New Tales of the Flying Fox

Shaw Bros (1984)
Action, Martial Arts
Hong Kong | Cantonese | Color | 1h 29min

This is not my favorite type of martial arts cinema, but those who like endless swordplay and nearly all of the characters literally flying around like Supermen (and women) will probably rate it higher than the ** out of 4 stars I'm gonna give it. I found most of the fight scenes well-executed but dramatically unengaging, and although the film has its amusing (the first two meetings of the male lead with Kara Hui, whose part is secondary), insightful (the bad guy talking about the importance of strategic thinking versus kung fu) and moving (a self-sacrifice near the end) moments, it actually feels MUCH longer than it is, partly because so much happens in it, and partly because of the tiresome pacing. Be prepared.

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Si Gaai Chan
Man Yan Chiu
Tiet Wo Chu
Kara Hui
Kuan-chung Ku
Chi Tai Lam
Fai Wong Lam
Ka-Yan Leung
Alex Man
Tim Choi Ngai
Kara Hui Ying Hung
Goo Goon Chung
Lam Fai Wong
Alex Wan Chi-leung
Felix Wong Yat Wa
Tai Pei-ling
Hui Ying-hung
Chen Szu-chia
Chun-Chung Tong
Han Chen Wang
Chi Wai Wong
Felix Wong
Qiu Yuen

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Director Lau Shut Yue
Writer Louis Cha, Szu Chia Chen


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4891670101878 VideoCD
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