Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On: Season 1

David Production (2016)
Animation, Anime, Fantasy, Action
Japan | Japanese | Color | 24min

This is a world where both men and monsters exist. Those who hunt the monsters are called Hunters. But in a small corner of the Hunter's world, there are those called Riders who bond with and coexist with monsters. With their Kizuna Ishi (Bonding Stones) that allow them to awaken the hidden power inside monsters, Riders live in secrecy together with their Otomon, the monsters they formed a connection with.
Ryuto, a young boy living in the Rider village of Hakum, dreams of becoming the world's best Rider. Having just turned 12, he sets out to find his own Otomon for himself before the ceremony where he is given his own Kizuna Ishi. Together with his kind-hearted childhood friend Cheval, his inquisitive childhood friend Lilia, and his partner Naville, he sets out deep into the forest, and has a miraculous encounter with a Rathalos.

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1 The Power of Bonds 25 min | Oct 01, 2016

Here is the world where monsters and people coexist. In the corner of the world of hunters living by hunting monsters, there were riders who tied up with monsters and lived together. The boy who lives in the rider's village · Lute's dream is to become "the world's best rider". Lute who is 12 years old will go to the back of the forest with his childhood schwar and lyria, and his buddy Nabellu to find out for himself the monster «Otomon» who tied first.

2 A Monstie Is Born! 25 min | Oct 08, 2016

A lute hatching an egg found in the forest without tying stone. The born monster was the sky champion Lioleus! Cheval that worried whether you can bond with Otomon, looking at such a lute. Lilia, on the other hand, was not determined to become a rider. A lute who greets "a ceremony of bonding" to become a real rider, suddenly there Tigarex attacks it ...! What?

3 Absolute Power 25 min | Oct 15, 2016

Lute and Reus succeed in capturing the Tigarex with a cohesive technique that was launched by chance. A hunter came to Hakum village who seemed to have regained peace with such lute's success! "The rider should not be known about its existence to the hunter." That was the rule of Hakum village where riders live.

4 The Kinship Rite 25 min | Oct 22, 2016

"Ceremony of bondation" which was suspended by Tigarex 's raid is resumed. The lutes challenge as many trials as possible to be a rider of one, but can not clear easily. On the other hand, Lilia, who was worried about the lutes, was secretly following him.

5 Off to the Monstie Races 25 min | Oct 29, 2016

The apprentice riders lute have been trained today aiming for a single rider. Meanwhile, Otomon Race by apprentice rider will be held in Hakum village for the first time in ten years! Embracing each thought in the chest, they were apprentices riders who stand on the starting line ...?

6 Quest for the Golden Egg 25 min | Nov 06, 2016

Gold egg ... It is a very rare egg which rarely happens to be born in the eggs of Garga. Cheval took a chance to seek for that gold egg somehow but it is hard to find. A lute that appeared as a supporter under Chewal who was at a loss. They were supposed to look for golden egg again ...?

7 Like Mom Used to Make 25 min | Nov 13, 2016

Mischievous twins, Denden and Linlin. The inhabitants of Hakum village were in great trouble with the two mischiefs. Even though the lutes also encounter the mischief and pay attention, the two do not appear to get worse all the way. However, there was a lonely translation in their actions ....

8 Navirou in Love 25 min | Nov 20, 2016

A peddler, Pink, who has charismatic popularity in Hakum village came. The villagers are quickly coordinated with her hands, the village is crowded! Meanwhile, Niru Lou has fallen in love with Airo Mocha who works under her! What?

9 Dan and Silvia's Zeal! 25 min | Nov 27, 2016

Dan is the leader of the riders, a senior who is reliable for the lutes. However, I am worried that myself is not enough for everyone. While looking up at a big tree on the hill of Mosco, Dan remembers about her old friend, Silva ....

10 Portent of Disaster 25 min | Dec 04, 2016

In the latest ill omen, the village's beneficial wind turns violent. Hyoro struggles to live up to the expectations of his demanding brother Genie.

11 Before the Storm 25 min | Dec 11, 2016

One day, a letter arrives from Simone which is a longing admirer for Lilia. In the letter, the contents say "I am worried about Hakomu who recently hid his village" was written. Lilia who wants to use Simonne, a scrivener, decides to investigate and report himself about Hachomatsu!

12 Invasion of the Nargacuga 25 min | Dec 18, 2016

Suddenly violent Narugakuga appeared in the peaceful Hakum village! Hakum village will be messed up as it is ...! It was a lute who managed to stop Nargacruka who was inflicted by the black badness and forgotten me ...! What?

