Max Et Les Ferrailleurs

StudioCanal (1971)
Drama, Thriller, Romance, Crime
France | French | Color | 1h 52min

Max is a Paris detective, aloof, independently wealthy, and frustrated by gangs of robbers whom he cannot catch. To re-establish his stature and save face, he decides to inveigle a group of petty thieves (led by an old acquaintance) to rob a bank. A reluctant captain provides Max intelligence and Max starts spending evenings with Lilly, a prostitute who's the girlfriend of the group's leader. He poses as a rich banker with money to burn and encourages Lilly to think about her future. He hints at a payroll that comes through his bank. The plot works, the petty thieves think they're ready for a big score, and the cops are in place. What could go wrong with Max's cold plan? Who's entrapped?

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Michel Piccoli Max
Romy Schneider Julia Anna 'Lily' Ackermann
François Périer Rosinsky
Georges Wilson Le commissaire
Boby Lapointe Lui Serafino dit P'tit Lu
Philippe Léotard Losfeld
Michel Creton Robert Saidani
Betty Beckers Maria
Henri-Jacques Huet A. Cyriaque dit Dromadaire
Dominique Zardi Baraduch
Dany Jacquet Ida
Danielle Durou Nicole
Jacques Canselier Jean-Marie Patinet dit Jean-Jean'
Maurice Auzel Antoine Chantoiseau dit Tony
Léa Gray Madame Saidani
Bernard Musson L'inspecteur sarcastique à la cantine
Albert Augier Un client de Lily
Robert Favart Loiselle
Alain Belart
Alain Grellier Guy Laronget
Bernard Fresson Abel Maresco
Jean-Paul Blonday Un inspecteur
Jacques Cottin
Henri Coutet
Muriel Deloumaux


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