Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series

Shout! Factory (1993)
Adventure, Action, Children
USA | English | Color | 51h

This collection contains:
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1 (1993)
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2 (1993)
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 3 (1993)

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1 S1E1: Day of the Dumpster 30 min | Aug 27, 1993

Following the accidental release of long-imprisoned evil space-sorceress Rita Repulsa, a benevolent sage known as Zordon drafts a group of five teenagers to help protect the planet as dino-powered warriors of goodness.

2 S1E2: High Five 30 min | Sep 06, 1993

The five Ranger Teens begin to settle into their new roles as protectors of both Angel Grove, and the entire planet. Billy, the genius boy in blue, invents a series of silver watchbands with which they can both talk to each other, and teleport to the Command Center (the Communicators). Meanwhile, at her evil palace on the moon, Rita Repulsa schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago. With the help of Finster's device, she attempts to trap the Power Rangers inside of a strange Time Warp dimension. If that wasn't bad enough, Billy gets backed up to the top ledge of a mountain by some Putties. Trini, deadly afraid of heights, must confront her fear to help him out. The Rangers escape the Time Warp, and triumphantly fight Finster's creation: a skeletal warrior named "Bones", and a giant... umm... "Giant" monster summoned by Rita.

3 S1E3: Teamwork 30 min | Sep 07, 1993

Kim & Trini attempt to shut down a local waste dump with a petition. Little do they realize, that the waste dump belongs to Rita! She's trying to trash the whole world, and has Finster create the Minotaur monster to help protect the dump site. Our heroes learn a valuable lesson in working together, using their Dinozords against the monster individually at first. Though the Megazord isn't enough, new Power Weapons for each of the Rangers, and their powerful combination, bring down the Minotaur. Though the dump site remains active, working together, the teens clean up Bulk & Skull's school hallway garbage mess quickly.

4 S1E4: A Pressing Engagement 30 min | Sep 08, 1993

At the Youth Center, Jason attempts to break Bulk's benchpressing record, only to be severely distracted. Rita comes up with a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers, by splitting them up during a battle with the King Sphinx monster. It takes the Zord-charging power of their Coins' Power Crystals to bring everyone back together, and to take down King Sphinx & Goldar.

5 S1E5: Different Drum 30 min | Sep 09, 1993

Kimberly's deaf friend, Melissa, has a tough time fitting in. When the Gnarly Gnome monster strikes, using music to hypnotize the children of Angel Grove, her handicap allows her to remain unaffected. With her aid, the Power Rangers put an end to the Gnome's symphony of destruction.

6 S1E6: Food Fight 30 min | Sep 03, 1993

Ernie's Youth Center & Juice Bar sponsors an International Food Festival, in cooperation with Angel Grove High. The five Ranger teens are among those involved. Rita sends down Finster's latest creation, the aptly named Pudgy Pig, to consume the festival's food supply, as well as anything else he can fit into his hungry mouth. Pudgy Pig even ends up eating the Rangers' Power Weapons! A weak spot is noticed, involving his dislike for spicy foods, and soon the monster's eating binge comes to an explosive close. The International Food Festival also meets a messy demise, when Bulk & Skull start an uncontrollable food fight.

7 S1E7: Big Sisters 30 min | Sep 29, 1993

Kim & Trini get the task of being "big sisters" to a mischievous little girl named Maria. Rita kidnaps the bratty child, with intent of using her to open a magic trunk filled with Power Eggs. The Rangers end up facing the Chunky Chicken monster to save the annoying girl. All of this, plus, Billy unveils his specially modified VW Beetle, known as the RADBUG.

8 S1E8: Happy Birthday, Zack 30 min | Sep 15, 1993

The Ranger teens & Ernie plan a surprise party at the Juice Bar for Zack. The secrecy leads him to believe they've all forgotten about his birthday. Rita shows she cares, by sending down a special treat, a vicious black knight monster known as Nasty Knight. The Black Ranger faces off with him, Power Axe to sword. Later, Zack's birthday party goes off without a hitch, though Ernie ends up getting covered in cake instead of Bulk & Skull for a change.

9 S1E9: I, Eye Guy 30 min | Sep 13, 1993

Billy helps his young brainy buddy Willy with a Virtual Reality device for the Angel Grove science fair. Willy's intelligence and lack of self-confidence entices Rita, as she schemes to capture him and use his experiments for evil. The Eyeguy scopes the boy out, but fails to see the Rangers coming.

10 S1E10: Power Ranger Punks 30 min | Sep 19, 1993

With the Ranger teens distracted, Baboo sneaks to Earth and drugs their lemonade with a magical potion. Billy & Kimberly are the only two to take a sip, but the effects on them are quite odd. They both start acting like punks, picking on kids at the high school, and even scaring Bulk & Skull. The other 3 Rangers have more important issues to deal with, namely Rita's Terror Toad monster. Zordon traps the two out of control teens in the Command Center, and sends Alpha off on a dangerous mission alone to seek the Singing Squash, with which to restore Billy & Kim to normal.

11 S1E11: Peace, Love, and Woe 30 min | Sep 20, 1993

There's a big party coming up at the Youth Center, but the nerdy Billy is as dateless as ever. By coincidence, he bumps into an equally brainy girl named Marge, and the two hit it off. Soon, Rita's ally, Madame Woe, mistakes Marge for a Ranger, and captures her. The actual Rangers come to her rescue, combining their powers, and destroying her without even needing their Megazord. Billy & Marge happily go to the dance together, and she's never seen nor mentioned again afterwards.

Guest stars: Alex Borstein
12 S1E12: Foul Play in the Sky 30 min | Sep 21, 1993

Kim goes for flying lessons with her pilot uncle Steve. Bulk & Skull tag along. Rita's henchman Squatt spikes Steve's drink with a sleeping potion, which kicks into effect while in the skies over Angel Grove. Kim nervously takes over flying the four-seater plane, and with a little guidance from Alpha 5, lands safely. She then joins her teammates in battle with the Snizzard monster, already in progress.

Guest stars: Douglas Sloan
13 S1E13: For Whom the Bell Trolls 30 min | Sep 14, 1993

It's hobby week at Angel Grove High. The Ranger teens have all brought in various items reflective of their personalities. Trini brings in her doll collection, along with her favorite one of all, a blue elf named Mr. Ticklesneezer. Rita ends up stealing him, and turning him into a monster. Ticklesneezer goes around shrinking things and collecting them into bottles. This includes the Megazord, as the Rangers meet their first real defeat, only to have it turn out to all be just a dream of Trini's.

14 S1E14: No Clowning Around 30 min | Sep 16, 1993

The fair has come to Angel Grove, and the Ranger teens enjoy a day at it, with Trini's cousin Sylvia. The fair turns out to be a front for Rita, with numerous Putties as clowns. One such clown, named Pineapple, turns Sylvia into a cardboard cutout. He reveals himself to be a creature named Pineoctopus. Billy & Alpha solve Sylvia's 2-dimensional dilemma, and the Rangers shut down the evil carnival for good.

15 S1E15: Dark Warrior 30 min | Sep 27, 1993

Trini's famous scientist uncle Howard drops by the Youth Center, with a new invisibility formula. Rita spots it, and plans to use it on her new monster, the camouflaged creature known as the Dark Warrior. Billy gets sick of Bulk & Skull picking on him, and decides to reenroll in Jason's karate class. But as before, he doesn't fare well in it. Uncle Howard, not only a scientist but a master martial artist, offers to give him some training at the park. There, Dark Warrior kidnaps him, and orders him to give up the invisibility formula. He refuses, and gets strapped to a bomb capable of leveling the city. Billy saves the day, and manages to get his yellow belt with Uncle Howard's help.

16 S1E16: Switching Places 30 min | Oct 03, 1993

Billy's brain switching machine goes haywire (with a little help from Squatt & Baboo), causing his & Kimberly's minds to swap bodies! Hilarity ensues when Billy as Kim, and Kim as Billy, spend a few days in each other's shoes... literally! Plus, the Genie monster rubs our heroes the wrong way.

17 S1E17: Green With Evil (1): Out of Control 30 min | Oct 04, 1993

Tommy, a new kid in town with martial arts skills that rival even Jason's, catches Kimberly's eye. Not just her, but Rita Repulsa also sees potential in him. She has her Putties kidnap him, and bring him to the moon. There, Rita places a spell over Tommy, turning him into the evil Green Power Ranger! Using his Dragon Power Coin, Tommy infiltrates the Command Center, gives Alpha 5 a virus, and trashes most of the control consoles. Zordon attempts reasoning with him, but fails, and gets cut off from our dimension. The Green Ranger then fights the other Power Rangers in battle, and with the Evil Space Aliens' help, takes our heroes by surprise while they're in their Megazord. The Ranger take the beating, and retreat to the damaged Command Center in the RADBUG. They restore Alpha, but fail to learn anything about the mysterious Green Ranger.

18 S1E18: Green With Evil (2): Jason's Battle 30 min | Oct 05, 1993

With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, Billy & Trini attempt to repair it and Alpha 5. Tommy returns to Earth, and acts cold & rude to Kimberly. Soon, after a successfully training run on the beach, Rita gives Tommy the Sword Of Darkness, which acts as a catalyst for keeping him under her evil spell permanently. Our heroes remain at a loss for a plan, but devote as much time into it as they can. Because of that, Jason informs Tommy at school that he'll be unable to work out with him later. Unbeknownst to Jason, the possessed Tommy then teleports him to the Dark Dimension! Trapped, with no way out, no way of morphing, and no way of contacting his teammates, Jason faces Goldar alone...

19 S1E19: Green With Evil (3): The Rescue 30 min | Oct 06, 1993

Jason continues battling Goldar in the Dark Dimension, and eventually, the Green Ranger as well. Luckily, in the nick of time, the Rangers & Alpha are able to lock on to his Communicator and teleport him out of there. But with Zordon still lost and the Command Center still in shambles, the victory is bittersweet, at best. To make things worse, Rita summons Scorpina, a female warrior long buried in a cave, with the ability to transform into a monstrous scorpion when in giant mode.

20 S1E20: Green With Evil (4): Eclipsing Megazord 30 min | Oct 07, 1993

Goldar grows and attacks Angel Grove, and nearly eats Bulk & Skull. Meanwhile, the search for Zordon heats up, but while the Rangers are out, Green Ranger sneaks back into the Command Center, and attempts to sabotage it again. Alpha's prepared, capturing him in a stasis shield briefly. Rita frees him, and uses her Magic Wand to make him grow! He joins Goldar & Scorpina in fighting the Megazord, as Rita casts a spell to eclipse the sun and cut off its solar power reserves. Though the Power Sword helps add a boost of energy, the Megazord falls to the trio of evil. The Zords separate and scatter into a burning hole in the ground. Our heroes retreat in defeat, but learn from Alpha's brief short reencounter, the true identity of the Green Ranger: their new mood-swinging pal, Tommy Oliver!

21 S1E21: Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell 30 min | Oct 08, 1993

Kim confronts the evil Tommy in the Youth Center, but he simply informs her that she and the other Rangers will soon be destroyed. Utilizing his Dragon Dagger's flute mode, the Green Ranger summons forth the ancient Green Dragonzord from Angel Grove bay. It begins to rampage through the city, crushing & blowing up buildings. Zordon's transmission is finally reestablished with this dimension. The Megazord is recovered, and victoriously faces the Dragonzord. The Green Ranger's Sword Of Darkness is destroyed, freeing Tommy from the evil spell. He's disoriented, but regretablly recalls everything he did while evil. The Rangers offer him a place among them, and he gladly accepts. The Dragonzord forms with the Megazord, creating the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. Zordon welcomes Tommy to the team, claiming the 6th Ranger was prophesied.

22 S1E22: The Trouble with Shellshock 30 min | Oct 10, 1993

Tommy settles into his new role on the team, by playing a friendly game of basketball with the other Ranger teens. On the moon, Rita naps, prompting Baboo & Squatt to take charge by making their own monster. Shellshock, a turtle with a stoplight atop his shell, is sent to Earth, and wreaks more havoc by accident than on purpose. Trini races for the Deandra Flowers. The 6 Power Rangers put his light on permanent red with the help of their two Megazords.

