Universal Studios (2004)
USA | English | Color | 1h 42min

Christmas Eve in New York, and the lonely divorced publisher, Rose Collins, needs a miracle to improve the health of her mother, interned in a hospital with Alzheimers. She feels sorry for another patient and meets his visitor. Meanwhile, Nina Vasquez breaks her engagement with her beloved fiancé Mike due to his suffocating jealousy, but misses him. Mike is stalked by a stranger, bartender Artie Venzuela. The poor Jules arranges to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital, where he spent the best Christmas of his life when he was a teenager. The lives of some of these characters cross with others along the night.

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Alan Arkin Artie Venzuela
Penélope Cruz Nina Vasquez
Chazz Palminteri Arizona
Susan Sarandon Rose Harrison
Marcus Thomas Jules
Paul Walker Mike
David Julian Hirsh Barton
Chantal Lonergan Joy
Erika Rosenbaum Merry
Kim Bubbs Dr. Matthew Batiste

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Director Chazz Palminteri
Writer David Hubbard
Producer Al Corley, Eugene Musso


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
818522013183 Blu-ray Disc 1 Nov 17, 2015
817999010749 Blu-ray Disc
025192878220 DVD 1, 2 Oct 25, 2005
096009457945 DVD 1 Aug 08, 2017
5060052411488 DVD 2 Dec 05, 2005
7321900892179 DVD 2 Dec 05, 2005
5060052410665 DVD 2
4006680034676 DVD
5706141766724 DVD
065935841708 DVD
9316797419507 DVD
5706102366727 DVD
5706112366724 DVD
8594034806872 DVD
5706147966722 DVD
827611101328 DVD Nov 17, 2004
6004416073201 DVD
8420172046293 DVD
814838010953 DVD Oct 05, 2010
063716073201 DVD
3388330047320 DVD