Studio Home Entertainment (1993)
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

In the future, chaos is rampant as 'information terrorists' threaten to destroy order in society. Alex is a part-man, part-machine LAPD cop who is the best at what he does. When one of the terrorists calls him a machine, Alex questions his humanity and decides to leave the force. His final assignment is to apprehend an old colleague who has stolen some data. However, there is more than meets the eye and Alex must question his allegiance.

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Olivier Gruner Alex
Tim Thomerson Farnsworth
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Angie-Liv
Merle Kennedy Max Impact
Yuji Okumoto Yoshiro Han
Marjorie Monaghan Jared
Nicholas Guest Germaine
Vincent Klyn Michelle
Thom Mathews Marion
Marjean Holden Pam
Brion James Maritz
Deborah Shelton Julian
Jennifer Gatti Rosaria
Borovnisa Blervaque Morico
Thomas Jane Billy
Jackie Earle Haley Einstein
Adrianna Miles German National
Rhino Michaels Bar Patron
Rob Carlton Waiter
Mabel Falls Old Woman
Jack Thomerson Technician
Branscombe Richmond Mexican Man
Barbara C. Adside Special Appearance
Sven-Ole Thorsen Cyborg Interrogating Old Woman

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Director Albert Pyun
Writer Rebecca Charles
Producer Eric Karson, Ash R. Shah, Tom Karnowski, Ash R. Shah, Anders P. Jensen, Sundip R. Shah, Sunil R. Shah
Photography Henning Brümmer


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
4032614507022 Blu-ray Disc 2, B 2015
4032614509187 Blu-ray Disc
5037899059661 Blu-ray Disc
658149400023 DVD 1 Dec 15, 1998
5018501010034 DVD 2 Jul 29, 2002
5706101524067 DVD 2
057373136874 DVD Jul 27, 1999
5018501400057 DVD
5706111524064 DVD
5060139186810 DVD
7506005905508 DVD
5706131524068 DVD
265814940007 DVD
022389184331 VHS
057373113981 VHS
5708716080761 VHS
057373114056 VHS
014381243666 LaserDisc