23 S1E23: Itsy Bitsy Spider 30 min | Oct 11, 1993

Trini & Billy petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue from demolition. It supposedly protects the woods from nasty bug infestations. Rita swipes the statue and replaces it with a lookalike, which hides her Spidertron monster within. Zack brings his young Hip-Hop Kido class to the park to work out nearby, and all but the Black Ranger are put under a sleeping spell by Spidertron. Unfortunately for Zack, he's deathly afraid of bugs, spiders especially!

24 S1E24: The Spit Flower 30 min | Oct 18, 1993

Kimberly has the task of designing a flower float for an Angel Grove parade. Putties drop by the Juice Bar, and trash it before she can turn the design in. Kim frets over losing it, and soon has to face the evil flesh-eating-blossom-spewing Spit Flower monster. Tommy & Alpha rebuild the model float, and her design ends up in stock footage on TV.

25 S1E25: Life's a Masquerade 30 min | Oct 30, 1993

There's a costume party going on at the Youth Center! Rita uses this distraction to mine a special clay on Earth, from which she'll create a breed of Super Putties. She sends her own version of Frankenstein's Monster to the party, and he's immediately mistaken for Tommy (likely due to their similar high foreheads).

26 S1E26: Gung Ho! 30 min | Oct 25, 1993

Jason & Tommy team-up for an upcoming Team Ninja competition at the Youth Center. They have trouble working together, as both are used to sparring one-on-one. As the other Rangers fight the nigh-invincible Super Putties, Zordon sends Jason & Tommy off to retrieve new weapons. They face a strange metal creature known as Titanus, and learn teamwork in the face of adversity. The Super Putties are wiped out, and Zordon reveals that Titanus is an old friend, who'll act as a Carrierzord for the Megazords, with which they'll create the Ultrazord!

27 S1E27: Wheel of Misfortune 30 min | Nov 01, 1993

The Ranger teens are involved with a stage play of Rumplestiltskin at Angel Grove High. Kim's grandmother's antique spinning wheel is used as a prop. Bulk, as the title character in the play, nearly breaks it, and Kim freaks out. Rita sends her goons down to capture the wheel, and turn it into an evil Wheel Of Destruction. The Megazord faces the giant wheel, destroys it, but luckily, it reverts back to its original form, unharmed, just in time for the play, which is unusually short.

28 S1E28: Island of Illusion (1) 30 min | Nov 02, 1993

There's an upcoming dance competition, and despite his usual smooth moves, Zack's got a heavy case of self-doubt. Rita is inspired, and after summoning the evil God, Lokar (who sends the Mutitus creature to face the Megazord), she traps them on a strange island dimension. There, the 6 Rangers face illusions preying upon their worst fears.

Guest stars: Masahiko Urano
29 S1E29: Island of Illusion (2) 30 min | Nov 03, 1993

The Rangers get a little help from an elf named Quagmire, inhabitant of the strange island of illusion. He reminds them, in rhyme, that self-confidence is the secret to defeating the island's spells. The Rangers overcome their fears, escape the island, defeat Mutitus, and Zack aces the dance competition.

Guest stars: Masahiko Urano
30 S1E30: The Rockstar 30 min | Nov 04, 1993

Jason and his young cousin Jeremy become embroiled in a plot by Rita & Scorpina to capture the powerful Mirror of Destruction. A Rockstar monster rounds out the cast.

Guest stars: Brianne Siddall, Richard Lee Jackson
31 S1E31: Calamity Kimberly 30 min | Nov 05, 1993

Kimberly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, begins to have an extremely bad day. It turns to worse when Rita sends the Samurai Fanman down to Earth. He traps the bad haired, ratted clothed, annoyed Kim inside an urn, connected to another dimension. The Power Rangers race against the clock to free her before she's lost inside it forever.

32 S1E32: A Star is Born 30 min | Nov 15, 1993

Tommy competes with Bulk for a role on a Karate commercial. Meanwhile, the other Rangers end up trapped in a cocoon, thanks to Scorpina's pet worm creature. If that wasn't bad enough, Rita sends down the baseball-fevered Babe Ruthless monster! Our heroes, with the help of the MegaDragonzord, defeat this double threat. Tommy & the mayonnaise-tanned Bulk both get the commercial role, though for Karate-skills comparative reasons only.

33 S1E33: The Yolk's on You! 30 min | Nov 16, 1993

There's a big talent show at Angel Grove High School. On the way there to assist Jason in a Martial Arts themed skill, Tommy gets captured by a group of Putties. On the moon, Finster creates the Fang monster for Rita's birthday. The Leo Gorcy-type voiced creature becomes enraged when Baboo & Squatt eat his Gooney Bird eggs. They tell him that the Rangers have his eggs, and a battle occurs. Tommy's freed, and the Ultrazord is used to end this case of framery.

34 S1E34: The Green Candle (1) 30 min | Nov 17, 1993

There's a dance coming up, but Tommy's got cold feet about asking Kimberly to it. On the moon palace, Rita unviels her master plan concerning her former employee, the Green Ranger. It seems that when he was working for her, he touched some magic wax, which is now linked to his Morphing powers. By turning the wax into a Green Candle, and lighting it, his powers will slowly fade away. To help ignite this into action, the Cyclops monster is sent to Earth. It mimics the Dragonzord, and begins to rampage through the city. Tommy is sucked into the Dark Dimension, and fights with Goldar, while his teammates face the Cyclops. He proves to be too powerful for them alone. The Green Ranger escapes from Goldar, and prepares to battle Cyclops. Everything is going as planned, as the Green Candle continues burning down...

35 S1E35: The Green Candle (2) 30 min | Nov 18, 1993

Against better judgment, Tommy goes into battle with the Cyclops monster as the Green Ranger, alone. The fight takes its toll on the Green Candle, which quickly burns down to nearly nothing. The Ultrazord destroys the mimicking monster, but it's too late for Tommy. He and the other Rangers return to the Command Center, and watch as his Green Ranger powers dissipate. Before all is lost, though, he passes his Dragonzord coin to Jason. The Red Ranger can now draw upon the remnants of the Green powers, to summon the Dragonzord and use the golden chest shield. Tommy says goodbye to his former teammates, even though he'll still be a Power Ranger in spirit. He manages to get up enough courage to ask Kim to the dance. She happily agrees, and they share a rare kiss by the lake.

36 S1E36: Birds of a Feather 30 min | Nov 22, 1993

Zack grooms his young student to take part in a karate tournament, against an angry ward of Bulk & Skull. The Rangers face the chicken-like Hatchasaurus monster. He's defeated quickly, but manages to regenerate using his inner sentient heart-creature, known as the Cardiatron. Jason, using both his Red Ranger powers, along with the Green Ranger powers, must face this odd being alone.

Guest stars: Alex Borstein
37 S1E37: Clean-Up Club 30 min | Nov 23, 1993

Inspired by Trini's video project on pollution, the Ranger teens organize a Clean-Up Club. They set out to make Angel Grove Park a cleaner place. Rita sends down the Polluticorn monster, to undo all of their hard work, and destroy the world.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
38 S1E38: A Bad Reflection on You 30 min | Nov 27, 1993

Rita's newest monster, the Twin Man, creates a special team of five Putty Patrollers, which have the power to transform into evil versions of the Power Rangers! These diabolical doubles wreck havoc on our heroes' lives, even framing them into getting detention. The evil doppelgangers attack the city, as the good guys remain stuck at the High School!

Guest stars: Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, Amy Jo Johnson
39 S1E39: Doomsday (1) 30 min | Nov 29, 1993

Angel Grove Mayor Carrington declares today, "Power Rangers Day." There's a big celebration planned, and nearly everyone's going to be there. Bulk & Skull try to steal the Rangers' thunder by storming the stage as "The Incredible Bulkster" & "Super Skull". Rita captures the entire crowd of townspeople, and imprisons them in another dimension. The Rangers then have to fight Goldar, who pilots the mighty evil Cyclopsis, the War Zord! The Ultrazord prevails against his evil Warzord, destroying it. All is not won, however, as Rita gets in on the action, damaging the Rangers' Zords, and using Lokar to bring Cyclopsis back from oblivion.

Guest stars: Masahiko Urano
40 S1E40: Doomsday (2) 30 min | Nov 30, 1993

The Power Rangers face Cyclopsis with their Megazord at only half-power. Somehow, they overcome the overwhelming odds, destroy the Warzord for good, rescue the citizens of Angel Grove from the other dimension, and put a major dent in Rita's relation with Lokar. The five Rangers take the stage at the Power Rangers Day celebration, and are hailed by all, including Tommy, who drops by at the end to show his support. Later, at the Command Center, Zordon & Alpha inform the team that with Rita seemingly defeated, their obligations are fulfilled. Though the teens consider passing the powers and returning to normal lives, they decide against it, and choose to remain the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Guest stars: Masahiko Urano, Jason David Frank
41 S1E41: Rita's Seed of Evil 30 min | Feb 07, 1994

The Ranger Teens plan to plant saplings in the park. Rita does some gardening of her own, by sending down the Octoplant seed. It blooms into the Octoplant, a monster hung up on its own appearance.

42 S1E42: A Pig Surprise 30 min | Feb 08, 1994

The Ranger Teens organize a Pet Adoption program, which leads to an old lady bringing in her pig, Norman. The elderly woman turns out to be a Putty, and her pig is none other than Pudgy Pig reborn. Our heroes find out too late, and Bulk & Skull end up adopting the porker. The Rangers become involved with another battle with Goldar & Scorpina. Pudgy Pig, in this incarnation, turns out to be docile, and wants only to be with a female pig! Alpha returns Pudgy to being Norman, and lives happily ever after on the farm, until the eventual baconing.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
43 S1E43: Something Fishy 30 min | Feb 09, 1994

Jason, Zack, & Trini go scubadiving. Billy's invited, but this just brings up bad memories from his childhood. Seems as a boy, he was playing in a lake, when a fish bit his finger. Since then, he's been quite afraid of aquatic animals. Rita exploits this fear, sending down the Toxic Goo-Fish monster. Blue Ranger manages to overcome his fish phobia, and filets the villain.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
44 S1E44: Lions & Blizzards 30 min | Feb 10, 1994

The Ranger Teens take part in the annual Oddball Games, a set of strange obstacle courses. They win (what a surprise), but their strange trophy gets swiped by Rita. It's turned into the evil Goatan, the Stormbringer, a Goat-Lion monster. Bulk & Skull are blamed for the trophy theft at first. Angela, having lost in the games to Zack, ends up going on a date with him at last. His Ranger duties cause him to be called out in the middle of the movie, and that kills their relationship.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
45 S1E45: Crystal of Nightmares 30 min | Feb 14, 1994

There's a big test coming up, so the Ranger Teens head up to Billy's Uncle's cabin up in the mountains to cram. Goldar uses this brain-storming session to his advantage, by manipulating their dreams with the Crystal Of Nightmares. Their worst fears are played out in their dreams, causing them to be completely paranoid and afraid when they wake up. Against their current states of mind, Zordon has them seek out the Crystal, and destroy it. Overcoming their overwhelming self-doubts, our heroes shatter the crystal, and likely pass more than one tests.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
46 S1E46: To Flea or Not to Flee 30 min | Feb 15, 1994

Ernie's Youth Center is going out of business, despite efforts to save it from shutting down. A stray dog wanders in, and gives Jason a rash! It's not ordinary rash, but the infection of Rita's newest monster, the Fighting Flea. Thanks to some Raid-style flea killing chemicals, Jason's de-rashed, and Fighting Flea is stamped out. The stray dog turns out to be the beloved pet of a rich woman, and, you guessed it, the reward money saves the Youth Center for another 5 years.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
47 S1E47: Reign of the Jellyfish 30 min | Feb 16, 1994

Angel Grove High School is preparing to bury a time capsule in the park, to be opened in 100 years. Among the items, is a picture of the Power Rangers. Rita's furious, sending down Baboo & Squatt to steal the capsule, and put a picture of her in it instead. She also sends down the Jellyfish Warrior monster to trap our heroes in another dimension.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
48 S1E48: Plague of the Mantis 30 min | Feb 17, 1994

Trini trains with Master Li in a new fighting technique, known as the Praying Mantis style. She's unable to grasp the proper motivation for achieving the stances. Rita sends down a Mantis monster to face her, one on one. This works towards Trini's advantage in the long run, as she masters the technique, and helps her teammates take the Mantis down.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Richard Rabago
49 S1E49: Return of an Old Friend (1) 30 min | Feb 28, 1994

