Luther: Season 5

BBC (2010)
Drama, Suspense, Crime
UK | English | Color | 1h 59min

A dark psychological crime drama starring Idris Elba as Luther, a man struggling with his own terrible demons, who might be as dangerous as the depraved murderers he hunts.

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Idris Elba DCI John Luther
Patrick Malahide George Cornelius
Enzo Cilenti Jeremy Lake
Dermot Crowley DSU Martin Schenk
Michael Smiley Benny Silver
Ruth Wilson Alice Morgan
Hermione Norris Vivien Lake
Wunmi Mosaku Detective Sgt. Catherine Halliday
Gary Hailes Donnie McKinney
lex daniel Ronald Massey
Michael Obiora Errol Minty
Roberta Taylor Celia Lavender
Sonita Henry Daria Shubik
Paul McGann Mark North
Glenn Webster SCO19 Armed Police Officer
Anthony Howell Palmer
Delroy Atkinson Derek Hayes
Jami Reid-Quarrell James Hauser
Janette Sharpe Police Officer
Julie Teal Miriam
Katie Brayben Penny Leyton
Andrew Mullan Alastair Cornelius
Chris Wilson Ambulance Paramedic
Lee Nicholas Harris Paramediic
Andreea Paduraru Ileana

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Director Jamie Payne
Writers Neil Cross
Producers Marcus Wilson, Elizabeth Binns, Derek Ritchie
Photographers John Pardue

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1 Episode 1 60 min | Jan 01, 2019

A new spate of nightmarish murders brings DCI John Luther to once again face the depths of human depravity on the streets of London. As the body count rises, and gangster George Cornelius applies his own pressure, can Luther catch a killer and save his own neck?

Director: Jamie Payne
Writer: Neil Cross
Guest stars: Ruth Wilson, Michael Obiora, Luke Westlake, Lex Daniel, Lewis Young, Sonita Henry, Katharine Orchard, Roberta Taylor, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Delroy Atkinson, Gary Hailes
2 Episode 2 60 min | Jan 02, 2019

Luther must confront a demon from his past, as both the police and Cornelius converge on his home. With Halliday convinced that the body in the morgue isn't their killer, can Luther put his own troubles to one side and find the true murderer before he strikes again?

Director: Jamie Payne
Writer: Neil Cross
Guest stars: Michael Obiora, Roberta Taylor, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Gary Hailes, Lex Daniel, Eleanor Hafner, Katie Brayben, Vincent Vermignon, Julie Teal, Andrew Mullan
3 Episode 3 60 min | Jan 03, 2019

With his friend in peril and a young woman kidnapped by the relentless serial killer, can Luther protect the innocent while preventing Cornelius's violent revenge from consuming him? Who is Luther willing to save, and who can't he bear to lose?

Director: Jamie Payne
Writer: Neil Cross
Guest stars: Paul McGann, Michael Obiora, Roberta Taylor, Lex Daniel, Gary Hailes, Julie Teal, Delroy Atkinson, Katie Brayben, Andrew Mullan, Anthony Howell
4 Episode 4 60 min | Jan 04, 2019

Reeling from the death of his friend, Luther races to save the others from Cornelius's terrible retribution. With Luther's increasing absence from the case, Halliday heads the hunt for a killer on the loose - a killer determined to complete his final macabre masterpiece.

Director: Jamie Payne
Writer: Neil Cross
Guest stars: Paul McGann, Lex Daniel, Anthony Howell, Sonita Henry, Nicholas Asbury, Andreea Paduraru, Steven O'Neill, Robert Bannon


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5051561004391 Blu-ray B Jan 27, 2019
5051561043017 DVD 2 Jan 28, 2019
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