UFA Fiction (2016)
Comedy, Drama
Germany | German | Color | 1h 51min

It's no surprise when Karo is fired. She is loud, over-emotional and egocentric, more so than the average Berliner wise-ass, says her best friend Anna. Karo is not one to give up easily, though: she opts for radical change and goes into therapy. Although her therapist advises her to keep calm, Karo throws herself into it.

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Claudia Eisinger Karo
Katja Riemann Luzy / Karo's mother
Barbara Schöne Oma / Grandma Bille
Laura Tonke Anna
Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider Max
Maren Kroymann Annette / therapist
Christoph Letkowski Philipp / Karo's friend
Joachim Paul Assbock
Detlev Buck Micki / Karo's Vater-father
Emelie Harbrecht
Fabian Passamonte Schnurrbert
Sebastian Schwarz Arzt / doctor
Carlotta von Falkenhayn Brüll / Mädchen-girl


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5051890304377 DVD