MacGyver: Season 3

Paramount Pictures (1987)
Adventure, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 15h 42min

MacGyver follows the adventures of the laid-back, extremely resourceful secret agent Angus MacGyver. He prefers non-violent conflict resolution whenever possible and refuses to carry or use a gun. MacGyver works as a problem solver for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. Utilizing his education as a scientist and his experience as an operative in the Department of External Services (DXS), he is able to solve a range of problems usually with the help of his ever-present Swiss Army knife.

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Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver
Dana Elcar Pete Thornton
Michael Des Barres Murdock
Bruce McGill Jack Dalton
Elyssa Davalos Carpenter Nicki
James Hong Commissioner Chu
Joe Santos Jimmy Kendall
Hank Aaron Himself
Lisa Bayliss Mike Forester
Bruce Harwood Juice
Vernon Wells Paul Donnay
Randal Cobb Daniel Toberman
Floyd Westerman Two Eagles
Tia Carrere Tiu
Ernie Reyes Jr Luke Chen
Paul Batten Pettigrew
Leslie Bevis Tanya Lyaschenka
Anthony De Longis Major Nicolaj Kosov
Bill Ferguson Colonel Josef
Keith Gordey Commando
George Josef Karel
Walter Marsh General Racoubian
Tony Morelli Security Man
Anthony Delongis Nicholai Kosoff

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Director Cliff Bole
Michael Caffey
Charles Correll
Michael Preece
William Gereghty
Michael Vejar
James L. Conway
Writer Lee David Zlotoff, Stephen Kandel, Rick Mittleman, Jerry Ludwig
Producer John Rich, Bill Froehlich, Michael Greenburg, Kevin Inch, Terry Nation, Calvin Clements Jr., Stephen Downing, Mark Lisson, Hal Klein, Stephen Kandel, Robert Frederick, Hudson Hickman, Steven Milkis, John B. Moranville, Thomas R. Polizzi, Stephen Sealy
Photography William Gereghty
Musician Ken Harrison, Randy Edelman, Dennis McCarthy

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1 Lost Love (1) 60 min | Sep 20, 1987

While helping the People's Republic of China secure a priceless national treasure—The Ming Dragon—in a San Diego museum, MacGyver runs into a Lisa, a woman that he had loved and thought was long dead. MacGyver learns that Lisa has been alive all these years and needs his help escaping the KGB.

Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Jerry Ludwig
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, Paul Batten, James Hong, Anthony De Longis, Walter Marsh, Leslie Bevis
2 Lost Love (2) 60 min | Sep 27, 1987

The KBG have Lisa in their grasp, and MacGyver must get The Ming Dragon for them to free Lisa. MacGyver enlists the help of his old buddy, Jack Dalton, to help him steal it.

Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Jerry Ludwig
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, James Hong, Anthony De Longis, Walter Marsh, Leslie Bevis
3 Back From the Dead 60 min | Oct 04, 1987

Jimmy Kendall, living undercover after testifying against his Mob bosses, surfaces when he becomes the manager for a winning baseball team.

Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Stephen Kronish
Guest stars: Joe Santos, Al Ruscio, Rebecca Balding, Richard Jamison, Alex Bruhanski, Hank Aaron, Charles André
4 Ghost Ship 60 min | Oct 18, 1987

While mapping the wilderness for the Phoenix foundation, MacGyver stumbles on a deserted ship and finds a runaway girl who tells him that the rest of crew was driven away by Bigfoot.

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest stars: Katey Wright, Michele Goodger, Nicholas Rice, Byron Chief-Moon, Len George, Ken Kirzinger
5 Fire and Ice 60 min | Oct 26, 1987

A jewel thief with diplomatic immunity kills Mac's friend. But there are more people involved in the crime - and Mac can't be sure who's on his side.

Director: Alan Simmonds
Writer: Rick Husky
Guest stars: Aharon Ipalé, Anthony Stamboulieh, Terry David Mulligan, Jonathon Pallone
6 GX-1 60 min | Nov 02, 1987

Mac and Nikki race to recover equipment from a downed experimental plane before the Soviets, who are using a psychic to guide them to the wreckage.

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: Calvin Clements, Jr.
Guest stars: Walter Gotell, Morris Panych, Peter Nicholas
7 Jack in the Box 60 min | Nov 09, 1987

MacGyver and Jack Dalton are arrested in Arkansas by a corrupt sheriff who arrests people to make them work in a labor camp used for mining gold. MacGyver wants to escape, but Jack has other ideas: He wants to find five million dollars his uncle Charlie left in the mines years before.

Director: James L. Conway
Writer: David Rich
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, Luke Askew, Daniel Faraldo, Diane Robin, Lance LeGault
8 The Widowmaker 60 min | Nov 16, 1987

MacGyver is forced out of his grief over the tragic death of a friend by a madman with a score to settle from their past association.

Director: Mike Vejar, Harv Zimmel
Writer: John Whelpley
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, Lisa Bayliss, Anthony Holland, Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres
9 Hell Week 60 min | Nov 23, 1987

A desperate physics student goes off the deep end and boobytraps a college lab when he fails to win a science competition and to live up to his father's high expectations.

