Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Sony Pictures (1996)

USA / English / 93 mins
IMDb 4.9

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Teryl Rothery Running Coach
David Cameron State Police Lt.
Fulvio Cecere Tow Driver
Tori Spelling Laurel Lewisohn
Suzy Joachim Detective Sandy Unger
Ivan Sergei Billy Jones (Kevin Shane)
Lochlyn Munro Kevin Shane
Lisa Banes Jessica Lewisohn
Kevin McNulty
Hrothgar Mathews English literature Instructor
Gabrielle Miller
Todd Caldecott Jackson
Raimund Stamm Service Man
Bryn Erin Erin
Cheryl Wilson Admissions Counselor


Jorge Montesi
Writer Edmond Stevens, Claire R. Jacobs
Producer Preston Fischer
Photography Philip Linzey
Musician Irwin Fisch


Laurel has the boyfriend of her dreams, Kevin. He can and will do anything for her. He is totally devoted to her but the downside is that he won't leave her alone. When she tries to get some distance he responds with aggressiveness. It finally dawns on Laurel that he is not good for her. Laurel's mother Jessica has already started to suspect that something is wrong with his background.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
043396382701 1 2011-06-07
043396499621 1 2017-03-28