It's Parent's Day at the Youth Center, and all of the Ranger Teens' fathers & mothers are there. Rita decides to trap the parents in another dimension, and use them as ransom for attaining the Power Coins! To make things worse, Billy is placed under a spell, and steals the Dragon Dagger from the Command Center. With it, Goldar takes control of the Dragonzord, and sends it on a rampage. Helpless to help their parents, the five Power Rangers give up their Dino Coins. Goldar lies, takes the coins and refuses to release the parents. All seems lost, until our heroes realize one Power Coin remains, the nearly-depleted Green Ranger Coin.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Douglas Sloan
50 S1E50: Return of an Old Friend (2) 30 min | Mar 01, 1994

Tommy arrives at the Youth Center, and finds the place deserted. He's teleported to the Command Center, and debriefed about the situation. He's given his Power Coin back, and with an infusing of power from Zordon himself, Tommy morphs into the Green Ranger once again. He quickly faces Goldar and some Putties, trying to regain the Dragon Dagger & the other 5 Coins. Tommy succeeds, but in doing so, he's struck with a backlash from Goldar's forcefield around the Coins. He's knocked into a coma, while the other Rangers face Rita's Dramole monster in the city. Tommy awakens to find his body mysterious supercharged with green energy. Zordon's transmission is weakened from repowering him, and is nearly lost, until the other 5 Rangers recharge him with their Coins. Dramole is defeated, the parents are freed, and Tommy remains as the Green Ranger, operating in a limited power capacity.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Douglas Sloan
51 S1E51: Grumble Bee 30 min | Apr 27, 1994

Billy gets his first B on a test ever. He's devestated. Rita is once again inspired by an event in a Ranger's life, and has Finster create a Grumble Bee monster. Trini & Billy face it, while their three teammates struggle to break free from an unbreakable rope at the basketball court.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
52 S1E52: Two Heads are Better Than One 30 min | Apr 28, 1994

Tommy & Jason teach the mothers of Angel Grove some self-defense courses at the Youth Center. Their motto for the moms, two heads are better than one. Rita is inspired, as always, and has Finster create a Two-Headed Parrot monster. Teamwork, two-heads times three, plus a Pamango fruit are needed to take out this double-bird brained menace.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
53 S1E53: Fowl Play 30 min | May 01, 1994

Zack puts on a magic show for the kids at the Juice Bar. He's more interested in impressing Angela, and seems to succeed. Rita sends down the Peckster monster, causing Zack to pull a dissapearing act just when he's about to woo the girl of his dreams.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
54 S1E54: Trick or Treat 30 min | May 02, 1994

Kim faces Skull on the nation's biggest hit game show, Trick Or Treat! This Halloween-themed program does... guess what? Yes, it inspires Rita, and the Pumpkin Rapper monster is harvested on Earth. Tommy finds the evil pumpkin patch on his way to a karate tournament, and faces a gang of Putties guarding it. Kim's nearly winning the show, when her Ranger duties call. She fakes a faint, and Skull is declared winner by default. Our heroes first face an army of pumpkin-headed Putties, and then the Pumpkin Rapper, who makes even Vanilla Ice blush with his cheesy rhymes. Bulk & Skull later lose the grand prize, a new car, when the network reviews the tape and finds Skull cheated. Like game shows have never cheated before, eh?

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
55 S1E55: Second Chance 30 min | May 03, 1994

Ernie picks the new lineup for the Angel Grove Junior Soccer team, but a young boy named Roger isn't on it. He's friends with the Ranger Teens, which means he's gonna get special treatment for this injustice. A second tryout will be held, so our heroes help him train for it. Rita sends down the Soccadillo monster to keep with the soccer theme. The Rangers kick him around, and eventually score a goal by destroying him. Later, Roger doesn't only make the team, but he causes Ernie to make two soccer teams so that everyone can play.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
56 S1E56: On Fins and Needles 30 min | May 04, 1994

Jason & Tommy teach free karate classes at the Youth Center. Rita's annoyed by their friendship, and sends down the Slippery Shark monster. His boomerang-fin weapon casts a spell on the two, causing them to hate each other intensely. This nearly leads to an all out brawl in the Youth Center, organized by Bulk & Skull. Luckily, their teammates intervene, and by forcing teammwork, Tommy & Jason break free from the spell and sink the shark.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
57 S1E57: Enter... The Lizzinator 30 min | May 05, 1994

Kim's cousin Kelly has a tough time getting on the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleading squad. She offers some pointers, but the insecure redhead is unable to cope. Rita has Baboo & Squatt kidnap her for some reason, while she sends down the Lizzinator monster. The nearly invulnerable creature smacks cars around, along with the Red Ranger. The monster's eventually defeated with the Ultrazord, and Kelly gets freed from evil by use of her horrid cheers. She makes the squad, but you could easily guess that much.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
58 S1E58: Football Season 30 min | May 08, 1994

It turns out there IS something a Ranger teen isn't good at. Namely, Tommy, who struggles to make the Angel Grove High football team. His karate training messes up his coordination, but Ernie, who used to be an all-star fullback in college, helps him out. Rita sends down the Rhinoblaster monster to face the other Power Rangers, in a game of football with a squad of Putties. Long story short, Tommy makes the team, but then again, so does uber-geek Billy. We never see them play any games, so the team must be honorary only.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Richard Epcar
59 S1E59: Mighty Morphin' Mutants 30 min | May 15, 1994

Miss Appleby assigns her class to find their personal fault, and attempt to correct it. Tommy's is obvious, he's incredibly forgetful! His teammates try to help out, but he forgets to use the things they made him to keep from forgetting. Meanwhile, Rita has Goldar specially train a group of Putties. Only five pass the tests, and are given the Badges Of Darkness, allowing them to morph into exact evil doubles of the Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Black Rangers. To replace Red, the Commander Crayfish monster is created. These evil Rangers give the real ones a run for their money, with most of them even growing large during the Megazord battle!

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Thuy Trang, Amy Jo Johnson
60 S1E60: An Oyster Stew 30 min | May 22, 1994

Angela's birthday is coming up, and Zack wants to take her out. He arranges a nice double date with Tommy & Kim and her at a fancy French resturant. He seeks a pair of pearls earrings to give to Angela, but is unable to afford any. Zack finds a strange hustler at the park, who gives him a pair real cheap. It turns out, the hustler was a putty in disguise, and the pearls are the evil Pearls Of Stillness! Angela happily puts them on, and freezes everyone in the resturant. Zack & Tommy are the only ones unfrozen, and must fight Rita's Oysterizer monster to undo the pearl's effects. The duo do so, but Angela's angered about the disintergrating earrings. The Rangers, in the Megazord & Dragonzord, take on Oysterizer under water! Later, Zack sings Angela a ballad, with Bulk & Skull providing the music. She's swept off her feet, and never seen or mentioned on the series again.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
61 S2E1: The Mutiny (1) 30 min | Jul 20, 1994

The Ranger teens take part in a charity 4-wheeler race on Earth. But up on the moon, things are far from routine. Rita Repulsa and her gang plan yet another attack, when Lord Zedd, Rita's boss and evil overlord, returns to our galaxy! The tall, skin-less, metal-plated face, tubed-veined man arrives, and has Rita placed in another Space Dumpster. She's failed once too often for his tastes, and she has to go. Goldar quickly changes allegances, helping to shrink Rita down and shoot her off into the depths of space forever. Zedd alters most of the castle, and changes the Putty Patrollers into white-suited armored Z-Putties. They're sent down to Earth, and prove formidable foes, until their weaknesses are discovered (hit the big Z power source on their chests, and they shatter to pieces). Zedd creates the Pirantishead monster from a fish out of the Rampoon River, and sends it to Angel Grove. Its twin-fish flutes cause all of the Dinozords to become instantly frozen!

62 S2E2: The Mutiny (2) 30 min | Jul 28, 1994

Pirantishead takes control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord, commanding them to destroy the city. Our heroes, Zordless, watch helplessly as their Zords go on a rampage. Zordon & Alpha unveil a new set of five Zords, enhanced by the power of Thunder. Tommy, due to his lack of sustained energy, is not given a new Zord. Before they can create these new Thunderzords fully, they must regain their old ones. This is easier said than done, as Pirantishead has full control of them.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
63 S2E3: The Mutiny (3) 30 min | Aug 04, 1994

In an effort to regain control of the Dinozords, Billy & Trini create a Signal Blocking device. It works perfecty (after installing the batteries correctly), and Pirantishead loses control of the Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord. Zordon then infuses each of the main five Dinozords with a lightning charge, causing them to morph into the mighty new Thunderzords! The Red Dragon, the Yellow Griffin, the Blue Unicorn, the Black Lion, and the Pink Phoenix come together to form the Thunder Megazord. With it, Pirantishead is sliced in half by their Saber. Lord Zedd is furious upon failing, blaming Baboo, Squatt, and even Goldar for the loss. Our heroes quickly turn to the chairty 4-wheeler race, just in time to finish near-last. Oh, and Bulk & Skull, saved by the Rangers for the umpteenth time, decide on a new mission in life: to find the secret identities of the Power Rangers!

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
64 S2E4: The Wanna-Be Ranger 30 min | Sep 12, 1994

Due to a rare alignment of planets, Zordon has to de-ionize for a brief period. Lord Zedd exploits this by creating the Primator monster out of a white gorilla suit of Zack's. Primator can transform himself into an exact double of anyone, and uses that ability to confuse the Rangers by mimicking them. Meanwhile, Alpha 5 teleports out of the Command Center for a day, and winds up activating his self-destruct sequence when confronted by the monster.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
65 S2E5: Putty on the Brain 30 min | Sep 13, 1994

Lord Zedd zaps a pair of special sunglasses Billy's invented. When he & Zack put them on, they're placed under a spell where they think their teammates are Putty Patrollers! If that wasn't bad enough, the fire-breathing Saliguana monster is created.

66 S2E6: Bloom of Doom 30 min | Sep 16, 1994

The Youth Center hosts a sign-up session for various after-school clubs. Predictablly, each of the Ranger teens has their own club. Kim's gardening club proves unpopular, getting no one to sign up. Lord Zedd puts Kim under a spell, causing her to become violently jealous of Trini for having a successful club. He then sends down the Bloom Of Doom, but can Kim overcome her bitterness, alien-inflicted and otherwise, to work together to defeat it?

Guest stars: Alex Borstein, Michael Sorich
67 S2E7: The Green Dream 30 min | Sep 18, 1994

Tommy keeps having the same depressing dream lately, where he loses his powers in the middle of battle. Lord Zedd creates the Robo-Goat monster, and uses him to capture Tommy and turn him evil again! The possessed Tommy tricks his teammates into summoning the powerful Sword Of Power, and turns it over to Robo-Goat. The Rangers attempt to regain it, while Tommy, released from evil, finds his Green Ranger powers are running dangerously low (to the point he can't even summon the Dragonzord.)

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
68 S2E8: The Power Stealer 30 min | Sep 19, 1994

The Ranger teens head yet another clean-up drive in Angel Grove Park. Lord Zedd sends down the Octophantom monster, who siphons off most of Tommy's Green Ranger powers. He also captures a couple of the Rangers, leaving only Billy & Jason to free their friends and defeat Octophantom via his only weakness: his vanity.

69 S2E9: The Beetle Invasion 30 min | Sep 20, 1994

Inspired by the Ranger Teens' Broom-ball competition with Stone Canyon, Lord Zedd creates the Stag Beetle monster from the rival team's poster. The Stag Beetle briefly absorbs some of Tommy's waning Green Ranger powers, as expected.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
70 S2E10: Welcome to Venus Island 30 min | Sep 23, 1994

A day at the beach for Tommy, Kimberly, Trini & Trini's young neighbor Hallie is interrupted by Goldar & the Putties. Goldar kidnaps the young girl, and holds her for ransom on Lord Zedd's mystical Venus Island. The Rangers must race against the clock to get to Venus Island before it vanishes. Unfortunately, Zedd has the Invenusable Flytrap monster guarding the way.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
71 S2E11: The Song of Guitardo 30 min | Sep 25, 1994

The Ranger Teens go on a picnic in the park. Lord Zedd turns a cicada into the Guitardo monster, who steals Kimberly's acoustic guitar. With it, he's able to put the Power Rangers under a trance via an evil song spell. Kim and a nearly powerless Tommy are the only ones left to stop the music.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
72 S2E12: Green No More (1) 30 min | Sep 26, 1994

Tommy & Kim witness a transmission from the future, featuring Tommy, powerless during a major battle. This heralds the results of Zordon & Alpha's tests, which reveal that he only has enough Green Ranger energies for one last battle. Meanwhile, five grim bullies show up at Angel Grove High. They're polar opposites of our heroes, right down to matching colored clothing! Lord Zedd plans to forcibly make them his Dark Rangers. He has the five bullies captured, and sends the Turbanshell monster (a conkshell with worm creature) down to attack the Power Rangers. Tommy's dwindling Green Ranger powers are siphoned off by Zedd's Green Crystal, with which he will not only destroy Zordon, but power his Dark Rangers. Tommy ends up trapped in another dimension, totally Ranger-powerless, and facing Goldar alone...

