Native America

Native America

PBS (2018)

At the intersection of modern scholarship and Native knowledge is a new vision of the Americas and the people who built it.


Robbie Robertson
David Carrasco Himself
Beau Dick Himself
Phillip Conrad Bread Himself
Jhane Myers On camera talent

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Director Gary Glassman
Scott Tiffany
Joseph Sousa
Producer Gary Glassman, Scott Tiffany, Julianna Brannum, Joseph Sousa, Ben Sweeney, Maureen Barden Lynch, Rob Tinworth, Jeffrey Dobereiner, Alicia Lane
Photography Wes Dorman, Ian Kerr, Tim Metzger, Jason Longo, Yoan Cart, Rob Fortunato
Musician Ed Tomney

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1 From Caves to Cosmos 55 min | Oct 22, 2018

The premiere of the documentary series, which investigates the world created by America's First Peoples some 15,000 years ago. First up: Who they were. The answer hides in Amazonian cave paintings, Mexican burial chambers, New Mexico's Chaco Canyon and waves off California's coast.

2 Nature to Nations 55 min | Oct 30, 2018

Recalling the rise of great American nations, from monarchies to democracies. Included: lost cities in Mexico; a temple in Peru; a potlatch ceremony in the Pacific Northwest; and a tapestry of shell beads in upstate New York.

3 Cities of the Sky 55 min | Nov 13, 2018

Discovering the cosmological secrets behind America's ancient cities. Scientists explore some of the world's largest pyramids and 3D-scan a lost city of monumental mounds on the Mississippi River. Also: native elders reveal ancient powers of the sky.

4 New World Rising 55 min | Nov 13, 2018

How resistance, survival and revival are revealed through an empire of Comanche warriors, secret messages encoded in an Aztec manuscript and a grass bridge in the Andes that spans mountains and centuries.


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