Malibu Summer

Platinum (1993)

USA / English
IMDb 4.2

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Don Hicks
Carrie Bittner
Peter Marmentini
Nicole Grey
Randi Randolph
Robert Alexander
Amy Sage
Erica E. Brandon
Larry McCray
Tom Fruge


Rafe M. Portilo


Rhett Sinclair is Stacy, a college student who is so tired of her clerical summer job at a firm named "Fantasy Encounters" she decides to talk her friends into starting a similar business of their own. So Stacy, Jill, and Lisa team up with "Fantasy Encounters" former employee Marcia to launch "Fantasy Girls", a company that offers every man a chance to make his fantasy come true -- on a "nothing illegal, nothing kinky" term (meaning no sex involved, mind you)...


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
096009098292 1 2005-06-21