Guest stars: Barbara Goodson
73 S2E13: Green No More (2) 30 min | Sep 27, 1994

Tommy, still powerless and trapped in the Other World dimension, faces not only Goldar, but Turbanshell, as well! Back on Earth, the Command Center is enveloped in a shrinking forcefield, preventing them from doing much of anything. Lord Zedd strips the Power Rangers of their Morphers, and releases them. With Tommy on his knees, Goldar, using a time warping device, displays footage from previous episodes. His intend it to drain Tommy of his confidence. Instead, Tommy realizes how powerful he is, despite being no longer being a Ranger. He defeats Goldar, takes the time warper, and sends a message back in time. This gives him access to his Communicator, with which he's able to get out of the Other World. Tommy then sneaks up and snatches the Green Crystal, and destroys it, freeing the Command Center, and depowering the Dark Rangers. Turbanshell attacks Angel Grove, but luckily, Tommy returns the stolen Morphers to his teammates just in time. Reenergized by the crystal shattering, the Green Ranger joins in the fight by tricking the monster into eating him. Zapped from the inside out and then frozen from the outside, Turbanshell goes down easily thanks to the Thunder Megazord. With his Green Ranger powers now completely gone and a break in school coming up, Tommy says goodbye to the team. The five bullies, not remembering their Dark Ranger experience, are befriended by the Ranger Teens, and just as quickly never seen again.

Guest stars: Barbara Goodson
74 S2E14: Missing Green 30 min | Oct 02, 1994

Jason, still feeling guilty over failing to get the Green Candle which resulted in Tommy losing his Green Ranger Powers, is depressed. He's having trouble focusing on a karate tournament, especially. The other four Ranger Teens decide to cheer him up, by going in search of Tommy, whom they believe to be at his uncle's cabin. On the way there, Goldar kidnaps the four, and creates Pink, Yellow, Blue & Black Candles, with which to drain their Ranger powers! The Red Ranger fights alone against a swarm of Putties, Goldar, and the Pipebrain Monster (made from the tournament trophy) to save his teammates. This time around, he's able to stop the candles from burning out. Feeling better, thanks to that and a brief transmission from Tommy, Jason wins the tournament.

75 S2E15: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park 30 min | Oct 03, 1994

There's going to be a jazz concert at the Youth Center! Curtis wants to play his & Zack's uncle's famous trumpet. It ends up getting stolen and turned into the Trumpet Top monster. His musical blasts cause the Power Rangers to hallucinate, making them think they're fighting monsters they've already defeated (including Stag Beetle, Grumble Bee, Praying Mantis, Lizzinator, Slippery Shark, Fighting Flea, and more).

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Barbara Goodson, Barbara Goodson, Dave Mallow, Wendee Lee, Scott Page-Pagter
76 S2E16: Beauty and the Beast 30 min | Oct 09, 1994

Lord Zedd requires a bride! He has Goldar, Squatt & Baboo capture Kimberly to serve that honor. She's dressed as Rita Repulsa, and placed under a spell. Of course, the spell doesn't quite work, but she makes the most out of it by annoying the Evil Space Aliens. A small, prized mirror Tommy won for Kim is turned into the Mirror Maniac monster.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
77 S2E17: White Light (1) 30 min | Oct 16, 1994

The Ranger Teens are excited to hear that Tommy is coming home by the end of the week. Little do they realize, that Lord Zedd has other plans in mind for the former Green Ranger. Tommy vanishes without warning, just as Zedd creates Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. The monster, along with its twins, AC & DC, makes quick work of the Power Rangers. Defeated by the triple threat, things get stranger when the gang discovers the Command Center is powered down, and both Alpha & Zordon absent. Billy ventures to the darkened building alone, and manages to discover a hidden room through a veil of pure white light. It is there, that he witnesses Alpha & Zordon creating a new Power Ranger! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull recover a strange golden object, after it crashlands in the park. It turns out to be Rita's mini Space Dumpster! They think it holds the key to unlocking the Power Rangers' identities, and set out to break it open, which is easier said than done.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
78 S2E18: White Light (2) 30 min | Oct 17, 1994

Feeling betrayed and confused, the Ranger Teens have a tough time coping with the notion that Alpha & Zordon are turning someone other than Tommy into their newest teammate. Eventually, they're summoned to the Command Center, where the White Ranger is revealed. He decends from the heavens, fully energized and morphed. Upon removing his helmet, all are pleasantly shocked to witness that it is indeed Tommy. Kim, of course, faints. Now powered by the "light of goodness", Tommy not only has powers that won't fail him, but is so strong that he's become the new team leader. He's given an enchanted talking Saber, called Saba, which acts not only as a guide and weapon, but helps him gain access to his Zord, the White Tigerzord. As the White Ranger & Saba take out Nimrod, AC, & DC using the White Tigerzord, the other Rangers take on Putties swarming upon Bulk & Skull's location. Though still tiny, Rita Repulsa is freed from her mini-dumpster, only to be quickly locked back in by the Rangers. Bulk & Skull, exhausted from trying to get it open, pass out before making the discover of the dumpster's contents. Rita is hurled back into space by Zordon, and the five Power Ranger Teens welcome back Tommy to the team, for good.

79 S2E19: Two for One 30 min | Oct 24, 1994

Kim & Tommy go on a date in Angel Grove Park. Kim brings the same purse with her that her mom brought on her first date with Kim's dad. Everything goes fine, until a platoon of Putties attack, and steal the purse. Lord Zedd turns it into the Pursehead monster, and uses a tube of lipstick from within said purse to create the Lipsyncher monster. The White Ranger & Saba take on Pursehead, while Pink & the other Power Rangers confront Lipsyncher.

Guest stars: Alex Borstein, Michael Sorich
80 S2E20: Opposites Attract 30 min | Oct 25, 1994

A centennial magnetic storm is brewing. Billy plans on monitoring it from a scientific perspective. Kim, and her pal Laura, take a troop of Girl Scouts into the woods. Laura, despite her 'beauty', turns out to be quite smart, and flirts with Billy somewhat. Lord Zedd sends down Goldar & the Putties to disrupt Billy's expierment. Swiping his magnetic monitoring device, Zedd turns it into the evil Magnetbrain monster. He wrecks havoc on the polarity of the city, sending chaos all around with repelling particles abound.

81 S2E21: Zedd's Monster Mash 30 min | Oct 28, 1994

It's Halloween, and the Ranger Teens are helping out at the Youth Center. Tommy escorts a group of kiddies dressed like Rangers out to trick-or-treating, only to have them turn out to be Putties. He's no match for them, and ends up sucked into the Dark Dimension. There, facing a Tombstone monster, Tommy is alone against a graveyard filled with formally-destroyed monsters!

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
82 S2E22: The Ninja Encounter (1) 30 min | Nov 02, 1994

A fun-filled day at the park nearly turns to tragedy, when a runaway baby carriage speeds off alone the hilly sidewalks and open lawn with nobody able to stop it! Kim, Billy, and Tommy give chase. Three teens from Stone Canyon high school, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam (students of the baby Jacob's father, Mr. Anderson), also follow, with the help of their rollerblades and fancy martial arts moves. Both Kim & Aisha halt the runaway carriage just before it can plummet over the side of a steep hill. The six teens become fast friends. Later, at a Ninja Championship tournament at the Youth Center, the winning trio of white-suited ninjas turn out, to the Rangers Teens' surprise, to be their newfound friends! Lord Zedd, wanting to turn these skilled champions into his evil warriors, has Goldar & the Putties kidnap them. They also take Mr. Anderson, which leaves baby Jacob in the hands of some unlikely babysitters: Bulk & Skull! Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Mr. Anderson, chained in a cave, await transformation to evil, as the Rangers remain baffled as to where they went.

Guest stars: Kim Delgado, Jacob Frank
83 S2E23: The Ninja Encounter (2) 30 min | Nov 03, 1994

Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Mr. Anderson, still trapped in the cave, are well on their well to the side of evil. Goldar summons the Snake Of Destruction, which slowly slithers around the four, and once it gets its grasp upon them all, will remove their goodness & free will. Aisha attempts to pick her cuffs' lock with a hairpin, and succeeds, only to have their escape thwarted. Lord Zedd, trying to distract the Rangers from tracking down the four, sends down not only the Terror Blossom monster, but revives Hatchasaurus & Cardiatron.

Guest stars: Jacob Frank
84 S2E24: The Ninja Encounter (3) 30 min | Nov 04, 1994

Bulk & Skull continue babysitting Jacob Anderson in the park, with "humorous" results when changing his diaper and trying to feed him. Elsewhere, Jason, Zack, & Trini have been frozen by the Terror Blossom. Billy manages to unfreeze them, and the combined six Rangers take on the monster. Jason & Zack use the Thunderzords to fight Terror Blossom, as the others head off to rescue Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson. After fighting through numerous Putties, they finally reach their target. Scuffling with the Snake Of Destruction, Billy loses his helmet, and exposes his identity to the three teens (Mr. Anderson has been teleported to the park, and reunited with Jacob, by Yellow Ranger). Tommy & Kim also demask themselves, much to the Stone Canyon Ninja Trio's shock. But, it's all good, and the three aid the Rangers in taking out the rest of the Putties. Later, at the Command Center, Zordon & Alpha welcome Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. They take the oath, and swear to keep the Power Rangers' identities a secret.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Jacob Frank
85 S2E25: A Monster of Global Proportions 30 min | Nov 05, 1994

Representatives from all over the world come to Angel Grove for the World Teen Summit. Billy, of course, is the ambassador for the USA. Lord Zedd has the ambassadors kidnapped, and ransomed for the Power Coins. The Rangers hand a box of them over to Goldar: gold-foil chocolate Power Coins. The ambassadors are rescued, thanks to the help of Aisha, Adam, and Rocky. A four-headed statue made for the World Teen Summit is turned into a Four-Headed Monster. To aid the Thunderzords in combating it, Tor, the Shuttlezord, is unvieled, helping to create the Thunder Ultrazord, which squashes Four-Head, literally.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
86 S2E26: Zedd Waves 30 min | Nov 07, 1994

Rocky, Aisha, and Adam compete in a triathlon. Lord Zedd sends down the Beamcaster monster, who places the citizens of Angel Grove under a spell to worship his evil alien master. It'll take some alteration of signals, and some help by those three new guys, to cancel Beamcaster's transmission for good.

87 S2E27: The Power Transfer (1) 30 min | Nov 08, 1994

Jason, Zack, and Trini are chosen for the World Peace Conference in Switzerland. This means the Power Rangers are going to need a trio of replacements. But first, in order to transfer the powers to anyone else, our six heroes must travel across the galaxy, to a place called the Deserted Planet. There, they attempt to locate the fabled Sword Of Light. The Rangers aren't alone on the Deserted Planet, as Lord Zedd & Goldar have followed in their very own, massive evil Zord, called Serpentera. So big, it not only can crush the Red Dragon Thunderzord & Tor the Shuttlezord in one of its clawed feet, but it does just that! Back on Earth, to prevent Zordon from choosing any replacements, Baboo & Squatt activate the Sleep Machine, which knocks out most of Angel Grove. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha (having recently transferred to Angel Grove High School from Stone Canyon for reasons never disclosed) are spared, and try to destroy the machine, only to end up captured by Putties. Elsewhere, just when the Power Rangers locate the Sword Of Light, Zedd fires Serpentera's laser-breath, thus obliterating most of the Deserted Planet.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
88 S2E28: The Power Transfer (2) 30 min | Nov 09, 1994

Rocky, Aisha, and Adam face the same slumbering fate as the rest of the city, until Adam's soccer skills helps to take out the Sleep Machine. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Power Rangers barely manage to snag the Sword Of Light and teleport away before the entire Deserted Planet is melted into slag by Lord Zedd's Zord, Serpentera. Now able to complete the Power Transfer, the replacement Rangers, good old Aisha, Adam, & Rocky, are infused with the Yellow, Black, and Red Rangers energies, respectively. Their first mission comes instantly, as Zedd sends the Silverhorns monster down to attack the city. As if the Thunderzords didn't have enough trouble, Serpentera returns, but thanks to its blowing up of the Deserted Planet and round trips across the universe, it quickly runs out of energy and retreats. Jason, Zack, and Trini depart to the airport, with their former teammates and former best friends watching from VERY afar on the Viewing Globe, so as to not let on the fact that the actors quit/were fired and that's not even them.

