Mad Adventures Of Rabbi Jacob

SNC (1973)
France | French | Color | 1h 40min

In this riot of frantic disguises and mistaken identities, Victor Pivert, a blustering, bigoted French factory owner, finds himself taken hostage by Slimane, an Arab rebel leader. The two dress up as rabbis as they try to elude not only assasins from Slimane's country, but also the police, who think Pivert is a murderer. Pivert ends up posing as Rabbi Jacob, a beloved figure who's returned to France for his first visit after 30 years in the United States. Adding to the confusion are Pivert's dentist-wife, who thinks her husband is leaving her for another woman, their daughter, who's about to get married, and a Parisian neighborhood filled with people eager to celebrate the return of Rabbi Jacob.

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Marcel Dalio Rabbi Jacob
Henri Guybet Salomon
Suzy Delair Germaine Pivert
Renzo Montagnani Fares
Janet Brandt Tzippé
Claude Giraud Mohamed Larbi Slimane
Louis de Funès Victor Pivert
Andre Falcon Le ministre
Xavier Gélin General's Son
Jean Herbert Moishe

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Director Gerard Oury
Writer Gerard Oury, Danièle Thompson, Roberto De Leonardis, Josy Eisenberg
Producer Bertrand Javal
Photography Henri Decaë
Musician Vladimir Cosma


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