Director: James L. Conway, Joseph Gunn, Leonard Mlodinow, Scott Rubinstein
Writer: Leonard Mlodinow, Scott Rubinstein
Guest stars: Lawrence Dobkin, Lisa Wilcox, John Cameron Mitchell, Andrew Sabiston
10 Blow Out 60 min | Dec 21, 1987

MacGyver teams up with colleague Nikki Carpenter to find out who is behind the attempts on her life. When they find out that the man who tried to kill her is connected to two terrorists who blew up a local post office, MacGyver and Nikki must find out what the terrorist's next target is before it's too late.

Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: W. Reed Moran
Guest stars: Bruce Harwood, Dale Wilson, Frank Ferrucci, Don S. Davis
11 Kill Zone 60 min | Jan 04, 1988

An impulsive scientist who cuts corners in her research work creates an uncontrollably mutating organism that speeds up the aging process.

Director: Chuck Bowman
Writer: Calvin Clements, Jr.
Guest stars: Judith Chapman, Jay Brazeau
12 Early Retirement 60 min | Jan 18, 1988

While testing a new nuclear bomb defusing team at the Phoenix Foundation, a deadly explosion kills three men. Pete blames himself for not inspecting their equipment better and resigns from his job out of guilt. However, Pete is replaced by a not-so-trustworthy man—one who may have been connected to the explosion.

Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: John Whelpley
Guest stars: Paul Batten, Madison Mason, Ted Stidder, Rob Roy, Doug Abrahams, Richard Newman, Jackson Davies
13 Thin Ice 60 min | Feb 01, 1988

While back in Minnesota to fill in as coach for a high-school hockey team, MacGyver tries to change the attitude of a callous player who has a shot at playing for the pros. But when this kid's ambition lands another player in the hospital, MacGyver must try and find out what or who is pushing him so hard to succeed.

Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Rick Drew
Guest stars: Martin Milner, Jeff Schultz, Ken Camroux, Clu Gulager
14 The Odd Triple 60 min | Feb 29, 1988

After returning home from a long assignment, MacGyver has an unwelcome surprise. Jack Dalton is waiting and wants him to help with a new scheme. A wealthy woman has just acquired some invaluable jewels, needing Jack to fly her back to her home in France. Things seem to be going fine, that is, until they land. Jack and MacGyver are arrested and accused of theft.

Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest stars: Bruce McGillTerence Kelly, Judy Geeson, Ian Ruskin, Martin Evans, Alan Robertson, Vernon Wells, Vernon Wells, Campbell Lane
15 The Negotiator 60 min | Mar 07, 1988

MacGyver becomes infatuated with a woman while conducting environmental-impact studies. However, what MacGyver does not know is that the woman was hired to "persuade" him to skip the studies—and if necessary, kill him.

Director: Charlie Correll
Writer: Calvin Clements, Jr.
Guest stars: David Ackroyd, Ned Bellamy, Kristian Alfonso, Wendy Van Riesen
16 The Spoilers 60 min | Mar 14, 1988

MacGyver enlists a recluse nicknamed "Earthquake" to help find a person who is dumping toxic waste and polluting mountain streams.

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest stars: Randall Tex Cobb, William Taylor, Emily Kuroda
17 Mask of the Wolf 60 min | Mar 27, 1988

Jack and Mac help an ancient Indian search for a wolf mask that two mercenaries are also eager to have.

Director: Cliff Bole, Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar, W. Reed Moran, Jr. Calvin Clements
Writer: W. Reed Moran, Jr. Calvin Clements
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, Gary Lockwood, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Gordon Tootoosis, Marianne Jones
18 Rock the Cradle 60 min | Apr 17, 1988

Mac and Jack return from a flight to find an abandoned baby in Jack's hangar, complete with a desperate note from the mother and his own endowment fund hidden in his diapers.

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: John Whelpley
Guest stars: Bruce McGill, Mitzi Kapture, Don Thompson, Garwin Sanford, Peter Yunker, Malcolm Fairweather, Frasier Fairweather
19 The Endangered 60 min | May 01, 1988

While visiting an old girlfriend who's a park ranger at a wildlife reserve, MacGyver runs into deadly poachers who are intent on hunting animals on the reserve. When MacGyver tries to uncover their plot, they come after him. Now it's a race against time to escape the poachers, save the animals, and save their own lives.

Director: Charlie Correll
Writer: Peter Filardi
Guest stars: Moira Walley, John Dennis Johnston, Robin Mossley, Stephen E. Miller, Steve Blalock, Don S. Davis
20 Murderers' Sky 60 min | May 08, 1988

When the head of a American-Chinese shipping company is attacked in his office by a killer, MacGyver and the man's grandson—who is heir to the company—must find out who was behind the attempt on his life.

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: Herman Miller
Guest stars: Roderick Cook, Soon-Teck Oh, Tia Carrere, Keye Luke, Ernie Reyes Jr.


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