Triluna Film AG (2018)
Drama, Romance, Foreign
Switzerland | German | Color | 1h 59min

Mario is in love for the first time in life, so really crush. In Leon, the new from Germany. Although he plays in the front of the storm and could even be dangerous to him, when it comes to who can ascend to the first team. But Mario does not think about that now. He wants to feel Leon, smell, be near him. This does not remain hidden to others in the club and soon make the first rumors around the round. Mario sees his career as a professional footballer in danger, but at the same time wants to lose Leon at no cost. He has to make a decision. [Google translation]


Max Hubacher Mario
Aaron ALTARAS Leon

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Director Marcel Gisler


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
431846042059 Blu-ray Disc A, B, C Dec 14, 2018
4031846042059 Blu-ray Disc
754703764744 DVD 1 Oct 30, 2018
5060265150884 DVD 2 Sep 10, 2018 1 Disc DVD