Nova: Genius: The Science Of Einstein, Newton, Darwin And Galileo

Documentary, Biography
USA | English | Color

What makes someone a genius? Many would define a genius as a person who is incredibly exceptional in one or more extraordinary ways. Does intelligence alone make someone a genius? What about creativity? What roles do genetics and childhood influences play? Does popularity have any impact? Are there more introvert or extrovert people who are defined by this term? Throughout human history, a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds have been called "geniuses." Follow the lives of these rare people from birth to death, including their relationships, educations, loves, triumphs and even their failures, to learn more about what defines genius.


Geoffrey Rush Albert Einstein
Emily Watson Elsa Einstein
Ralph Brown Max Planck
David Dencik Niels Bohr

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Director Kenneth Biller
Writer Walter Isaacson
Producer Brian Grazer, Ron Howard


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024543339113 DVD 1 Apr 03, 2018
783421408791 DVD 1 Mar 28, 2006