Guest stars: Johnny Yong Bosch, Karan Ashley
89 S2E29: Goldar's Vice-Versa 30 min | Nov 12, 1994

There's an upcoming Vice-Versa dance at Angel Grove High School, where the girls ask the guys. For instance, Laura (from "Opposites Attract") asks out Billy. Two very familiar female punks target Bulk & Skull (the large girl wants Skull and the skinny one wants Bulk, of course), who flee desperately from them as they continue their search for the Power Rangers' true identities. A new karate-experty, dark haired, and mysterious girl named Sabrina shows up at the Youth Center, catching the eye of Adam. She essentially throws herself at him, angering his pal Aisha, who had been trying to get her dateless Ranger teammate a date for the dance with someone else. Long story short, it turns out Sabrina is actually Scorpina in disguise! She & Goldar ambush Adam & Aisha, which leads into a Thunderzord battle when the evil alien couple grow large. Scorpina & Goldar retreat before getting taken out by the Thunder Ultrazord. At the dance, Adam finally gets a date, and Bulk & Skull are tricked into dancing with their mothers... err, the female punks.

90 S2E30: Mirror of Regret 30 min | Nov 14, 1994

One of the students in Adam's kiddie karate class gets picked on by the others for being smaller, and being unable to perform the moves with perfect success. This brings back a flood of bad childhood memories for Adam, who recalls being treated the same way when he was young and trying to play soccer. Lord Zedd is inspired, and sends Goldar down with the Mirror Of Regret. Putties capture Adam, and he's forced to watch as his worst childhood memories are replayed before him. It's an attempt to crush his already wavering self-esteem, but when an image of his scrawny karate student practicing hard and perfectly executing some moves he had trouble with, the plan backfires. Adam shrugs off Goldar's plan, and destroys the Mirror. Also, Zedd sounds down the Skelerena monster, half skeleton & half hyena, to fight our Ranger heroes. With the help of Alpha's newly completed Power Cannon, Skelerena is disposed of. Later, Adam's student wins the respect of the fat, ugly, insecure bullies that were picking on him earlier.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
91 S2E31: When is a Ranger Not a Ranger? 30 min | Nov 15, 1994

Adam brings a kaleidoscope to school, explaining how light is broken down into many pieces and such. Lord Zedd is inspired, and sends Goldar down to steal it from him. The kaleidoscope is used to create the Scatterbrain monster. His 'brain-scattering' powers are used on Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly. They gain total amnesia, unable to remember who they are. Rocky, Adam, & Aisha attempt to restore their memories using prisms, but they too fall victim to Scatterbrain's attack. Bulk & Skull witness these events, and discover what they sought most: the true identities of the Power Rangers. But will they risk their knowledge of these facts to save the Rangers, and ultimately the world?

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
92 S2E32: Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun 30 min | Nov 16, 1994

Ernie gets a new pachinko machine and Rocky wants to try it. However, as usual, Lord Zedd is inspired by the events of the moment, and not only sends down an enemy called Pachinko Head, but he also places a spell on Rocky, where all he wants to do is have fun, and in the process, neglects his karate student. Pachinkohead turns all of the Rangers, except Tommy, into bowling ball sized Pachinko balls. Rocky, on the other hand, after yelling at Zordon, i.e "Why should I listen to you?" is busy playing on the jungle gym. Tommy manages to distract PachinkoHead long enough using a frisbee to get the transformed teammates back to the Command Center. Alpha successfully turns them back into humans, breaking the spell on Rocky in the process. They then defeated Pachinko Head and Rocky returned to teaching his student.

93 S2E33: Lights, Camera, Action 30 min | Nov 17, 1994

The Power Rangers are scheduled to appear on "The Harvey Garvey Show", a local talk show, broadcast nationally. Despite how they're going to be morphed during it, Adam is a bit weary of being in front of the camera. Lord Zedd monitors this, and, as expected, is inpired to turn a studio camera into the Showbiz Monster. After showing some clips from previous episodes, the Rangers depart the talk show to go save the city, and narrow avoid having their helmets yanked off by Bulk & Skull on live TV.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
94 S2E34: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire 30 min | Nov 21, 1994

It's "Fire Safety Week" at Angel Grove High. Aisha is appointed Fire Safety Captain. She takes the job seriously... overly seriously, in fact. She cites Ernie for numerous fire-hazard violations, and just plain lets the job go to her head. When Lord Zedd creates the Flamehead Monster, Aisha tries to take it on by herself, and fails. She learns a valuable lesson from all of this, and the day is saved, I assure you.

95 S2E35: Scavenger Hunt 30 min | Nov 22, 1994

There's a Scavenger Hunt going on in Angel Grove. The Ranger teens split up into two groups (Adam, Kimberly & Tommy in one team, and Aisha, Billy & Rocky in the other). They scour the city searching for items that are the answers to various riddle-clues. One of which is a toy cannon that once belonged to Billy's little cousin. Zedd turns it into the Cannontop Monster, and plans to have the creature blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension. Our heroes stop Cannontop, and still manage to win the Scavenger Hunt, with a little biased help by Ernie.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, John C. Hyke
96 S2E36: The Great Bookala Escape 30 min | Nov 23, 1994

An intergalactic traveller from the planet called Bookala, of a race of the same name, lands in Angel Grove Park. His tiny spaceship is powered by a special diamond, which, if Lord Zedd can steal it, can be used to power the always-drained Serpentera permanetly. The Power Rangers get involved, beat the Weldo monster, and aid Bookala in escaping back into outer space. Zedd turns the "decoy toy Bookala" into an evil Bookala, which our heroes also destroy. In gratitude, the magical real Bookala makes it snow in Angel Grove.

97 S2E37: Forever Friends 30 min | Nov 28, 1994

A gymnastics competition is coming up for Kimberly, and one of her competitors is a girl from Stone Canyon, named Shawna. She just happens to be Aisha's former best friend, and is quite jealous of the relationship between Aisha & Kim. As a triangle of spite forms between them, the guys spent time working in Woodshop. Lord Zedd is, as always, inspired by their actions, and creates the Jaws Of Destruction monster out of a saw. The girls get captured, Kim & Shawna bond over the fact they're both children of divorced parents, and end up tying each other in the competition.

Guest stars: Chuck Kovacic, Alissa Ann Smego
98 S2E38: A Reel Fish Story 30 min | Nov 29, 1994

Rocky is working as a lifeguard at Angel Grove Lake. One of the young kids he's watching over, named Dougie, is afraid of going out for a swim, thinking monsters inhabit the waters. Lord Zedd, you guessed it, is inspired, and recreates some of his (and Rita's) more sinister water-based monsters. Slippery Shark, Piranhtishead, Toxic Goo-fish, and Commander Crayfish are reborn to wreak havoc. Billy & Aisha help Rocky out against the school of baddies, but the other three Ranger Teens are currently out scuba-diving! Even if the Rangers manage to defeat these monsters again, can they stop Zedd's newest creation, Tube Monster, the white & blue stripped innertube-based monstrosity? And can Dougie overcome his fears to save Bulk & Skull's lives?

Guest stars: Brad Orchard, Michael Sorich
99 S2E39: Rangers Back in Time (1) 30 min | Feb 04, 1995

Ms. Appleby assigns the class to bring in pictures of themselves when they were younger. Lord Zedd has a very complicated plan in mind, inspired by this trip down memory lane. Using the Rock Of Time, he reverses the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to revert in age by about 10 years! This includes the Ranger Teens, who instantly become Elementary Schoolers (attending 2nd grade in the High School, but ignore that). They have no memory of ever being Rangers, but luckily, Alpha 5 & Zordon do. They work on a plan to return time to normal, but while they do that, Zedd sends down his Putties to attack the Powerless Kids. Despite their lack of experience in fighting, the six kids, plus younger Bulk & Skull, take out the Putties once they discover how to aim for the 'Z'. Zedd creates the Photomare monster out of a Polaroid camera. She snaps a shot of the Powerless Kids, imprisioning them inside the picture!

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Maxxe Sternbaum, Michael R. Gotto, Michael O'Laskey II, Sicily, Matthew Sakimoto, Justin Timsit
100 S2E40: Rangers Back in Time (2) 30 min | Feb 11, 1995

Trapped in Photomare's picture, the Rangers turned little kids are helpless. Young Bulk & Skull come to their rescue, stealing the picture and evading Goldar. They try to convince Mr. Kaplan (who has HAIR in this reverted time period) of their story, and he throws them into detention. Alpha 5 knocks the two little bullies out, takes the picture, and removes the Powerless Kids from captivity. After convincing them of the truth, the six children allow Alpha to use a device to restore their ages to normal. Back to their normal ages, the Ranger Teens morph, fight Photomare (who makes a copy of the Red Dragonzord during the Megazord battle), and race to destroy the Rock Of Time. When it's destroyed, Earth's rotation returns to normal, time flows properly again, and the world is saved.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Scott Page-Pagter, Maxxe Sternbaum, Michael R. Gotto, Michael O'Laskey II, Sicily, Matthew Sakimoto, Justin Timsit
101 S2E41: The Wedding (1) 30 min | Feb 13, 1995

Lord Zedd has to take his centeniall slumber, where he naps for a few weeks once every hundred years. Given this time off, the Ranger Teens, along with Bulk & Skull, go on a school-based vacation in Australia. Little does ANY of them realize, that Rita Repulsa has managed to steer her Space Dumpster back to the moon. She crash lands, sneaks into the Lunar Palace, meets up with her still-loyal servant Finster, and gets restored to her normal height. Rita uses Finster's love potion on Zedd while he sleeps. By the time he wakes up, she's been given a make-over to make her face younger ("I don't look a day over 1000!", she claims). Lord Zedd instantly falls in love with her, as expected. He plans a major wedding, which is exactly what she'd hope would happen, wanting to share his power, then eventually betray him when he least expects it. On Earth, Alpha leaves the Command Center for a relaxing stroll. Finster teleports down, and inserts a virus into his system! Alpha goes haywire, acting cruel and evil. He silences Zordon, and tricks the Rangers, still Down Under, to go to an abandoned theater. They do as ordered, but upon teleporting in, they discover that not only can they not teleport out, but the theater's filled with an army of previously destroyed monsters!

102 S2E42: The Wedding (2) 30 min | Feb 14, 1995

Preparations for the wedding of Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd continues right on schedule, though Goldar is a little suspicious. The Power Rangers are still stuck in the abandoned theatre, outnumbered by a horde of revived monsters. They do manage to escape briefly, which leads into a Megazord battle against several of the grown monsters. Alpha 5, still evilly reprogrammed, not only teleports the Rangers back to the theater, but messes around with Zordon's head-transmission, making him look quite silly.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
103 S2E43: The Wedding (3) 30 min | Feb 15, 1995

Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa are finally wed. It's fancy ceremony in the Lunar Palace throne room, followed by an upbeat reception. Meanwhile, Rita's dowry to Zedd, the Power Rangers trapped in the mystical abandoned theatre, manage to ensnare their revived monster captors, and escape again. Our heroes then storm the Command Center, shutting down Alpha 5, and erasing his evil reprogramming. The automaton is very remorseful, fixing Zordon's head, teleporting Bulk & Skull out of the outback, and restoring the Zords to working order. The Rangers then have another battle against multiple giant revived monsters, and claim victory. Zedd & Rita, riding Serpentera (with a "Just Married" sign hanging behind it), find marital bliss short. The triumph of the Rangers causes the lovebirds to squabble considerably, ruining their plans for a honeymoon.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
104 S2E44: Return of the Green Ranger (1) 30 min | Feb 20, 1995

The Ranger teens get a high school assignment for their three-day weekend: what period of history would they like to have lived in? This inspires Zedd & Rita... or at least Rita, who consults her evil deity and old pal, the Ghost of Darkness. She's told that by removing the Rangers from their leader, Tommy, she will finally be able to attain victory. Rita summons the Wizard of Deception, who sends the teens back in time, leaving Tommy alone and vulnerable in the present. The Wizard then uses a piece of Tommy's hair to create a clone of him... with the powers of the Green Ranger! Only THIS Green Ranger is completely dedicated to the pursuit of evil. Billy, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam find themselves in Angel Grove, California... during the British Colonial days (circa the late 1700s)! They're chased down by redcoats, who believe them to be witches. Back in the present, Tommy, groggy from the Putty battle that resulted in his hair being clipped, meets his evil clone...

