Never Die Young

Color | 1h 6min

Guido Peters is born in Petange the 7th of december1959. At the age of 12 he was sent in a boarding school in Arlon. Three years long, years that seemed an eternity. As he returns to Petange, he starts behaving differently. By the age of 15, he is taking drugs and becomes dependent to them. In order to keep up with his own needs, he is selling heroine and finally gets in trouble with the police. At the age of 20, he gets involved in a tragic story .... Wanting to flee away from the police station he was arrested in, Guido jumps over an 8 meters tall wall. In the rehabilitation centre, even sitting in a wheelchair, he succeeds taking drugs. He suddenly decides to stop taking drugs and with a strong will, forces himself to get rid of this poison. Now Guido is 50, life goes on and he seems to be peaceful.

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Director Pol Cruchten


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
798657020136 DVD 1 Apr 11, 2017