui Komazuka Isabel

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Director Osamu Dezaki
Writer Monkey Punch


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
875707390095 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jun 26, 2018