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
105 S2E45: Return of the Green Ranger (2) 30 min | Feb 21, 1995

In the present, the White Rangers faces the Green Ranger! Two times the Tommy: one good, one evil. They fight each other, a match quite even. Rita & Zedd are quite pleased by the Wizard Of Deception, who soon uses his magic to go back in time to ensure the other Rangers Teen never make it home. Back in the 18th century Angel Grove, the five time-displace teens meet a kind girl named Marissa, who helps hide them from the redcoat soliders (including a general, who just happens to be Skull's ancestor!) She leads them to her Uncle Ben's farm, discovering him to be Bulk's ancestor! The Wizard eventually appears, and uses his magic to turn three tiny mice into human-sized rat monsters.

Guest stars: Jason David Frank, Michael Sorich
106 S2E46: Return of the Green Ranger (3) 30 min | Feb 22, 1995

In the present: White Ranger continues fighting the Green Ranger. During the fight, Tommy learns from Evil Clone Tommy what happened to his teammates. He uses this knowledge to steal the Wizard Of Deception's wand, and magically travels back in time to rescue them. In late 1700s Angel Grove, the other five Ranger Teens, along with their pals Marissa & Uncle Ben, continue to flee from the Rat Monsters and redcoat soliders. White Ranger eventually appears, and takes his teammates back to the present. There, the team has to call in the Thunder Megazord to combat their old ally, the Dragonzord, which is being used by Tommy's Evil Clone to attack the city. Even the White Tigerzord gets in on the fighting. Tommy is able to break the evil spell on his clone, and thus, the Dragonzord is spared being destroyed (it's sent back into the sea, never to be seen again). Clone Tommy is remorseful, but is able to redeem himself by helping Tommy go back to Colonial Angel Grove and defeat the Rat Monsters. Clone Tommy, still seeming to possess some of the Green Ranger powers, remains in the late 1700s Angel Grove to start his own life. Finally, in the present, Adam, who had a crush on Marissa, bumps into her lookalike decendant.

Guest stars: Jason David Frank
107 S2E47: Best Man for the Job 30 min | Apr 28, 1995

It's time to elect a new school president at Angel Grove High. Tommy runs, with Billy as his manager. Kimberly decides to run as well, with Aisha as her manager. The boyfriend & girlfriend opponents promise a fair race. Unfortunetly, Rita Repulsa casts a spell on them, turning them into bitter rivals. This furious feud between White & Pink Rangers, which goes beyond the presidential race, leads to Goldar capturing Saba from Tommy's belt! He gives the sentient enchanted saber to Rita, who uses it to summon the White Tigerzord. Zordon & Alpha devise a rosy solution to break the spell on Kim & Tommy. Just in time, as the Thunder Megazord is needed to fight the evil White Tigerzord! During the battle, White Ranger is able to steal Saba back, and regain control of the Tigerzord. Long story short, Kimberly wins the election.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
108 S2E48: Storybook Rangers (1) 30 min | Apr 30, 1995

Angel Grove High is sponsoring a book fair. Books of interest for everyone. One such book, a fairytale called "Grumble The Magic Elf", gains the attention of Kimberly, who remembers it from her childhood. Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa use their magics to zap Kim, Tommy & Rocky INTO the storybook. Inside, they meet the title character, a Mr. Tinklesneezer looklike in a Santa Suit. He had a spell cast on him to make him grumpy, and has to deliever a cart of toys to some children to have the spell removed. Zedd & Rita also zap in some Putties, who steal the toys, making sure the story never ends, and ensures the three Ranger Teens remain trapped there forever. If that wasn't bad enough, they run into an evil snowman, who buries them in an avalanche.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
109 S2E49: Storybook Rangers (2) 30 min | May 01, 1995

Still trapped in the book, "Grumble The Magic Elf", Kimberly, Tommy & Rocky escape the snowman's avalanche, thanks to some help from Grumble himself. They're at a loss on how to make sure the story ends, and head back to beg mercy from the man who cast the grumpy spell on Grumble to begin with: Mondo, the Magnificent Magician. He refuses to listen, and turns them away. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Bulk & Skull use a book on monster-making to make their own monster, schemeing to yank off the Rangers' helmets when they come there to fight the creature. Skull screws up the process, and mixes it up with a book on turkey making. With magical help from Rita & Zedd, this results in a creature known as Turkeyjerk! Their wacky monster chases them into the park, where the remaining three Power Rangers are forced to broil the beast with ease. Soon, Zordon & Alpha learn of the missing three Ranger Teens' location. Aisha uses her artistic talents to draw in replacement toys. Grumble gets them to the kids, his grumpy spell is broken, and the three teens are returned to their own reality. Somehow, Rita is an old pal of Mondo the Magician, and summons him from the book. The Thunder Megazord takes this leather & silver metal menace out of the picture.

110 S2E50: Wild West Rangers (1) 30 min | May 07, 1995

Tommy gives Kimberly a cactus as a present. Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa steal it, and turn it into the Needlenose monster. Confused by the cactus' dissapearance, the six Ranger Teens teleport from the Youth Center's hallway to the Command Center... all except Kimberly. She's accidentally sucked into a tear in the fabric of time, known as a Time Hole! Kim ends up in Angel Grove, circa 1880. There, she witnesses Bulk & Skull's ancestors, a pair of bandits known as One-Eyed Bulk & Doc Skullovitch, robbing a stagecoach. Tommy's ancestor, a man in a white cowboy suit on a white horse, known as the White Stranger, saves the day. Kim ends up in Ernest's Juice Saloon, where she meets Rocky's ancestor Rocko, Adam's ancestor Abraham, Aisha's ancestor Miss Alisha, and Billy's ancestor William. In the present, Zedd sends Goldar, Needlenose, and some Putties through the Time Hole, despite the protests of the remaining Power Rangers. The Time Hole closes, leaving our heroes hopeless to recover Kimberly. In old west Angel Grove, the evil space aliens wreck havoc on the town.

Guest stars: Karan Ashley
111 S2E51: Wild West Rangers (2) 30 min | May 08, 1995

Trapped in the Old West and facing multiple villains, Kimberly is forced to morph. She discovers that her powers do indeed work in this time period and takes a chance, teleporting to the Command Center. Zordon & Alpha 5 are awake and quite surprised. Kim informs them of her situation and they lend her the Power Coins. She goes back to Angel Grove, and gives each of her teammates' ancestors the powers of their great great grandchildren. The Pink Ranger, the four Cowboy Rangers, and The White Stranger take on the Putties. Needlenose & Goldar flee through a Time Hole, and once in the present Needlenose grows. The other Rangers use the Thunder Megazord to defeat Needlenose. At the end of the day, Zordon and Billy come up a way to rescue Kimberly. Back in the late 1800s the Rangers' ancestors find their lives enriched by their brief periods as Power Rangers. White Stranger narrowly misses meeting Kimberly's ancestor, who just arrives in town as he rides off into the sunset.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Karan Ashley, Amy Jo Johnson
112 S2E52: Blue Ranger Gone Bad 30 min | May 19, 1995

In art class, a girl named Violet has a major obsessive crush on Billy. She even makes a statue of him! Rita & Zedd send Goldar, Baboo & Squatt down to turn it into a life-sized replica of the Blue Ranger. Except evil, as expected, the real Billy is captured and trapped in another dimension, while his evil twin steals the other Ranger Teens' morphers. Eventually, real Billy escapes from his prison, and confronts his evil twin, Two Blue Rangers at once creates quite confusion among the others! Eventually, the evil one is destroyed. Rita & Zedd turn Tommy's failed art project into a monster called Vase Face.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
113 S2E53: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: Secrets Revealed 30 min | Jun 17, 1995

The six Power Rangers... or rather, their actors... host a detailed look behind the scenes of the first Power Rangers movie.

Guest stars: Amy Jo Johnson, Karan Ashley
114 S3E1: A Friend in Need (1) 30 min | Sep 01, 1995

Alpha 5 is depressed. He receives a distress signal from his creator, King Lexian, deposed ruler of the peaceful planet called Edenoi. Edenoi has been taken over by the evil Count Dregon and his minions. As a favor to Alpha, the Power Rangers take a trip to Edenoi (sans Kimberly, who is currently bed-ridden with the flu). Once there, they bump into Dregon's Plague Patrol. If that wasn't bad enough, the rebels fighting against Dregon's forces think the Rangers are bad guys! The rebels are led by a super-powered bug-armored warrior called the Masked Rider. This misunderstanding doesn't last long, but between Dregon's forces and Edenoi's instability due to all of the poison gas mining nobody is safe!

Guest stars: Ted Jan Roberts, Traci Bellusci, Peter Shinkoda, Winston Story, Ralph Votrian, Jennifer Tung
115 S3E2: A Friend in Need (2) 30 min | Sep 08, 1995

In a cave, the Power Rangers get acquainted with Masked Rider & the Edenoi rebels. Masked Rider powers down, revealing himself to be Prince Dex, grandson of King Lexian, Alpha 5's creator. The story of the Edenites' enslavement by Count Dregon is told, as well as how Dex came to be the Masked Rider, a power handed down throughout the generations of his kingdom. Dregon sends down the Cogworts, three frog-like monsters. This draws the Rangers & rebels out of hiding, to fight both the Cogworts and the pesky Plague Patrol. Back on Earth, Bulk & Skull overhear two pretty women talking about their crushes on the Power Rangers. This inspires the bumbling duo to trick the women into going to a false "secret base" of the Rangers, so they can trick the dames into thinking THEY'RE Rangers. Up on the moon, Lord Zedd & Rita are at a loss for a plan on attacking Earth while the Rangers are away. Eventually, Finster creates the Repellator monster, he's sent down to Angel Grove. With the other Power Rangers on another planet, the flu-sick Kimberly is called into duty.

Guest stars: Ted Jan Roberts, Traci Bellusci, Winston Story, Peter Shinkoda
116 S3E3: A Friend in Need (3) 30 min | Sep 08, 1995

Pink Ranger's flu proves to her advantage, when her sneezing passes the sickness to the Repellator monster, sending him fleeing back to moon. Once there, Repellator gets some medicine from Finster, and eventually returns to Earth. He interrupts Bulk & Skull's attempts to woo the two girls from the previous episodes (not that their cheap mock Power Ranger costumes hadn't already blown it for them). Anyway, back on Edenoi, the other five Power Rangers help Masked Rider & the rebels defeat the Plague Patrol & Cogworts. They teleport back to Earth, where they're needed to assist Kimberly against Repellator, using the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord. After defeating the monster, the Rangers inform Alpha 5 that his creator, King Lexian, is doing well, despite the political turmoil his planet is in. Little do they know, that Count Dregon & his minions have turned their attentions away from Edenoi, and are on their way to attack Earth! King Lexian sends his grandson, Prince Dex, the Masked Rider, to Earth to stop Dregon.

Guest stars: Ted Jan Roberts, Traci Bellusci, Ralph Votrian, Peter Shinkoda, Winston Story, Jennifer Tung
117 S3E4: Ninja Quest (1) 30 min | Sep 10, 1995

Rito Revolto, a skeleton solider with a raspy voice, lands on the moon. He's Rita Repulsa's younger brother, and he's brought with him several evil eggs, as wedding presents for his sister & Lord Zedd (whom he calls "Ed" often). While waiting for them to hatch, Rito is given an army of Finster's 'finest' remade monsters: Octophantom, Fighting Flea, Stag Beetle, and the Lizzinator. Rito Revolto takes these monsters to Angel Grove, where they fight the Power Rangers, and after growing, eventually destroy both the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord! The backlash of power in the morphin grid severly damages the Command Center, and essentially destroys the Rangers' current powers. Also in this episode: Ernie opens an outdoor cafe. Also, inspired by so many womens' love for men in uniform, Bulk & Skull announce their intentions to join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol, shocking everyone.