13 A Lioleia Is Born! 25 min | Dec 25, 2016

By the assault of Narugakuga, a devastated black, Hakum village suffers great damage. Collapsed houses, injured Otomon ... I could not accept the reality, and Cheval was stunned. Meanwhile, Cheval, who knew that her mother protected the ego of Riolea, is certainly determined.

14 Face the Black Blight 25 min | Jan 08, 2017

Cheval, who was able to hatch Liolea safely. It was Shukaru who challenged with Lute, Mill and Hyoro to Narugakuga which is a stiffness, feeling a strange incident on the way ...?

15 The Journey Begins 25 min | Jan 15, 2017

The time has come for the young Riders to venture forth beyond Hakum Village, accompanied by excitement, responsibility, and not a little trepidation.

16 Avinia's Secret 25 min | Jan 22, 2017

Luts whose excitement does not stop in the outside world for the first time. Such a journey of themselves is not going to be easy ...? Lute 's journey began here to purify the Koba odor that was invaded by Black' s berserk and to find Reus, which may be somewhere in this wide world ...!

17 Meet the Riddlemaster 25 min | Jan 29, 2017

Lute and Naburu who have been strayed with Cheval in the snowy mountains meet the injured girl Ayuria. Lute listened to the rumor of "The Dragon Man of the Snowy Mountains" at the hot spring inn that took us to Ayuria ...?

18 Welcome to Gildagaran 25 min | Feb 05, 2017

Luts who arrived safely in the Hunters Guild city · Gil de Karan. Therefore, I self-name, I meet Hunter · debris, the best in the city. The luteists decided to go to the woods listening to the rumors of "black monsters" from debris.

19 Nerscylla Blitz! 25 min | Feb 12, 2017

Lute and Naburuu who decided to lodge in Hunter · Rivert's house he met in Hakum village. In order to earn a boarding fee, I was supposed to receive a quest right away with Iyankuku, a new Otomon ...?

20 The Legend of Pawpad Place 25 min | Feb 19, 2017

Lilia investigated the existence of bonds that seems to be a bond in the southeastern forest of the city of Gildekaran. With the lute and Nabeloo going through the forest, what was there was "Nikkie village" how Ayru lives hidden! Furthermore, in order to advance to the back of the forest it is necessary to become a member of the village. So Nabeloo will receive a ceremony for adults ...?

21 Barroth, Landslide Wyvern 25 min | Feb 26, 2017

Lutes who were asked to investigate unexplained sediment from Simone. It seems that everything is rumored that a "black monster" appeared in the desert. The lutes who felt that something had to do with the danger of black jumped to the desert quickly, but suddenly Volvollos appeared there ...! What?

22 Desert Mayday 25 min | Mar 05, 2017

Lute cars arrived safely in the desert camp site, Shakudo, but we can not accept riders easily at the camp. Meanwhile, a report that the devastating Dosugareos appeared in the desert comes in! Luts ordered to stay from the hunters, Dr. Manelger and assistant Ichibitz appeared there ...! What?

23 The Horned Wyvern's Lament 25 min | Mar 12, 2017

Dan and Genee in Hakum village came to Shakudo! While rejoicing reunion, camp hunters were plagued by running sand which still does not stop even if it punished Doosgales. The lutes who thought that the cause of blackness was involved in the cause started to investigate whether there is a bondbarestone that was invaded by the black badness nearby ... ...?

24 Sky Wyvern, Land Wyvern 25 min | Mar 19, 2017

From the emergence of Diabloth lutes who withdrew temporarily to the city of Gildekaran. While worried about the injured Lilia, a groove of mind was gradually created between the lute and Cheval. Meanwhile, the lute who went out to the festival held in the city remembered the event of the festival in Hakum village when he was young.

25 Diabolical Diablos, Horned Wyvern 25 min | Mar 26, 2017

When I came to Ribeir's hometown · Albu - rus village, it was desertified all around. And there is a dragged tidbit stone .... Luts who are trying to move to revive the village, Famaru and Norm Villageman were unable to accept the existence of riders from one of the remodeled monsters. At that time a violent earthquake occurred, Diablosis appeared after breaking the earth! !

26 The Mysterious White Dragon 25 min | Apr 01, 2017

A lute that can not hide the shock that Cheval has chosen another way. At that time, listen to the story of the Red Dragon Otomon and the White Dragon from the Guild Master. Moreover, knowing that Master of the debris · Nedan is descendant of Redan, are going to meet ...?

27 Dovan Volcano Memories 25 min | Apr 08, 2017

Lute and Nabelu headed for Dovan volcano. However, Nabiru pounding his head when listening to the name of the volcano. In Furukuraito geo which arrived, debris was selling dubious things called artificial tie stone!

