Motorvej på sengekanten

Palladium (1972)

Comedy, Family, Adult
Denmark / Danish / 100 mins
IMDb 4.9
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Søren Strømberg Martin Ludvigsen
Paul Hagen Driver
Birte Tove Line
Annie Birgit Garde Emma
Axel Strøbye Hr. Bosserup
Arthur Jensen Piversen
Susanne Jagd Irmelin
Karl Stegger Trafikministeren
Valsø Holm Departementschef
Ulf Pilgaard Vejmand
Christoffer Bro Journalist Edward
Kirstern Passer Anna
Arne Hansen Anton
Ulla Jessen Berthe
Benny Hansen Berthes mand


John Hilbard
Writer Finn Henriksen, John Hilbard
Producer Finn Henriksen
Photography Mikael Salomon, Aage Wiltrup
Musician Ole HØYER


In this Danish sex comedy, precisely opposite goals lead a young official of the Department of Roads and Traffic and all the women of the local village to end up in the sack. His goal is to get them to sign papers allowing a new highway to go through the middle of town. Their goal is to get him to re-route the highway.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
5706102329081 1
7319980041051 2 1972-00-00
7090001713330 2