Guest stars: Wendee Lee, Michael Sorich
118 S3E5: Ninja Quest (2) 30 min | Sep 11, 1995

With their powers and Zords gone, our heroes return to the Command Center, finding Alpha 5 & Zordon alive, but the whole place is wrecked. In an effort to figure out how to get new powers, Zordon & Alpha inform the six humans of the legend of Ninjor, keeper of the Lost Temple. It seems that Ninjor forged the original Power Coins, and using a map found with the original coins, our heroes set out to find him. Meanwhile, on the moon, Lord Zedd, Rita, Rito and the other Evil Space Aliens celebrate their victory. Rito's eggs begin to hatch (all but one), turning out to be a new army of footsoliders: purple birds called Tenga Warriors. Soon, the Rangers, following the map through the deadly Desert of Despair, encounter not only natural traps, but run into the Tengas. They DO find the Lost Temple, but the Tengas do also, planting Rito's final egg, that of a Vampirus monster, at the base of the place. Back on Earth, Bulk & Skull struggle to force themselves into making good on their word, and head for the Angel Grove Police Academy registration office.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
119 S3E6: Ninja Quest (3) 30 min | Sep 12, 1995

The Powerless Rangers find themselves in a mysterious garden after passing through the hidden power vortex in the cave wall. There, they find Tommy, who is standing in front of giant gates leading into a temple, the gates open and allow the Rangers to enter. Inside the Temple, The Rangers are greeted by a whiny little voice that demands that they leave when they ask for Ninjor, Billy traces the source of the voice to a huge Jar, where he finds a small Samurai-style figure called Ninjor. The Rangers tell Ninjor of the destruction of their Zords by Rito, and how Zordon sent them on thier quest to gain new Powers and weapons, Ninjor tests thier loyalty, after being satisifed that the Rangers are indeed a force for good, he grants them them thier new powers and Zords. The Rangers use thier new ninja powers to defeat the Tengas still waiting outside the Temple they use thier new Power Coins to morph into their Ranger coustumes and teleport to Angel Grive to deploy the Zords against Rito, unaware that the Vampirus Egg still lies near the Temple, and it is hatching...

120 S3E7: Ninja Quest (4) 30 min | Sep 13, 1995

After re-gaining there powers, the rangers go back to earth to battle Rito Revolto, in the end the Ninja Mega Falconzord over-powers him with a Double Power Punch. Meanwhile, Ninjor has his hands full at the temple battling the Vampirus that hatched from the egg that Rito gave to Rita & Zedd as a birthday present, Ninjor uses his ninja power to grow & then morph into a warrior mode to combat Giant Vampirus, the rangers show up just in time & together they destroy Giant Vampirus with a Fireball/disk & another Double Power Punch.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Michael Sorich
121 S3E8: A Brush with Destiny 30 min | Sep 17, 1995

The gang discover that Kimberly's mother is moving to Paris with her new boyfriend who is a French painter. As Kimberly becomes ill with worry of what is going to happen to the power team when she departs she starts to have nightmares about a monster called Artisimole (who happens to be a French painter!) Rita and Zedd take advantage of this and have Finster steal the monster from Kimberly's dream and uses it against the Rangers, the only one who can stop it is Kimberly...

122 S3E9: Passing the Lantern 30 min | Sep 18, 1995

Adam attempts to learn more of his heritage when given his family's ancient lantern. Zedd & Rita plan to turn it into a monster, though Lanterra is accidentally created from a different one altogether. The Rangers defeat the monster, and Bulk & Skull's keen policing skills assist in recovering Adam's lantern safely.

Guest stars: Koji Kataoka, Michael Sorich
123 S3E10: Wizard for a Day 30 min | Sep 19, 1995

Rocky finds himself wearing big shoes when he trades places with the strict Science Teacher, Mr. Wilton, as part of the school's new "Teacher for a Day" Project. Meanwhile, inspired by this unusual new project, Rito boasts that he can deal with the rangers if he were made emperor of evil for a day, an amused Lord Zedd officially gives him command of the Tengas, Rito puts a diabolical plan into motion that involves hitting the rangers on a personal level.... Rocky and Mr. Wilton are having trouble fitting into their roles, Rocky as a tutor, and Mr. Wilton as the world's only 45 year-old teen adolescent, the two bond over their difficulties and offer to help one another out, when Rito and the Tengas attack, Rito captures Mr. Wilton and transforms him into the evil Marvo The Meanie.

Guest stars: Bob Zachar
124 S3E11: Fourth Down and Long 30 min | Sep 22, 1995

Rocky's Uncle Joe, a well-known Quarterback, is going to speak to the Angel Grove Football team prior to thier latest battle with arch-enemies Stone Canyon. A young boy called Alan, who wants to play for the team, finds himself in serious trouble when it is revealed he has problems reading, and causes several slip ups in his Chemistry Class, unless he improves, Mr. Wilton will see that he cannot play for the Angel Grove team INDEFINTALY. Rocky volunteers to help Alan study, Wilton agrees. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita create the Centiback monster, a creature made of a Centipede and the skils of a star player..none of course come from a canadian football player, Rocky encourages Alan in their study sessions by claming that his Uncle also had the same kind of problems Alan had, the Centiback monster attacks the playing feild, and starts transforming many of his victims into footballs, the Rangers arrvie to stop him, but have to battle some Tengas before they can take out the Football Fiend. The Rangers play an evil football-style game with theTengas and Centiback, by the game's end, the Rangers are tranformed into Footballs courtesy of a Football-shaped beam fired by the Centiback, only Rocky survives. Rocky retreats to the Command Center, Rocky relaises he must turn the Centiback's beam's powers backwards to restore the Rangers to normal, he does so, but Centiback is turned giant by Zedd and Rita, the Ninja Megafalconzord kicks his butt. Alan is diagnosed with dyslexia and will get the proper tutoring on how to deal with the problem, allowing him to stay on the Football team and improve on his grades.

Guest stars: Bob Zachar
125 S3E12: Stop the Hate Master (1) 30 min | Sep 24, 1995

Aisha is excited about getting into a popular club but when she goes to check the list of the people who got in she doesn't see her name on the list. When Kimberly confronts the leader of the club "Veronica" she tells Kimberly that the club will only allow teens who have rich families. Kimberly quits the club. This gives Zedd and Rita a new plan for a monster. They create The Hate Master who turns Kimberly, Tommy, Adam Billy, and Rocky against each other leaving Zordon and Alpha to find out why Aisha isn't affected.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Charity Hill, Loretta Jean
126 S3E13: Stop the Hate Master (2) 30 min | Sep 25, 1995

As Alpha begins scanning Aisha he discovers that it was her golden heart her grandmother gave her that protected her from the spell. Aisha manages to use her heart to break the spell. The rangers defeat hate master, and when Kimberly confronts the owners of the popular they discover that Veronica has been rejecting other people because of their not wealthness Kimberly agrees to rejoin only if they let Aisha in.

127 S3E14: Final Face-Off 30 min | Oct 01, 1995

Lord Zedd and Rita bring a legend to terrifying reality when they release the Face Stealer monster from his 5,000 year slumber, he begins stealing the faces of the Angel Grove citisens..and even some of the Rangers, can our heros literally save face and defeat this new threat?

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
128 S3E15: The Potion Notion 30 min | Oct 08, 1995

Goldar, in an attempt to eliminate the effects of Rita's love potion on Lord Zedd for good, convinces Finster to create an antidote, meanwhile, the cupid-style "Miss Cheif" Monster causes a few broken hearts as she casts her own love spell across Angel Grove High

Guest stars: Kathy Fisher
129 S3E16: A Ranger Catastrophe (1) 30 min | Oct 15, 1995

Aisha is currently assisting a doctor at an animal shelter. After finishing and meeting Kimberly, Aisha spots a lonely, white cat in the middle of the park, Rita Repulsa, who had been spying, reveals to Lord Zedd and their henchmen that the feline is all part of her latest ploy. Meanwhile, the white feline transforms into a young, blond, teenage girl. The girl works for Rita, While Tommy is anticipating Kimberly's arrival, he meets the girl whose name is Katherine or "Kat". He is somewhat charmed by her, like any man would be, and agrees to help her repair her car during the wait. He does so and is convinced to take the car for a ride. This is all going according to plan, as Rita has Zedd transport the car into another dimension. The Rangers are alerted at the Command Center and presented with Tommy's current whereabouts.

130 S3E17: A Ranger Catastrophe (2) 30 min | Oct 16, 1995

Tommy, trapped in another dimension, faces Goldar and Rito. Kat becomes the Katastrophe monster.

131 S3E18: Changing of the Zords (1) 30 min | Oct 31, 1995

Rita orders Kat to steal the Power Coins but she only manages to get one and that is the Pink Power Coin. When Ninjor's Power Coins are in the hands of evil they begin to affect the owner of that coin and Kimberly begins to become weak as her life essence is part of the coins power. With Kim's power coin Kat gains entry to the Falcon Zord whilst Tommy and Ninjor are fighting a giant Goldar. She knocks him out and throws him down to the ground. To make things worse Goldar defeats Ninjor in the battle and Lord Zedd captures both him and the Falcon Zord. Can the Rangers defeat the Evil Space Aliens without the Falcon Zord, Ninjor and Kimberly?

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
132 S3E19: Changing of the Zords (2) 30 min | Nov 01, 1995

Kimberly is captured when she uses all of her energy to become The Pink Ninja Ranger to try and save Kat from a group of Tengas. Of course it is all a trap set up by Lord Zedd who has discovered the lost Zords of Zornia. If the Rangers want Kimberly back then they have to pilot the lost Zords and destroy the world.

Guest stars: Oliver Page
133 S3E20: Changing of the Zords (3) 30 min | Nov 02, 1995

The Rangers agree to pilot the lost Zords but when Tommy saves Kimberly from Lord Zedd's clutches as he faces the overlord face to face the Rangers take control of the Zords. They now have the power of the Shogun Zords but they haven't won completly. Rita and Zedd still have to Pink Power Coin, Ninjor and the Falcon Zord not to mention Kat.

Guest stars: Brian Tahash, Michael Sorich
134 S3E21: Follow That Cab! 30 min | Nov 04, 1995

Kimberly learns that a famous gymnast coach will be in town looking for athletes for his gymnastic team. Kat informs Rita of what just happened to Kimberly. So she & Zedd make up a monster called Crabby Cabby. While on patrol, Bulk & Skull help out a dude who locked his car keys inside. When he gets in the car & drives off fast, Kimberly tells those two that he was a carjacker & stole her car! Bulk & Skull hail a taxi, have the cab driver out of his taxi while Kimberly, Bulk & Skull chase after the carjacker, then during the chase, Rita & Zedd turn that cab into Crabby Cabby & hold the three hostage. Zordon informs the gang that Kimberly, Bulk & Skull are trapped in Crabby Cabby. So Alpha surprises them with their own cool Shark Cycles, the Rangers are on their Shark Cycles chasing after Crabby Cabby. After a long chase, Rita & Zedd make that monster grow! The Rangers then switch to their Zords, and at the right moment, free Kimberly, Bulk & Skull out of Crabby Cabby, then destroy it! Back at the Juice Bar, Kimberly's a little disappointed that she won't meet that gym coach. But to her surprise, she hears her car horn! Bulk & Skull actully do something right by capturing the carjacker & recovering Kimberly's car!

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Michael Sorich, Julia Jordan, Mark Richardson
135 S3E22: A Different Shade of Pink (1) 30 min | Nov 06, 1995

Kimberly meets a famous gymnastics coach who offers to train her personally for the Pan Global Games. Rita Repulsa, however, decides to ruin her chances by sending divided monster attacks to occupy and tire her out. Rita's plan succeeds, but leads to Katherine breaking free from her spell. The former feline spy rescues Kimberly after finding her unconscious.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
136 S3E23: A Different Shade of Pink (2) 30 min | Nov 07, 1995

We find Kat rushing with the hospital staff, to treat Kimberly, who was knocked out after falling off the balance beam. Up on the moon, Rita and Lord Zedd, angry of course, call Finster for the cause of Katherine breaking the spell. After finding out the selfless act of rescueing Kim overpowered the spell, they proclaim that she had accomplished what she was sent to do - put the Pink Ranger out of commission. Kimberly gradually recovers and Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are called to go and see her. Rita, not letting her plan fall apart, occupied the Rangers with Rito and a platoon of Tenga Warriors. Meanwhile, Kat confesses to Kim about her causing the bulk of most of the unfortunate events that had previously occured. The Rangers made their way to the hospital and forgave Kat, referring to Tommy being evil at first and later becoming part of the team. Afterwards, Zedd and Rita send the dispicable Garbage Mouth to recapture Katherine, but he is eventually destroyed, failing to accomplish his mission. Deciding that only a hostage would get the Rangers to do what they wanted, Rita and Zedd plan to use Ninjor as bait to get the Rangers to give over Katherine. This message is later delivered by Rita and Rito, leaving the Rangers with a hard decision.