28 Onward, Numbers! 25 min | Apr 15, 2017

The lutes who have been dropped by Dr. Manerger to the garbage dump. There were lots of weird Ayru! They say that they are numbers, saying that Naburuu is their own group ...?

29 The Dragon in the Sea of Fire 25 min | Apr 22, 2017

Lute and numbers who came to Dr. Manerger by fire dragon car. However, Dr. Manelger comes out with a modified Agnakotoru. Lutters who stand up can stop Dr. Manerger's evil mechanism! What?

30 Parting Ways 25 min | Apr 29, 2017

Reus has been defeated by the black danger! Cheval Chevres rushes to attack if he is evil, if he is an enemy who must be knocked down. But still the lute believes in the bond between Reus and Cheval.

31 Be the Forest, Be the Beast 25 min | May 06, 2017

Dr. Monster ran away and made a mine a nest. Rivaert and lute who took the quest and headed to the mine, actually, recently, there are rumors that ghosts come out in the mountains .... Heading to the sobbing voice, there ...! !

32 All-Out Airborne Assault! 25 min | May 13, 2017

Black Koruni village may be approaching! Although I try to go in a hurry, the ship headed for an island with Kupuni village often does not return, he says he can not cross the island now. Meanwhile, lute people who hear that only people called captain Bandit will bring out the ship, are they ...?

33 Black Wolf Bird's Strikes Back 25 min | May 20, 2017

Mayor Mataru gently welcomes Naburu. Lutes who spend their time slowly after a long absence, black obscurity surely approached the village. Naburui headed for the investigation into the forest, for some reason is being enemies at the Airo · Trao and Kagishippo on the island ....

34 Rainbow Beach Blockade! 25 min | May 27, 2017

Pickle stone of Mataru village headman was stolen! What's more, the things that Numbers says are disjointed and can not connect! Lute who wants to find Tuberosol as soon as possible takes action different from Nabiruu, but also falling apart! Is it?

35 White Dragon's Egg 25 min | Jun 03, 2017

Lilia found the ruins of Redang in the depths of Buddha's dense forest! Lutes heading to the survey at once. Meanwhile, Dr. Manelger was pursuing Redmen's Otomon · White Dragon. Cheval also unexpectedly responded to the word of the strongest Otomon ... ...

36 Follow Dr. Manelger! 25 min | Jun 10, 2017

An egg of a white dragon has passed to Dr. Manelger 's hand! Luts who visited Albuquax village looking for clues reunite Rivert at a bar. However, there are funniest hunters and Airou in a state like that ...!

37 The crisis of Hakum village, again! 25 min | Jun 17, 2017

Dr. Manelger is in Hakum village! Everyone greeted me warmly, lute guys who returned to my hometown after a long absence. In Hakum village there are still hidden land and ties. Omno village mayor begins to tell the truth.

38 Small bouquet 25 min | Jun 24, 2017

Cheval which appeared in Hakum village. Omno village mayor will cease, but the Jeanie was wondering how he could speak to himself considering Cheval's feelings. Meanwhile, Roloa gave Cheval, passing the flowers that bloomed at the remains of the house of Vlau.

39 Trials! To the Tower of Mirage 25 min | Jul 01, 2017

Chewel cut off all her ties and left. Still, to the lute that believes the bond, Omuna mayor advocates practicing in a sacred place · a tower of a mirage. Along with Ayuria who has already overcome the trials, the lute heads for finding out what the real bond is.

40 Brachydios the Destroyer 25 min | Jul 08, 2017

Lute is asked to help Quest from Rivert. It is the brakhy dios of the fighting monster / defeat that Rivault has chased for many years to punitive. Rivaert seems to be related to that brachyosis ...?

41 The Nargacuga Returns 25 min | Jul 15, 2017

Mill and Hyoro surprised by Cheval who says she has abandoned Leia. Dr. Manelger who found an egg of white dragon comes along. Cheval told that it is necessary to wear a new tie made by Manelger to awaken the egg ...?

42 Numbers, Assemble! 25 min | Jul 22, 2017

Finally the remodeled bondstone was completed, but Cheval was gone somewhere. Meanwhile, the lute headed to Mount Rise where there is a tideland. How many numbers there were also doing followers of Dr. Manerger!

43 Forest of Confusion 25 min | Jul 28, 2017

There was no ginko in Rise Mountain. What appeared before the lutes who headed to the new place was Mill and Hyoro who broke up with Cheval once. Debris joined there, and it is lute who decided to aim for a forest of hesitation ...?

