The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles

MGM/UA (1980)
Science Fiction
USA | English | Color | 6h

Col. John Wilder, leader of a successful expedition to Mars who finds his sympathies torn, is helpless to prevent the planet being raped by American culture.

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James Faulkner Mr. K
Roddy McDowall Father Stone
Laurie Holden Marie Wilder
Bernie Casey Major Jeff Spender
Bernadette Peters Genevieve Seltzer
Jon Finch Christ
Joyce Van Patten Elma Parkhill
Darren McGavin Sam Parkhill
Robert Beatty General Halstead
Phil Brown Narrator
Fritz Weaver Father Peregrine
Rock Hudson Col. John Wilder
Peter Marinker McClure
Maria Schell Anna Lustig
John Cassady Briggs

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Director Michael Anderson
Writer Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury
Producer Milton Subotsky, Richard Berg, Andrew Donally, Charles M. Fries
Photography Ted Moore
Musician Stanley Myers

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1 The Expeditions 360 min | Jan 15, 1980

January 1999: The Zeus Project makes its first manned flight to Mars. Its ultimate goal: colonisation. On Mars, Ylla dreams of the coming astronauts and her husband, Mr K, plots their doom... The second expeditions lands and finds a Mars a deceptively familiar but deadly home from home. Finally, Col. Wilder's Zeus III expedition arrives to find the Martians dead, wiped out by chicken pox. For one crew member, Spender, the thought of Earth culture tearing the planet apart is too much to bear.

Director: Michael Anderson
Writer: Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury
2 The Settlers 360 min | Jan 22, 1980

February 2004: The colonisation of Mars proceeds rapidly, the rockets arriving like 'silver locusts'. Settlers pour in, each in search of a dream - Fr Peregrine wants to meet Christ; the Lustigs want to find their missing son; the Parkhills want to make their fortune; and Wilder himself wants to meet a Martian...

Director: Michael Anderson
Writer: Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury
3 The Martians 360 min | Jan 29, 1980

November 2006: Earth is an amber cinder, all life annihilated by total nuclear war. A handful of settlers left on Mars are the sole survivors of the human race, facing a desolate future, cut off and isolated even from each other. Wilder finally meets his Martian 'counterpart'.

Director: Michael Anderson
Writer: Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury


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