Guest stars: Matt K. Miller, Michael Sorich
137 S3E24: A Different Shade of Pink (3) 30 min | Nov 08, 1995

Zordon tells the Rangers that the decision must be made by them. In the Moon Palace, Rita is insulted by Zedd, who doesn't beleive she can pull it off, and she, in return, replies that Ninjor and the Rangers will soon be gone. Kat reveals to Kim that she, too, was in the Pan Globals as a diver, but injured herself and ever since aqcuired a hate for the water. She later explains to Tommy and Rocky that they should let her go, but the two refuse and think of another way. Tommy and Kat meet Rita, Goldar, and Rito in the park where they exchange their items and divulge that they were both attempting to trick eachother; the Rangers with a forcefield and the villains with an empty bottle! Rita summons the Tengas and spectates the battle between the Ninja Rangers and her ferocious virds. During the fight, a Tenga manages to dismantle the forcefield's generator, and Rito steals Kat! The villains depart, leaving the Rangers empty handed. In the evil chamber, Rita and Zed laugh over their victory and plan to drown both Ninjor and Kat in the Sea of Sorrow. With Rito on guard, he is easily deceived and put to sleep, allowing Katherine to escape and get her hands on the Pink Power Coin. Rita enters and calls forth the Tengas, yet Katherine is teleported to safety. On the balcony, Zedd scolds Rita for mesing everthing up, and she screeches that would like to see him do better. Kat does an impressive dive fro Kat and Tommy, and convinces Kim to go back to gymnastics. She does so, and presents an amazing performance at the Pan Globals. When she is offered to go to Florida and train, Kim accepts and leaves the Pink Ranger powers to Kat.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
138 S3E25: Rita's Pita 30 min | Nov 11, 1995

Rita creates a monster which infiltrates Tommy's body and gives the Ranger's leader an overwhelming desire to eat fast foods.

139 S3E26: Another Brick in the Wall 30 min | Nov 13, 1995

Katherine, with her usual activist personality, sets out to clean up an old lot and build a homeless shelter, recruiting all of her Ranger buddies to join her. Angry that Katherine had broken the spell, turning out to be a "goody-goody", Rita Repulsa teams with her brother, Rito Revolto, to ruin Katherine's project and deconstruct Angel Grove. After a few battles and the ruin of Katherine's day of work, four of the Rangers are entrapped by Rita's monster, the Brick Bully, but released by Alpha 5 and Zordon. Billy single handedly destroys Brick Bully, and Katherine receives special recognition for her work.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
140 S3E27: A Chimp in Charge 30 min | Nov 18, 1995

Lord Zedd and Rita transform Kelly, a monkey Kat is teaching to communicate with sign language, into the Sinister Simian, can the Rangers hope to defeat her without harming her?

141 S3E28: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (1) 30 min | Nov 20, 1995

Rita and Rito's father, Master Vile, comes to the moon with a wicked scheme to destroy the Earth using an ancient power source known as the Zeo Crystal. To offset Vile's enhancing of the Tenga Warriors, the Power Rangers are given an upgrade of Metallic Armor.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
142 S3E29: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (2) 30 min | Nov 21, 1995

Tommy faces visions of evil as he makes his way toward the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception, Kat faces an unwilling return to evil, and the other Rangers face Megazord defeat at the slimey hands of the Ninjor-powered Blue Globbor.

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
143 S3E30: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (3) 30 min | Nov 22, 1995

Master Vile hosts an "End Of The World" party at the Youth Center. The Power Rangers make a mad dash to retreive the Zeo Crystal from the distant M-51 Galaxy. But even if they manage to get it and their Zords back, they'll still have to face Globbor, whose power-absorbtion continues to grow.

144 S3E31: The Sound of Dischordia 30 min | Nov 25, 1995

Katherine and Aisha work on thier entrant for a sing song competition to create a new theme for Angel Grove High's radio station, but the arrival of Dischoridia, another ally of Lord Zedds', ensures that Katherine and Aisha get down to a different beat when their bodies are taken over and forced to dance non-stop.

145 S3E32: I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger 30 min | Nov 23, 1995

Lord Zedd, determined to destroy the spirit of Christmas, hijacks Santa Clauses' workshop with hopes of sending children everywhere a device that will turn them evil...can the Rangers, without any powers, bring in the holiday season..and take out thier enemies?

Guest stars: Catherine Sutherland, Robert Von Fliss
146 S3E33: Rangers in Reverse 30 min | Nov 27, 1995

It's Kat's birthday so the other Rangers take her to a surprise outing at a theme park. Whilst this is going on Master Vile sends Rito down with the Orb Of Doom. The Orb's power will make the Earth rotate backwards making everyone on the planet younger. The Rangers try to stop Rito but fail and they become young children. To make matters worse they are powerless. Rita, Zedd, Rito and Goldar make themselves grow and start rampaging through Angel Grove...

Guest stars: Michael R. Gotto, Julia Jordan, Michael O'Laskey II, Sicily, Matthew Sakimoto, Justin Timsit
147 S3E34: Alien Rangers of Aquitar (1) 30 min | Feb 05, 1996

A giant Lord Zedd and his family reign blow upon blow to several buildings and Harbours and endangering lives at their leisure as they make their way to and through Angel Grove. But before they can destroy the city for good, Master Vile reduces them to their original size and lectures the evil team on nearly ruining his plans. Zedd insults Vile and he teleports them back to the Moon Palace, ending thier reign of terror for now, Vile announces that he is holding a Monster Conference, monsters from several planets will attend to destroy the Earth itself. Finally reunited with Zordon and Alpha, the Rangers ask if the Earth can be restored, Zordon says it is possible, but for now there are bigger concerns, Alpha suggests that Zordon summon the Alien Rangers from the Planet Aquitar to defend the Earth

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Brian Tahash
148 S3E35: Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2) 30 min | Feb 06, 1996

At the Command Center, the Kid Rangers and Alpha are able to contact the Alien Rangers. Their leader, Delphine, agrees to help out Zordon despite great risk to her Rangers' well being, due to their being water-based creatures.

Guest stars: Matt K. Miller, Brian Tahash, Michael Sorich, Matt K. Miller
149 S3E36: Climb Every Fountain 30 min | Feb 07, 1996

At the Command Center, Billy is working on a device which, when powered by the Ranger's Power Coins, will reverse the effects of the Orb of Doom's time-alterations on whoever is bathed in it's energy, this will restore the Rangers to normalacy, meanwhile, at The Moon Palace, Lord Zedd and Rita, back in charge once more with the departure of Master Vile, scheme to defeat the Rangers for good, and the only way to do that is to destroy their Power Coins.

150 S3E37: The Alien Trap 30 min | Feb 08, 1996

At the park, Billy is working on a Hydro-Atmospheric Generator in hoipes of duplicating the natural water of the Planet Aquitar, therfore allowing the Aquitian Rangers to remain on Earth without abandoning it for re-hydration purposes. The Aquitians, however, are already weakening, and Billy has to test out the Generator quickly, he and the kid Rangers help the Aquitians to the Angel Grove Lake. The Aquitians enter the lake, but suddenly, Goldar and Rito attack with the Barbaric Brothers, who contaminate the water, Rito then uses a remote controll device to trap the Aquitians in a forcefield to prevent them escaping from the lake as it becomes awash in poison. The Kid Rangers are able to gain control of Rito's device by tricking him with a game of tag, wthe Aquitians are released, and they defeat the Barbaric Brothers in a lengthy battle, when thry grow, the Aquitians use the Battle Borgs and the Shogun Megazord. Lord Zedd is defeated for now, but with the Hydro-Atmospheric Generator destroyed earlier, the Aquitians are forced to return to Aquitar for a full re-hydration, leaving the Earth more vulnerable than ever... TO BE CONTINUED

Guest stars: Michael Sorich, Cy Roscoe
151 S3E38: Attack of the 60' Bulk 30 min | Feb 10, 1996

The Kid Rangers decide to have some fun at the Angel Grove Splash City Water Park, but find thier happiness spoiled by Bulk and Skull's mischevous pranks. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd send Rito and Goldar into the subterranean tunnels underneath the Command Centre, their goal is to set up an implosive device at the end of the tunnel which will reduce the structure to rubble, unfourtuantly, the two bumblers lose the map...and themselves Lord Zedd transforms Bulk into a monster, Brat Boy, and deploys him to attack the Rangers whilst the Aquitians are off-planet, when the Aquitians return, fully re-hyrdated, they defeat Brat Boy, but he grows to an incredible size, the Aquitians battle him in the Battle Borgs. The Kid Rangers appeal to Brat Boy's human side, reminding him he DOES have freinds (or at least one freind in Skull) Brat Boy resists Lord Zedd's mind control and returns to normal. Back at the Command Centre, Zordon tells the Rangers that the only way to restore thier powers and the world to it's present time is the Zeo Crystal, divided into different sub-sections across time, the Rangers must travel through the ages to locate each segment if they hope to defeat their enemies and save this world...

Guest stars: Bob Zachar
152 S3E39: Water You Thinking? 30 min | Feb 12, 1996

Billy and the Aquitians say goodbye to the Kid Rangers as they jump into a time hole to begin their search for the missing sub-sections of the Zeo Crystal. Cestro begins to weaken from lack of water, and the Aquitians communicate with local aquatic lifeforms to locate a source to replenish their comrade, whilst Lord Zedd calls in an old freind, Witchblade, to ambush Cestro whilst he is defensless, he also generates a forefeild around the Earth to prevent the Aquitians from summoning the Battle Borgs from Aquitar.

153 S3E40: Along Came a Spider 30 min | Feb 13, 1996

Billy seeks out a device he'll need to combine the Zeo Crystal sub-pieces, and ends up webbed-up by Arachnofiend. Meanwhile, Adam journeys to Korea at some point in the past in search of his Zeo Crystal, he seeks out an ancient wiseman known as Kai-Ogi for guidance, but all he runs into is oblivious people and a persistantly annoying old man! Also, the Aquitians discover the joys of walking through a car wash.

Guest stars: Julie Maddalena, Gerald Okamura, Milton Quon
154 S3E41: Sowing the Seas of Evil 30 min | Feb 14, 1996

Katherine and Tommy each try to retreive thier Zeo sub-crystals, Katherine's good heart is tested by people who look like future versions of herself, and Tommy learns of his Native American heritage from a wise old man called True of Heart, meanwhile, the Aquitians attempt to prevent Lord Zedd and Rita from summoning their sworn enemy, the Hydro Hog, to Earth...

Guest stars: Michael Sorich
155 S3E42: Hogday Afternoon (1) 30 min | Feb 15, 1996

Lord Zedd and Rita succeed in bringing the Hydro Hog to Earth and the Aquitians are soon brought to their knees as he begins draining all the water on the planet! Meanwhile, Aisha arrives in Africa searching for the final sub-segment of the Zeo Crystal. On her journey she meets a young girl called Tanya and learns of a crippling famine affecting the land.

156 S3E43: Hogday Afternoon (2) 30 min | Feb 17, 1996

The Kid Rangers are able to revive the weakened Aquitians. Meanwhile in Africa, Aisha learns that her Zeo sub-crystal is in the possession of Tanya's tribe and that it was foretold that she would arrive to help fight the famine problems affecting the village. As the Zeo quests conclude, so do Rita and Lord Zedd's plans to destroy the Command Center. The Rangers' lives are about to be changed forever...

Guest stars: Shell Danielson, Nakia Burrise


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826663170269 DVD 1 Oct 18, 2016
826663188240 DVD 1 Aug 07, 2018
826663134407 DVD Free Nov 20, 2012
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