44 Mysterious Wonderful Encounter with the Phantom Beast Giraffe 25 min | Aug 05, 2017

The lutes who came out looking for the bondite gone lose sight of the way to go through in the wandering forest. When it began to rain and thunder fell, Simone says "Remember the thunder when you get lost" remember the word ...!

45 Annihilation of Celion Mountain 25 min | Aug 12, 2017

I found out that the location of Tsuboishi is drawn on the stone monument of Redan! A lute who departs to aim for the last bond and gemstones. Meanwhile, Schwar finally gave in to the invitation of Dr. Manelger and handed out an important bondite.

46 Birth! Legendary White Dragon 25 min | Aug 19, 2017

The legendary white dragon was born! Cheers are declaring themselves to be Reden, and they have been attacking the lute though they are lute chasing after hurry. Although it was a white dragon showing overwhelming power, a sudden incident occurred ...! What?

47 Final Battle! Best Black 25 min | Aug 26, 2017

The last bond of ginkgo begins to be affected by the danger of black. Although lute boys going around avoiding the haze, the devastating white dragon has finally turned into the most dark black! And the danger of black gradually begins to invade Reus ...?

48 A Miracle in White 25 min | Sep 02, 2017

Together with Reus who overcame the devastation, the lute took Nabeloo and confront the most devastating black! While the ground Chevales were watching, all the bonds were released. Can lute be able to save the world! What?

49 Invasion! Black Riders 25 min | Sep 16, 2017

It is fleeting that the world became peaceful, lutes who know that Ayuria was taken away. It seems that the name of the person who took him was Black Riders. It was a lute who tried to rescue Ayuria from them ...

50 A strong and dangerous mysterious guy 25 min | Sep 23, 2017

Lutes who have no way to formulate Gail of Black Riders before. Gail is a user of Otomon's rare species / dusk, showing the overwhelming power difference between lute and Reus. It is said that the dusk passes through what is called a "ceremonial tradition". Can the lutes go through this pinch! What?

51 Narcissistic after the unprecedented !? Mad seeing! 25 min | Sep 30, 2017

Mill and Hyeoro came out looking for a new Otomon egg. Meanwhile, Naliki was trying to regain the senior riders' tiesite along with the beats. Black Riders' mad appeared there !!

52 Forest Ninja, Shadow Come! 25 min | Oct 07, 2017

Cheval, who we parted with the lutes and decided to look for Ayuria. In the middle of that I decided to go to Vakadoka Village where an old rider called Talba guards. Shuru who are welcomed from the villagers, but shadows of black riders were creeping in the shadow behind it ....

53 Ganbare! Dos rampos! 25 min | Oct 14, 2017

Naliki does not go as he wants to practice, and he suffers from Otomon's Ranpo and Navigator's beats. Naliki is going to argue with beats. Meanwhile, Black Riders' Lars was approaching Hakum village ....

54 For Ayuria! 25 min | Oct 21, 2017

Debris was collecting information on Black Riders at Gildekaran to help Ayuria. Debris who heard about the tradition ceremony from Simone has decided to go to Deda grand with TITTY in order to carry on the tradition ceremony to Dos Phougie ....

55 The Bolt Rathalos 25 min | Oct 28, 2017

Black Riders scattered all over the world to find a lute with a strong bondstone. Meanwhile, the lute who was practicing under Dede 's grandfather decided to head to a monster in order to acquire a binding gene.

56 A Lukewarm Kinship 25 min | Nov 05, 2017

Cheval to visit Dede grand to do the tradition. It was aiming for the back of the snowy mountain that there is a strong monster, but Cheval had fallen with heat. It's Coolio trying to protect Cheval from this struggle! What?

57 It's hard being a Vice Captain 25 min | Nov 12, 2017

Papan is looking into Black Riders. I heard that Lyria had grasped the purpose clue they were collecting Tsuishi and headed for the Omi Valley together. It seems like a dangerous place to be called a hunter's trial place ....

58 Navirou's Great Fart Plan! 25 min | Nov 19, 2017

The lutes decided to seek information of Black Riders and aim for the village of Nikke. I came across Dr. Manelger by chance. Lutos who expect that Dr. may have information of Black Riders, but what seems to be strange ....

59 Darkness and bonds 25 min | Nov 26, 2017

Cheval in the Kuba desert. Cheval had previously made Otomon in this area, but it cared about Naruga Kuruga who chewed herself out of Cheval. Meanwhile, the shadow of the four ruler of the Black Riders also aimed at the Kuba desert for the stone hunting -!

60 Otomon Race, again! 25 min | Dec 03, 2017

This year Otomon Race will be held in Hakum Village. Mill, Hyoro, Nariki, who came over there. While the race began and showed excitement, the Black Riders Lars aiming for Rider's bondite had infiltrated Hakum village!

61 Resurrection? Dear Manel! 25 min | Dec 10, 2017

Ichibitsu appeared before the numbers. He says he wants Dr. Manelger to fall back to "research loss". Although it is non-elective numbers, I headed to the laboratory to obtain even Ayuria's information at all.

62 Lute VS Gail again! 25 min | Dec 17, 2017

Riders in Hakum village who decided to search black castle and search. Meanwhile, Black Riders' Gale appeared again before the lute and Nabeloo. It is Gale who tries to rob the lute's bondstone, but its purpose seems to be different from other black riders ....

63 The Great Avinia Rescue Operation! 25 min | Dec 24, 2017

Lutes who were able to find Ayuria's captive Blackcastle. But before that, the four ruler of Black Riders stands. Could it be that the lute can rescue Ayuria !?

64 Hakum village's New Year 25 min | Jan 07, 2018

The lutes who rescued Ayuria and returned to Hakum village. Ayuria was healed by the exchange with people in Hakum village. Meanwhile, Lute and Cheval will plan a surprise to please Ayuria.

65 Bonds in memory 25 min | Jan 14, 2018

Ayuria who came to Daede in order to do a ceremonial tradition to Leoparda. Upon receiving Tsubaki from Deda grandson, when suffering from which monster it got a binding gene, suddenly the girls of Black Riders appeared before Ayuria!

66 Two people shadow 25 min | Jan 21, 2018

Hakum village riders who listen to Gail's identity from Ayuria and discuss Black Riders. At such time, Roroa got into the woods to collect herbs. Black Riders' shadow attacked Hakum village there ....

67 The plan of Amvis 25 min | Jan 28, 2018

Lutes who think countermeasures against Black Riders aiming at Ayuria. Meanwhile, Gale, who is in Blackcastle, was trying to do a plan, as the superposition ceremony that Anvis had for Shadow failed.

68 Assault! Steel Dragon 25 min | Feb 04, 2018

Riders at Hakum village where Naliki stores the power, such as making Braque Dios' blow a new Otomon. At such time, Gail of Black Riders attacked Hakum village. However, I will go back to it easily. What is Gayle's true purpose! What?

69 Spy Debris 25 min | Feb 11, 2018

Ayuria who was caught again by Amvis. Lute chasing after that, aiming for black castle. At that time, debris alone was infiltrating Blackcastle as a spy.

70 Rider of the Unvis 25 min | Feb 18, 2018

Gale arrived at Blackcastle earlier than the lute. Amvis intimidated Gail as to put Ayuria on the hostage to put himself on the hostage. To resisting Ayuria and Gale, Amvis starts talking about the relationship between two parents ... ...

71 Advance of Kusadodaura 25 min | Mar 04, 2018

At last a superimposition ceremony was held, and Ambis and his Otomon Kusade Daola who had powered up. Luteies who are trying to stop progress somehow, but they were unable to approach Amvis because of the storm.

72 Koryu Denki Measures Meeting 25 min | Mar 11, 2018

Anvis who had destroyed Fulcrumite Geo was proceeding to Gildekaran. Simone and Captain Gentlar who heard the crisis convoke the Old Long Defense Meeting. There are reliable helpers there too ... ...

73 A Rider Called Anvis 25 min | Mar 18, 2018

At last the battle of the decisive battle ended and was dropped. Rider and hunter at Monsone Plain, and Aruu also get together to face Amvis. Will the strategy succeed and I can overcome Amvis !?

74 Wind and clouds and songs 25 min | Mar 25, 2018

Lutes who do not have the power to make Amvis an increase in power. Meanwhile, Gale tells us that there is a secret to overcome Amvis, and that we need to approach Amvis for that. Lutes who believe in Gail and cooperate. However, there was a big danger in the secret strategy ....

75 Kizuna 25 min | Mar 31, 2018

The lutes who knocked down Amvis and was able to rescue Michael from the darkness. Although they are relieving lutes, Michael suddenly collapses and goes to a deep sleep. Lullys worried decided to return to Hakum village to quietly rest Michael. So, Michael will have a strange dream ....


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
704400023255 Blu-ray Disc 1, A, B Feb 13, 2018 Blu-Ray DVD
704400023262 Blu-ray Disc 1, 2, 4, A, B Apr 17, 2018 4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD
704400023279 Blu-ray Disc 1, 2, 4, A, B Jul 17, 2018 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital
704400025457 Blu-ray Disc 1, 2, 4, A, B Oct 09, 2018 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital